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Resistance bands such as the 11 piece set offered by Wacces offer portable and versatile exercise options to weight lifting.
Chest exercises done with fitness bands increase the work required of your muscles because they work the muscle through its full range of motion. Chest Fly: Perform the chest fly exercise with resistance bands similarly to when using a machine or free weights. Chest Press: There are several variations of the chest press, and completing several types will give your chest muscles a good workout.
Arm Press: To complete the arm press using resistance bands, secure the middle of a resistance band underneath a heavy object like a table. Resistance Band Push-Ups: Perform these chest exercises exactly like a regular push-up except you will also be moving up against the band. The pectoral muscles become defined and stronger when they are worked through repetition rather than weight lifting to increase bulk.
To give the most options, consider purchasing a set with bands of varying resistance levels. The exercise may be more challenging with the bands because the machines are not present to stabilize the muscles.

With elbows raised and wrists at your sides, grasp the bands and hold them parallel to the floor. Heavy weight lifting or the using expensive weight training machines are not needed to complete a full set of chest exercises.
Pull them up and forward, in the same manner you would perform an arm press using a dumbbell. While in the push up position, grasp the handles of the bands and place your hands shoulder-width apart. Movements performed with free weights or machine weights can be done with fitness bands to achieve a good workout.
Resistance bands are an excellent way to accomplish your goals for improving your chest muscles. Bands with lower resistance allow more repetitions, so they are better for toning and firming muscles. Push your arms straight out in front of the body and then slowly return them to their position at your sides. Higher resistance bands are best for building muscles with fewer and more intense repetitions.

Extend your arms fully in front of your body, then slowly release back to the starting position and repeat 8-12 times. Slowly release the motion, maintaining the band tension as you return your hands to your sides. In these, the technique is the same as the regular chest press except the arms are directed further out to the sides or closer to the body center. Straighten your elbows until your arms are straight and you are pulling the bands with your hands.
Extend your elbows to straighten your arms, pushing your upper body into the resistance band.

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