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News you can use to lose: Called the "Nutella diet," incorporating a nut spread into your weight loss plan has become the hottest new way to slim down successfully, according to the Daily Meal. Background: A writer for the Jewish Journal wrote about how a diet incorporating Nutella helped her to "melt away" pounds while satisfying her sweet tooth. Where Nutella comes in: After lunch and after dinner, when you're craving sweets or a treat, eat one teaspoon of the spread. Joanne EglashDiets ExaminerJoanne Eglash has more than 25 years of experience as a freelance journalist and author. Lifeguards offer safety tips for families visiting the beach this summerSchool is out and families are headed to the beach for fun in the summer sun, but a carefree excursion to the shore does not mean that safety should take a back seat. Flowers hold clues to your personality: What your favorite flower says about youSummer is the supreme stress-relief season with longer sunnier days, outdoor activities and delicious local fruits and vegetables to reduce unhealthy sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Discover South Tampa's Hottest Only Fitness Boot Camp That Burns Twice The Fat, Gets You Fit, And Challenges Your Body Every Time!
Yes, Beantown is the latest city to get its very own Cyc, the party-on-a-bike cycling studio that’s been expanding rapidly across the country. Small blue lights on the gym ceiling guide you to Cyc’s sleek all-white lobby, with a check-in desk (where you can grab complimentary shoes and purchase water bottles), cubbies for shoes, and lockers.
As I waited to be let in for my sweat-inducing 45-minute ride, I was surrounded by a bevy of fit Bostonians who looked nearly ready for cocktails at the hotel’s new Strip by Strega restaurant.

Two main elements set the method apart from other spin classes offered in Boston: First, while most studios are totally dark or lit with candles, Dietz changed the overhead lights from purple to green to pitch black throughout, setting a tone for different segments that helped me push through challenging stretches.
And while you may be used to on-bike choreography like tap-backs, Cyc’s unique method, developed by superstar Keoni Hudoba, incorporates tough cycling intervals with heavy resistance and several songs that use sand-bag weights to tone your arms using familiar sports moves from boxing, basketball, and swimming. Previous Article← Planned Parenthood Chief Defends Controversial Fetal-Tissue DonationsNext ArticleWhat Makes Turmeric So Healthy? Phaedra Parks has put the troubled relationship with husband Apollo Nida behind her, and now the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is working on bettering herself with a complete transformation. The reality star just did a photo shoot with celebrity stylist Shun Melson, showing off her newly trim figure.
It appears that Phaedra’s focus on herself started when she ditched husband Apollo Nida.
While Phaedra Parks has been working on bettering herself both physically and financially, Apollo Nida may be making things difficult. She's written articles, features, interviews, blogs, newsletters, and reviews for magazines such as Shape, Pregnancy and Success and for Web sites such as ediets and Yahoo. For the past year, Phaedra has been a spokeswoman for the weight loss supplement Xenadrine, and it appears that she’s taking it diligently. She also attributes her body transformation to frequenting Gym Juice in Atlanta, where she is also a spokeswoman for their line of juices. Phaedra announced last year that she was divorcing Apollo, just after he was sentenced to prison for a fraud conviction.

He recently spoke to In Touch Weekly, saying he would not go down without a fight in the divorce proceedings.
However: Be sure to limit yourself to one teaspoon, with a maximum of one tablespoon, to avoid too much fat and sugar. The workouts are designed to shed your unwanted body fat in the shortest amount of time possible while give you maximum results.
Body Shapers Fitness Boot Camp is a results driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability and dynamic resistance training; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.
Snacks feature fresh fruits, veggies and small amounts of raw nuts such as almonds (look for a brand packaged without oil such as Blue Diamond Almonds Whole Natural). Every workout session is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging, while burning maximum fat, in minimum time. Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our bootcamps are modified to fit your goals and individual fitness level. If you answered yes to these questions, apply today for Phaedra’s summer internship program.
But unlike working one-on-one with a personal trainer, our workout programs are done in a group setting which makes them fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of the program affordable compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions.

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