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Hugh’s paternal grandfather was Percival Henry Jackman (the son of Percival John Jackman and Elsie Violet Nutley). Hugh’s paternal grandmother was Glory Margaret Bellas (the daughter of Nicholas Isidor Bellas and Dora Furniss). Hugh’s maternal grandfather was John Bennett Greenwood (the son of Matthew Bennett Greenwood and Rhoda Ann Whiterod).
Hugh’s maternal grandmother was Agnes Milroy (the daughter of John Milroy and Margaret Cowan McNeil).
With the small brown eyes and long nose (and the scruffiness of his hair), I knew that he had Southern European roots. Italians just can’t do pasta and pizza, also espresso, cappuccino, Martini, and other food or drinks you use to have every day are actually Italian. Do you mean beginning of the Dark Ages in the middle of 1st millenium BC, when Europe was thrown down in its development for 500 years?

The funniest thing is you are unaware of being completely clueless, you keep comparing Southern European to Arabs, if you go to South France or Italy, where large Muslim communities live, you would see the difference by a mile.
He is the first Australian-born man to have been given this title by the magazine (Chris Hemsworth, in 2014, is the second).
Hugh’s great-grandfather Percival was the son of James Robert Jackman and Matilda Mary Robertson.
France and Italy share similar traditions and lifestyle, best food, best wines, fashion clothes (do you know Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Armani, Vuitton and the list goes on).
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Margaret was Scottish, born in Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire, to Patrick McNeil and Mary Harriet Mitchell.
But luckily, Germanics were not so numerous on conqured lands, so they assimilated by the post-Roman population more or less rapidly. One of Hugh’s paternal great-grandfathers was Greek, and Hugh’s maternal grandmother was of Scottish descent.
Dora’s parents were Charles Furniss (born in Derby) and Margaret Ann Leslie (born in Bolton, Lancashire).

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