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Low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, diminished muscle growth, and fat gain are just a few side effects of low testosterone. However, these synthetic, prescription remedies are often accompanied by their own unique side effects: priapism, prostate enlargement, gynecomastia, acne, baldness, and liver damage. Fortunately, D-aspartic acid is said to naturally increase testosterone production and release. However, rumors started trickling in that D-aspartic acid actually does cause side effects. The problem is most users didn’t specify whether D-aspartic acid was the only ingredient or if the supplement contained others. Fortunately, researchers are more informed on D-aspartic acid side effects than athletes and bodybuilders.
For example, acne is a condition with many triggers including diet, hormone levels, and overall health.
Headaches and diarrhea are even more difficult to pin on D-aspartic acid because they have so many causes (e.g.
To date, two human clinical studies have tested D-aspartic acid — one lasting 90-days and the other 12 days. Many animal studies tested D-aspartic acid and found it causes some side effects.[9][10][11] However, the most reliable information about D-aspartic acid’s effects comes from human studies. Researchers weren’t just testing D-aspartic acid’s safety when they conducted clinical studies.
Men taking D-aspartic acid during the 90-day study dramatically improved sperm count and motility. According to researchers, D-aspartic acid might cause acne, headaches, diarrhea, mood swings, and depression. If you want to boost testosterone without an expensive, potentially-dangerous prescription product, D-aspartic acid is a natural, clinically proven alternative. So there is a chance for side effects, but because the sample sizes were so small in each study we wouldn’t be able to say for sure. I used a product called Terminus which is suppose to be a testosterone booster to enhance my workouts I was blown away as I was able to workout up to 6 days a week given that recovery was enhanced along with productivity in the gym, after a few days of using it soreness was very minimal! Aspartate and glutamate act as neurotransmitters in the brain by facilitating the transmission of information from neuron to neuron.
The blood brain barrier (BBB), which normally protects the brain from excess glutamate and aspartate as well as toxins, 1) is not fully developed during childhood, 2) does not fully protect all areas of the brain, 3) is damaged by numerous chronic and acute conditions, and 4) allows seepage of excess glutamate and aspartate into the brain even when intact. The risk to infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly and persons with certain chronic health problems from excitotoxins are great. Aspartic acid from aspartame has the same deleterious effects on the body as glutamic acid. The exact mechanism of acute reactions to excess free glutamate and aspartate is currently being debated. Right now my doc got me on testosterone shoots watch carefully by the doc but to get the total test up would it be ok or wise to take d-aparatic acid while on the test shoot ? Hi Micheal, If you are already doing prescribed testosterone treatments that your doctor is monitoring carefully, my advice would be to not put anything in your body that manipulates your hormone levels without getting your doctor’s opinion first. I am 61 years old and get an energy and mood boost on days I use the pure DAA, 3 grams first thing in the morning before breakfast. I noticed my testicles went from my normal (lg) to (xl) and my libido is like when I was 25 again.
I have been hitting the gym hard for nearly 4 months, going 5 days a week working on cardio, muscle and general strength.
D-Aspartic Acid is one of the amino acid forms of Aspartic Acid, the other form being L-Aspartic Acid.
Unfortunately, research on the effects of D-Aspartic Acid on the female body is extremely limited.

