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Priority Matrix is an OS X utility that helps you to visually organize your list, agenda, or priorities and designed for ease of use and flexibility. The Priority Matrix application is truly interactive and every inch of space is functionality useful. The Armoured Personnel Unit - more commonly referred to as the APU - was a hydraulic-powered humanoid battle mech used by the human resistance in the Matrix franchise.
The original APU models The original APU models were designed to be both durable and maneuverable. In theory, these systems should have allowed human troops to engage the Machines on relatively equal terms. The APUs used by Zion are used solely for defending the city and are never deployed outside its boundaries. They were first seen on the docks of Zion during The Matrix Reloaded and would be used to defend the city from the Machines' invasion in The Matrix Revolutions.

The machine's pilot would be sealed within a cockpit chamber in the torso and protected from enemy attacks by frontal armour plates. However, during Operation: Dark Storm, the Machines' radical new designs and superior numbers allowed them to swarm and overwhelm APU forces.
To reload the cannons, a runner with a cart loaded with ammo would have to run out in the middle of the battle to jam the boxes of ammo into the APU. An older version of the APU was used by the United Nations military forces in the early days of the Machine War which possessed additional armour plating and thruster engines, but minimal resources available to Zion later in the war meant that the battle mechs had to be downsized to conserve materials. The head of the APU contained an on-board computer and advanced targetting systems and both arms carried a 30mm cannon with grenade launcher attachment.
Sentinels would use their many clawed tentacles to cripple APUs, rip them open and then pull out the pilots, leaving the pilots' limbs still inside the armour. The reason being that in all likelihood, armour would only mean a slower death for the pilot if Machines disabled his APU.

After the reload process is finished, shells will be loaded to the gun via a version of flexible ammunition belt feed. What should have served as protection for the APU pilots only condemned them to slower, more horrifying deaths.
When the ammo is running out the pilot is trained to pack their gun into their holster, reattaching the belt feed automatically once the ammunition becomes available. To some people, this seperation of man and machine with a lacking cockpit is also symbolic of who is in control and who is not.

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