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See the smooth jawline and the clever placement of the head to hide the zit from last night? Look at that, I'm so good I can grow a beard in my sleep.So for anyone who knows a teacher, there is no profession that I know of that is more exhausting on a regular basis than teaching. Expressionistic Visage Number The Third.So Kris Johnson has claimed, incorrectly, that I only have two facial expressions.
I'm afraid, ladies, that I'm not presently available, but there's no harm in looking, am I right?
HAPPY to be growing for mammaries!It was noted yesterday that all of my pictures thus far have featured a downturned lip, so this is provided as a clear example that I am capable of other facial expressions. His flashing eyes, his floating hair!"Here, you see me working inside my office deep within The Secret Lair.
The esteemed, talented, and lovely Natalie Metzger has, in addition to forking over her hard-earned cash to sponsor beards (which makes 'em grow: it's SCIENCE), volunteered to provide an original 8x10 beard-themed art commission for the beard which earns the most sponsorship.
Contemplating the universe, instead of getting down to hardcore growing.My unbearded face is quite a thing to behold, and behold it you will for the next few days.
I present here photographic proof that I have at least three.I am certain, but have no evidence to prove it, that Kris has seen others in person (more than three). Thyroid Gland Two lateral lobes connected by median mass called isthmus Composed of follicles that produce glycoprotein. The comments on my not growing a beard post from yesterday devolved into discussion about women's leg hair. Though he may just have walled them off in the deep recesses of his obviously twisted memories.Oh, the beard?
Look upon this Day 2 chin-darkening and tremble, gentlemen!My sincerest of thanks to all of you who have donated thus far. Look closer!So today I want to say hello to anyone from the school community who might be checking in on this. The itchiness is already beginning, which is a lovely feeling, let me tell you.Since most of the pictures on the site are looking grim and gritty(tm DC Comics) I thought I would lighten the mood a bit by actually smiling.

7 is not unheard of, even.So really, other than remembering to take a picture every day (which is not something I generally do.
I am deeply humbled that I have attracted the sponsorship I have received, and I echo Bob and the others at our amazement and gratitude for your generosity on everyone's behalf.There are still four weeks left, however. 1 Golgi apparatus Rough ER Capillary Colloid in lumen of follicle Thyroid follicular cells Tyrosines (part of thyroglobulin molecule) Colloid 2 Iodide (I) Iodide (I – ) is trapped (actively transported in). So, here you have it - the utmost terror of the Halloween shearing roiled up from the depths of my soul and deforming my facial muscles out of revulsion.This was made easier for me to recall by considering the utter horror of yesterday's pic. Though with Mur here, my chances of winning the beardless-ness of this month just dropped to near zero.Go Eagle Go! That's the stuff that strengthens gunfighters, keeps the commies at bay, and wins the land war in Asia.
It turns out that a profession even more energy sapping than teaching is parenting a newborn.
But I can have my hubby, Cthulhim, vouch for the fact that I have *not* shaved my face in the month of November. Show these punks that teachers know how to support those in need.Beyond that, it's getting colder here which makes the lack of facial hair quite apparent to my bare chin-flesh.
Glorious, rough, abrasive, itchy stubble.And now, I need to go topple a Latin American dictator. I am here to show you guys HOW NOT TO GROW A BEARD.You men with your facial hair and your ways.
It's a great start, and already you've exceeded any expectation I may have had when I first learned that we were dedicating our follicular efforts to charity this year; now I'm curious by just what fantastic margin my expectations can be exceeded. Thyro- globulin colloid DITMIT 5 Iodinated tyrosines are linked together to form T 3 and T 4. I'm not super-happy with it but that could be my inherent dislike of everything I do.*EDIT* I cut out the picture, making it a link. Johnson, after gazing on my countenance, is unable to find the goodness in his dreams, and Mr.

I don't think it should offend anybody who's not already offended by the word "boobs" but my offens-o-meter has been broken since 1978.B4B logo. Miller was so startled by it's freakishness that he declared it his scary picture of the day. For anyone with teenagers in Omaha, Nebraska, there is a chance I that I educated your child during this time period. Note: Extremely tame stylized breasts makes this minorly NSFW but really, it's not that bad.
To this end, while providing the requested "shock," I decided that Day 3's image need to show a far more attractive, soothing sight.If look past my Adonis-like visage - and keep trying, I know it's hard, but you'll get there eventually - you can plainly observe an encroaching darkness signifying the lush, if not entirely uniform, growth of a well-supported facial garden.
My family back in the Midwest, meanwhile, have already dug out from a snow storm or two this season already. I did wonder for a time why men were allowed to do all sorts of things with facial hair, like sideburns and van dykes and goatees and beards, while women had no such outlet, even though our legs usually encompass more real estate than faces. Instead of thrusting outward, the crazy motherfollicle sped off in entirely the wrong direction, blazing a haphazard course along the surface of my skull, through my sinus maximilaris and into my tear duct, where it has since been masquerading as a rogue eyelash.Well, I'm on to you, buddy. My son will insist on wearing a jacket when it's 70 degrees outside telling me that it's cold. It is worth noting that I have not engaged in a high percentage of known professions in the world. By my last count there are at least 28 possible professions in the world (including those nine). So statistically it is likely and even possible that there is another profession that leaves practitioners more ready for a nap by 2PM than teaching.

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