According to a recent article in Translational Andrology and Urology, there has been a 170% increase in testosterone prescriptions over the past five years1.
The article in Translational Andrology and Urology explains that the external form of testosterone causes a negative feedback loop on the body’s natural hormone production, resulting in a decrease in overall testosterone levels in the testes1. All hope is not lost however, as studies have shown that sperm production can return once a man stops taking external testosterone2,3. For additional information about the effects of testosterone supplements on sperm production, please call our office on (07) 5478 2482. Latest News & EventsTraditional Chinese Medicine is thought to play a useful role in Recurrent Implantation Failure. Consequently, more and more men turn to D-aspartic acid, believing it boosts testosterone without causing side effects.
If other ingredients were used, who can rightly say D-aspartic acid caused the side effects? Supposing D-aspartic acid boosts testosterone, it might cause a hormonal imbalance and increase the likelihood of breakouts. Researchers regularly measured the participants’ electrolytes, glucose, urea, enzymes, creatinine, and blood cells and found no abnormalities. However, they did experience D-aspartic acid’s benefits: increased testosterone levels and fertility. Stimulation of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) gene expression by D-aspartate in rat Leydig cells. Too much aspartate or glutamate in the brain kills certain neurons by allowing the influx of too much calcium into the cells. Taken in its free form (unbound to proteins), it significantly raises the blood plasma level of aspartate and glutamate.
The large majority (75 percent or more) of neural cells in a particular area of the brain are killed before any clinical symptoms of a chronic illness are noticed. Another is Olney, a professor in the department of psychiatry, School of Medicine, Washington University, a neuroscientist and researcher, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on excitotoxins. Becausemy free test is 25 from 30 but my total is 131 any heads up I am really how much what about supplements but just been contemplating this.
Blaylock has retired from neurosurgery and has launched himself onto the frontlines AGAINST science. Interesting is that i was only on DAA at the moment and the headaches stopped as soon as I stopped taking DAA. 49 years old I have gained 14 pounds in 8 weeks and dropped 2 pant sizes from 38- to a tight 34. A few studies show that in women D-Aspartic Acid occurs in the ovaries and with age, levels decrease. Testosterone can be prescribed to increase low libido, assist with fatigue2, or used by the image-conscious as a way to increase muscle mass. This reduction causes the degeneration of the germinal epithelium (see Fig 1)5, which contains the developing sperm cells. The general consensus is that taking the hormone supplement does not have a permanent impact on fertility. Bradley Anawalt, a prominent endocrinologist and chief of medicine services at the University of Washington Medical Centre that, “men should avoid testosterone supplements until they are done having their own biological children.2” In the very least, male patients should notify their fertility specialist of any medications or supplements they are currently or recently have taken, as this can help shed light on possible reasons for a couples’ infertility. Headache and diarrhea also may occur when a supplement user takes large dosages of any ingredient. You get 1,560 mg of D-Aspartic in each serving, which is three times as much as you get with most testosterone boosters. The effect can very from person to person, so you may get above or below average results and mild to more intense side effects, you just have to judge that for yourself.
Anything that boosts testosterone, particularly in an older person, can produce a rise in estrogen.

Blaylock, a professor of neurosurgery at the Medical University of Mississippi, recently published a book thoroughly detailing the damage that is caused by the ingestion of excessive aspartic acid from aspartame. The excess aspartate and glutamate in the blood plasma shortly after ingesting aspartame or products with free glutamic acid (glutamate precursor) leads to a high level of those neurotransmitters in certain areas of the brain. Searle, the manufacturer of aspartame, undertook a search for a drug to combat memory loss caused by excitatory amino acid damage. After taking the correct dosage for 8 days I noticed my self having panic attacks, extreme episodes of depression and extreme anxiety. The differences between D-Aspartic Acid and L-Aspartic Acid are found in their structure and function.
It can suppress natural testosterone to such a degree that sperm production is dramatically reduced, resulting in low sperm concentration (oligozoospermia) or even complete absence of sperm in semen (azoospermia) within 10 weeks3. There have been many studies carried out on the extent of recovery of a male’s sperm production after ceasing external testosterone1. And Syntheroid also has some other great ingredients that also make a difference for quick results.
Estrogen is a carcinogen in men (not testosterone, as erroneously thought previously, except in men who already have cancer).
Blaylock makes use of almost 500 scientific references to show how excess free excitatory amino acids such as aspartic acid and glutamic acid (about 99 percent of monosodium glutamate or MSG is glutamic acid) in our food supply are causing serious chronic neurological disorders and a myriad of other acute symptoms.
Blaylock is one of many scientists and physicians who are concerned about excitatory amino acid damage caused by ingestion of aspartame and MSG.
My question is if I take this stuff and it boosts my T levels, after I am done taking it will my levels go back to normal? D-Aspartic Acid is found in small amounts in adults which aids in the function of the brain and the production of hormones. Taking an external (exogenous) form of testosterone, whether it be by injection, patch or tablet – has shown to have a dramatic impact upon sperm production1,2,3,4. They give optimistic results, with all men returning to their individual baseline value within 12 months, however some men took as long as 24 months to regain pre-treatment sperm production levels.
Remember these studies support but don’t 100% percent prove anything, as any researcher would tell you.
L-Aspartic Acid is plentiful within the body and aids in the synthesizing of proteins and ammonia detoxification.
Information provided whether medical or scientific, may or may not be relevant to the viewer’s circumstances and should always be discussed with a medical professional prior to acting on it. Blood tests for testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA-S, DHT and SHBG should be taken. The 12-day experiment that found a testosterone rise and no side effects is not long enough to track hormonal changes. However, from what the article above said, neither experiment tested all the necessary hormone levels to establish whether or not they were balanced! It has to be understood that raising a hormone level (testosterone) MUST cause changes in all the other steroid hormones. This comes from one simple fact: all steroid hormones are made from cholesterol that is converted into pregnenalone and from there into the other steroid hormones including testosterone. The entire network of hormones has to be assessed as to level and relative balance one to the other. By the way, bioidentical testosterone is relatively safe and not to be feared in men over 40.

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