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Although often recommended for creating sites with disconnected content, it is possible to share pages, posts and even custom post types across sites.
It is possible, using a plugin like WordPress MU Domain Mapping, to use different domain names for the different sites. To create a new site just enter in the url for the site, either sub-domain or sub-directory, the site title and an email address for the site admin (can be the email of an existing user).
If you plan to let people create new sites, look into a plugin like Multisite User Registration Manager. For more detailed information on the WordPress multisite setup process and adding new sites, see the Create a Network article on the codex. Sites can pick their own themes, but cannot edit the theme template files on a per site basis. Although all themes should technically work for MS, you may want to look for themes specifically designed and tested for Multisite.

For some more advanced tips, check out Wes Chyrchel’s slide deck on Multisite Tips, Tricks and Hacks.
WordPress is a content management system that powers many of the most popular sites on the web.
Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll send you news and tutorials on web design, coding, business, and more! From there you can decide whether you want to use subdomains for your site URLs or subdirectories. This process does require some more advanced knowledge of WordPress as well as working with servers.
This was a separate version of WordPress, long back, and later merged with the regular version. There are also some plugins designed specifically for managing and improving MS sites, like these and these, that you will want to familiarize yourself with.

If you have a small business site, with a few informational pages, or a personal blog or portfolio website, which has something to do with images, pictures and your contact info, and even a couple of websites run for various purposes and goals, it is apt to use the WordPress regular site, instead of the multisite.
These content are also often categorized into subcategories like colleges, events etc.You should also know how different the WordPress is from WordPress multisite.
Then, you will see instructions coming up at all points of time and all you need to do is to follow these onscreen instructions. This is a step by step guide for creating a WordPress multisite.When you are in this process, you would be required to decide on using the sub domains and sub directories. It is important to note that these decisions cannot be changed later and hence need to stick to the best decision at this point of time.

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