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Avoid Pregnancy in Hindi: Vese pregnant hona har ladki ke liye khushi ki baat hoti hai, lekin kuch couple aise hote hai, jo ki jaldi baccha nahi chahte hai par iska yeh matlab nahi hai ki vo apni life se romance ko dur kar de. Aaj kal dekha gaya hai ki, har couple pahle ek dusre ko samjhna chahte hai, ek dusre ke prati pyaar ko badana chahte. Vese bahut se tarike hote hai, jis ki help se aap unwanted Pregnancy ko avoid kar sakte hai.
Upar aapne jana Avoid Pregnancy in Hindi ke bare me.To bas der kis baat in sab upaye ko apna kar aaj se hi aapni life ko enjoy kro aur unchahe garbh se bache.
Understanding osteoporosis prevention and treatment is important for everyone, especially if you have risk factors for osteoporosis. In Part 1 of A Guide To Osteoporosis Drugs we looked at bisphosphonates – the class of drugs, typically taken orally although a few are by injection – for the medical management of osteoporosis.  Addressed are the criteria for taking, risk factors, and those who are most likely to benefit.
The drug raloxifene, brand name Evista®, is an oral selective estrogen receptor modulator, or SERM, used in the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Teriparatide, brand name Forteo®, is a synthetic form of the naturally occurring parathyroid hormone.
In summary, teriparatide is usually recommended for patients who have had more fractures while taking bisphosphonates or for patients with established osteoporosis who cannot tolerate bisphosphonates. Calcitonin, another treatment option for osteoporosis that has been available for many years, is a naturally occurring hormone that inhibits bone loss.
Calcitonin can be used for children, during pregnancy, and while breast feeding and no toxic effects have been reported.  One problem with calcitonin is that it must be taken by injection or by nasal spray, although oral forms are being developed.
Calcitonin is generally used as a second choice for patients who don’t tolerate bisphosphonates. A diet that provides a diversity of nutrients including those above, from whole foods, is necessary for the prevention of osteoporosis.  However, because most American do not maintain this proper diet – and because some of these vitamins and minerals are tough to get enough of from just foods – a natural dietary supplement is needed to complete your nutritional needs. Learn how Silical System* balances calcium and vitamin D, plus breakthrough nutrients, that may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. In HRT, women are given doses of the hormones progesterone and estrogen either orally or by injections. The hormone estrogen helps keep the uterine walls thick to prepare the uterus for possible implantation during the monthly menstrual cycle.

The hormone progesterone is usually also given as part of HRT to help prevent the risk of cancer of the endometrium. Before starting hormone replacement therapy, it’s a good idea to speak to a doctor first. Ray Lehigh is a person with great passion for writing; he has written many articles on different topics like diets for weight loss. Aur jab unke beech me aapsi samjh bad jaye, vo ek dusre ko acchi tarah jaan pahchan le tab ve chahte hai ki unki life me koi baacha aaye. Ek study ke douran yeh pata chala hai ki, 28 dino me 7 se 14 dino ke beech ka time sabse jayada prajann kshamta vala hota hai. HRT is reported to improve bone mineral density, however long-term treatment is associated with increased rates of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and blood clots in some women.  For this reason treatment with estrogen and progestin have generally been stopped as a treatment for osteoporosis. There are many types of SERMs, but only a few act specifically to improve bone remodeling – the lifelong process where mature bone tissue is removed from the skeleton and new bone tissue is formed.
This hormone improves several aspects of bone strength including bone formation and repair.  This treatment is self-administered as a daily injection for the treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and men who are at high risk for a fracture. Calcitonin decreases the activity of osteoclasts, the cells that break down and absorb bone tissue, thus decreasing the rate of bone loss. The injections may cause nausea, headaches, and flushing while the nasal spray may cause congestion or irritation of the nasal passages. It is also useful in certain types of rare bone diseases, such as children with osteoporosis, or in women who are pregnant. With so many hormonal changes going on in the body, it’s tough to cope with the various symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, palpitations, mood swings etc. These hormones are usually produced by a woman’s ovaries, but after menopause, they stop being produced.
If the egg released by the ovary is fertilised, it nests itself in the thickened line of the uterus.
Short-term treatment may be useful to help manage problems during early stages of menopause, but long term treatment with increasing age has greater risks. Increased bone mineral density and decreased number of fractures have been reported for people using teriparatide.  However, supplementation with calcium and vitamin D is usually recommended to improve its effects.

This has been reported in studies using animals, but is rare in humans taking teriparatide – an estimated rate of one per 100,000 patients. In women, osteoclast activity is increased because of decreased estrogen after menopause, and men with prematurely decreased testosterone may also have increased osteoclast activity – which puts both at risk for fractures. Another problem is that some studies show calcitonin is not as effective as bisphosphonates for preventing hip fractures, even though it is about as effective as bisphosphonates for preventing spine fractures. Just as every woman’s body is different and unique, every woman goes through different symptoms when going through menopause. The decrease in levels of these two hormones cause the resulting symptoms associated with menopause, and therefore by giving these artificially, the effects of these symptoms are reduced significantly.
However, when estrogen is given during HRT, the lining is thickened, and does not break down.
Depending upon your current health, history of health and any other ailments you may be suffering from, the doctor will be able to recommend the right medication and dosage for you. But for comparison, the risk of bone cancer in the general population is approximately one in 250,000 people.  Since there is a slightly increased risk of bone cancer, teriparatide is usually recommended only for 24 months for severe osteoporosis.
That’s why menopausal women need to be especially careful of their calcium levels to prevent developing osteoporosis and arthritis. Never buy over-the-counter medicines and start injecting yourself- always visit the doctor and get expert advice. It can vary significantly- some may find themselves going through it in their late 30s while some may not experience it till well in their 60s. There are many treatments available to women to help them cope with these changes, one of them being hormone replacement therapy.

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