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Hormone A chemical messenger produced by a particular gland or cells of the endocrine system. A general name for the processes which scientists use to produce desired characteristics or substances that are in short supply, such as human growth hormone. The pituitary hormones are released into the general circulation and have effects on specific target organs, which, in turn, release hormones of their own.
Another recent study points to a higher incidence of breast cancer in pre-menopausal women (but not post-menopausal) who had higher IGF-1 levels one to five years prior to the onset of breast cancer.
Although the majority of studies overwhelmingly point toward the safety of hGH, there is, as in virtually any area of medical science, some conflicting data among studies that confuses the issue.
To put it into context, similar controversy has surrounded the use of estrogen in post-menopausal women for the past 30 years. Just how much these benefits reduce mortality and whether or not they extend life span won't be determined for many years. The thymus gland shrinks with age; by 40 we may have only a small portion of our thymus still intact. Thymic Protein ATM (BioproTM) is useful for increasing immunity and resistance to cancer cells and infections. These hormones are essential for normal reproductive function and the secondary sexual characteristics.
The adrenal glands release hydrocortisone (cortisol) and other hormones known as adrenal steroids.
Please keep in mind that when we take pregnenolone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) or androstenedione, we may influence the levels of their end products: testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Figure 2 shows the progression from the cholesterol molecule to the gonadal and adrenal steroids. Hormones are transported throughout the body in the blood stream but they produce a response only in specific target cells.
Genes are taken from human cells and can be put into bacteria, which reproduce very quickly, and so can produce large quantities of a desired substance.Giantism Over-growth of the long bones caused by too much growth hormone being produced in childhood. Releasing hormones travel from the hypothalamus to the pituitary and stimulate the formation and release of pituitary hormones into our circulatory system.
Thus, the pituitary hormones act like air traffic controllers -- they survey the scene, determine what is needed, and then tell the organs in the body when to release their hormones. In this study, the blood was also drawn prior to diagnosis and was not analyzed for several years, making the conclusions reached somewhat suspect.
This is true because of the complex nature of the human body and its physiology -- and the truism that medicine is not an exact science. We now know that estrogen replacement in women may increase the risk of breast and endometrial cancer in some women with family histories of breast cancer, and other risk factors.

What we do know is that the enhancement in the quality of our lives by the use of hGH is substantial. It is considered highly likely that this is a contributory reason to age-related decreased immunity and increased risk of cancer.
Through several biosynthetic pathways, cholesterol is transformed into different steroid hormone molecules before it becomes estrogen, progesterone or testosterone. Therefore, it is important to monitor levels of both the administered hormone and its end products.
Gene A short piece of DNA which is responsible for the inheritance of a particular characteristic. The pituitary hormones exert their effects on many of our organs, such as the thyroid, adrenal glands, testicles, ovaries, and breasts.
After we stop growing and become adults, there is a significant decrease in the amount of hGH we produce. It is very clear that hGH and IGF start to decrease sometime after age 15 - 20 and continue to do so quite rapidly. Most of the studies about the use of hGH in adults and children fail to show any risk of cancer related to the use of Growth Hormone or higher levels of IGF-1. Low thyroid levels cause decreased body temperature, increased cholesterol, and increased body fat.
The posterior lobe secretes several different hormones whereas the anterior lobe just stores and releases one particular hormone.
IGF is a by-product of hGH, and is thought to be responsible for most of the anabolic (building) effects of the hormone itself. Although hGH is no longer needed for growth, per se, after reaching adulthood, hGH is essential for many other vital functions, and the significantly lowered levels seen as we age are thought to be correlated with everything from diminished energy to weight gain (fat) and decreased muscle mass. In fact, in a review article published in the New England Journal of Medicine on October 14, 1999, authored by Mary Lee Vance, M.D. Often undetected in traditional medical practices, low thyroid levels can make it fiendishly difficult to lose weight.
Liver A large organ in the upper abdomen which manufactures, stores and breaks down substance as required by the body. Fortunately, IGF levels are fairly constant in the blood and can be measured more easily than hGH.
Your Cenegenics® physician can help you understand and evaluate all the information available with as little prejudice as possible.
They can contribute to a subjective feeling of sluggishness and low energy as well as depression. We, therefore, measure blood levels of IGF to assess the amount of circulating hGH in the body.

It was found that GH deficient patients had almost 50% higher rate of death from heart disease than expected (Figure 4). All patients should be aware, however, that there are other reports that do indicate there may be a risk.
Obviously we feel that for most patients the benefit of hGH therapy far outweighs the risk- otherwise we would not be pursuing this type of medical practice. As we age, our thyroid levels sometimes decrease and our body temperature and metabolism dip below normal. The amino acids present and the order in which they occur vary from one protein to another.Carbohydrate Energy producing organic compounds which are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
In 1998, two published studies claimed a higher incidence of prostate cancer among men who had higher IGF-1 levels years before the onset of the cancer; but a number of experts agree that these studies are inconclusive and may be flawed. Examples of food containing carbohydrate are rice, pasta, bread and potatoes Dwarfism A lack of growth hormone in childhood results in a failure of the long bones to grow and in an adult of short stature. Bengtsson replaced Growth Hormone in pituitary deficient patients and achieved excellent results.
Problems cited with these studies include the method of statistical analysis, the several year interval between the drawing of the blood and the onset of cancer, and the absence of any IGF measurement at the time of diagnosis of the cancer.
Several other studies show no difference in IGF-1 levels between normal healthy men and those with prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis and beyond. He discovered that their body fat decreased and lean muscle mass, strength, skin thickness, and bone density increased.
In other words, he was able to slow down the usual progression of aging by bringing patient's blood IGF levels up to those equivalent to a younger age group.
In 1999, the National Institute on Aging completed another landmark study that was designed to either refute or substantiate the results of Dr.
This was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center trial in both men and women with a large number of patients.
Rudman had asserted, but also demonstrated that the addition of gonadal steroids improved the effectiveness of Growth Hormone for both men and women.
Although the NIA study showed that hGH alone did not increase muscle strength, it did substantially increase lean muscle and aerobic capacity.
The addition of testosterone to hGH did, however, increase muscle strength substantially.

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