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SAVE 15% ON ORDERS OF $150 OR MOREUse Code NSN15 — limited Time Offer.Coupon code not valid on Money Saving Bundles. RAWFUSION is a next generation Vegan, Raw Plant Based Protein that is not only easily digestible, but also ultra-healthy and ideal for those who like to be healthy and fit without compromising taste. If you are the average person, then you are working out to live longer, look better, and feel great. If you follow my plan, exercising for health and aesthetics is the least time demanding approach. You can also do a variation of this on a treadmill, an elliptical machine, or a stair climber.
I prefer doing sprints outside due to the benefits of increased oxygen(from plants) and beneficial sunlight(vitamin D), but I still do sprints on my elliptical machine as well.
Vastly increases HGH – Growth Hormone(coming soon), and as we learned in Eat for Life, Fat Loss, and Muscle, HGH is responsible for blasting fat cells, building muscle, and improving recovery. Fat loss.  Sprinting sends fat cells straight to the incinerator and burns those little globs right off your body.
Improves insulin sensitivity – send those carbs where they belong – into your muscles! First, I want you to envision a side-by-side comparison of a distance runner and a sprinter. This happens for various reasons but one of the major ones is that chronic distance running results in high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone(coming soon).

One of the main reasons that I never had a body like I do now is because I was always doing some kind of long distance running. I was not aware that my chronic cardio was preventing me from achieving the results I desired. Many girls shy away from weights because they are worried they will look like those manly muscle woMEN in body building competitions. On days that you don’t workout you are encouraged to engage in some kind of activity. Be sure to read my book Going 100. I go into more detail and even provide synergistic twists to these exercises among much more.
As these people get older, they abandon their high activity lifestyle and begin consuming terrible foods with no remorse. In the experiment where a biologist was able to keep a cultured chicken heart alive for 34 years, he attributed cellular aging to waste accumulation(cellular age = biological age). By maintaining proper nutrition and waste removal, he was able to keep the chicken heart alive indefinitely.
This brings me to my next topic, which is almost always neglected in mainstream health advice:  internal energy(coming soon).
Physical exercise and good food increase your internal energy levels, but a direct way to power up your energy levels is through Chi Kung Training. I have tried both free and paid-for programs that are designed to raise your internal power, but there is only one that I recommend.

You will have to wait for my internal energy(coming soon) article to find out which program it is. You can expect more energy, better focus, stronger will power,  a calm sense of clarity, increased confidence, and better immunity to name a few. Subscribe Now, for FREEJoin other subscribers now, and get FREE updates on becoming the best, FAST! Matt Colby on 7 Ways to Boost Nitric Oxide NaturallyKim on 7 Ways to Boost Nitric Oxide NaturallyErik on Is Cellucor C4 Preworkout Safe?
Our patent pending formulation is free of solvents, radiation, artificial colors, sweeteners or anything created synthetically. Sam Bryant Jr.  Sam is 71 years old(chronological age), but he looks MUCH younger(biological age). Further, each ingredient is extracted from organic raw ingredients that are GMO, herbicides and pesticide FREE.

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