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While most of us are just starting to entertain thoughts of sand and surf, Olympic beach volleyball champion Kerri Walsh Jennings has the beach on the brain year-round. For the beach volleyball superstar, Pilates is a way for her to become a more efficient player, improve her balance and strengthen her core.
The Routine: Jennings works out three times a week on the mat as well as on a Pilates Reformer machine with instructor Kerry Wachtfogel, who owns Contrologie, a studio in Manhattan Beach. Why She Likes It: “I always say that if I get stuck in a snowstorm I’m going to do Hundreds because they heat you from the inside out,” says Jennings.

With thanks to Bill Mott and Cigar's entire team for sharing their champion so openly and kindly with all of us. She and her new teammate, April Ross, just wrapped up a big pre-season exposition in Brazil (you know, where the 2016 Olympic Games will be held).
To really work out like the three-time Olympic champion, you’d probably follow these with some weights, beach sprints and stretching. Inhale, then exhale, lifting head and shoulders off mat, arms extended at shoulder height, palms down.

Jennings is obsessed with Pilates, and has been squeezing in as many studio sessions as she can before her competition schedule gets too crazy.

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