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Would you like to discuss about this topic: Producing high quality protein concentrates economically?
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Benjamin Fearnow writes, “Vegetarians may have a lower BMI and drink alcohol sparingly, but vegetarian diets are tied to generally poorer health, poorer quality of life and a higher need for health care than their meat-eating counterparts. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that ground beef from grass-fed cattle is a healthier than ground beef from grain-fed cattle. Amanda, I agree that it doesn't make sense to look at protein content on a per calorie basis. But as always when you start talking about nutrition, your arguments fall short of what the actual science shows. First, it's not true that vegetable proteins are "incomplete." That's a perception that was shown to be false back in the 1990s.
And it is very misleading to pull out one single study (and a cross-sectional study at that) to "prove" that vegan diets are unhealthy when there is so much research that shows otherwise. You may have been iron deficient, but I doubt you were protein deficient, and you couldn't have been cholesterol deficient.
What about those poor, helpless, innocent PLANTS your are killing to keep yourself healthy? I would also like to add that most North Americans eat far too much protein, causing health problems likes kidney disease and kidney stones. This is an interesting article that goes against the popular theory that we would all live longer if we quit eating meat. Overall, vegetarians were found to be in a poorer state of health compared to other dietary groups.
Subjects who consumed lower amounts of animal fat were also linked to poor health care practices, such as avoidance of vaccinations and a lack of preventive care. You can take solace in the fact that you're being noticed by the foragers on the other side and that their comments are far kinder and more reasonable and civil than those out trolling the FB pages of politicians.
I am not saying the pictures above depict the only type of ground that cattle can be raised on, but if a person isn't eating beef because of cattle taking up valuable land, then I believe that argument is only partial truth. I can also tell you that land, if managed correctly and after animals have been on it, is far improved for vegetation whether it be grass or crops. The problem is that there have been too many people who didn't want to care for the land but just to use it until it was unusable. My grandfather farmed, and his farming techniques did not use the chemicals used today instead of animal byproducts (manure).
My cows get minerals which helps to create a better balance in the soil than chemical fertilizer. I think that you forget that the american knowledge on beef is oversimplified.Ask anyone why they need meat and they'll say protein, but ask them why you protein and most will not know.
I am not a nutritional expert so the only thing I have to go by is anecdotal evidence - But boy I have a bunch of it!
Bea, I am curious to know what kind of meat were you eating, and what the animals that provided it had been fed. I eat some sort of meat three times a day and very often it is beef and I admit I do eat a bit to much as I am a little over weight but not a lot. As a vegan bodybuilder, I was surprised that you described beef as being a "high quality complete protein" and all plant-based options are not. I would hardly call soy beans and soy protein significantly lower quality compared to beef.
Also, incomplete proteins combine with other incomplete proteins to form complete proteins. First if we were to stop all animal agriculture the world would be unable to supply sufficient protien to sustain the current population. Second humans are in fact omnivores and animal sourced foods are a part of our natural diet. Fourth herbivores are always a food supply for carnivores as are they part of the omnivore's diet. We cattlemen should focus on the reality that cows are vegetarians that very efficiently turn low quality forages(vegetables) that humans can't digest, are highly unpalatable, and may even be toxic, into delicious beef.
The science of my youth taught that there were 2 essential amino acids that humans could not obtain eating only vegetables, but I don't remember for certain which two and that may have been overturned by new veggies and new analysis.
Accuracy beats propaganda, and tastes vary from person to person; that is what makes many markets. Cows, lambs, horses and rabbits are vegetarian animals, that means they have an adapted digestive system.
I have not had meat in years and am happy to report that I am happy and healthy - as is my growing strong as a whip 11 year old son! As active weight trainers, we are bombarded with different views and advertisements as to the kinds of protein we need and how much protein we need to consume. When it comes to protein, two of the most critical issues we face is how much protein to consume and what sources to rely on. As active weight trainers, optimal protein consumption is of the utmost importance, particularly when the body is in a state of growth. According to the RDA, it is recommended that you get 1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds of bodyweight. For someone who is actively weight training and trying to build muscle this recommendation (RDA) is a little off the mark.
Therefore, 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is considered sufficient (Possibly more or less). To find out how much protein you need to build muscle, simply take your bodyweight and multipy it by 1.
However, the fact remains that to build bigger muscles, you need to eat alot of high quality foods that are high in protein. These types of protein sources are thought to be as close to pure protein sources as you can get. These types of pure protein sources can be eaten by active bodybuilders, weight trainers and athletes all the time. For those of us who are trying to build muscle, we can eat as much of these foods as we want, provided that we consume plenty of calories from other sources. These types of foods high in protein are great for adding mass and strength because they offer a generous amount of protein and also contain enough fat to boost total caloric intake.
By boosting overall caloric intake, these types of protein sources will help you add the necessary mass to lift those heavy poundages .
These protein sources are loaded with healthy fats, such as omega 3's and omega 6's which are notoriously missing from most diets. In fact, you should be consuming more healty fats and reduce the consumption of processed carbs such as simple sugars and bleached flour.

We've all heard that milk products are fatty and should be avoided if your trying to lose weight. Milk products such as cheese, yogurt, skim milk are thought to contribute more to weight gain than weight loss. Active weight trainers should try and incorporate plenty of fat free dairy products in their diets - even a fat loss diet.
If your trying to bulk up , low fat milk, cheese, and yogurt are great choices because they're loaded with quality protein and calcium.
The great thing about these foods is that not only do they contain high quality protein but they're also high in fibre.
If you want your muscles to grow faster, make certain you get plenty of quality foods which are high in quality protein in your diet. Description: -->Jssor Slider Search Aquatechs sturgeon food pellets 2mm,4mm,6mm or 8mm 100g high oil sturgeon feed Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image STURGEON FOOD PELLETS 2mm,4mm,6mm or 8mm 100G QUALITY STURGEON PELLETS HIGH OIL These are premium quality food pellets, produced by 'AQUATECHS' Science ONLY for us!! Together with carbohydrates and fats, they are our main nutrients and indispensable for both human and animal nutrition.Modern protein concentrate technology focuses on vegetable-origin proteins because there are many different sources that are widely available.
Heme iron is an important dietary component for promoting cognitive health, including memory, ability to learn and reasoning.
Grains, beans, vegetables, nuts and seeds have all of the essential amino acids and can support protein needs. You can't just look at weak studies that you like and ignore the stronger ones that you don't. In any case, your "arguement" (if you can even call it that) is invalid and just plain stupid. Plants have emotions, feel pain and engage in symbiotic relationships with other ' living' species.
God made a cow to give milk so you dont have to kill it when you want its protein same with a chicken you dont have to kill it to eat its egg.
I rather eat something god designed for me then be a follower and eat meat because they say it tastes good tradition and convenience. I make no effort to find protein, it's in all the vegan foods that I eat and I have never been deficient of anything, my doctor can attest.
It is almost impossible to be protein deficient with a typical American diet and most likely eating 3 or 4 times the amount of protein you need in a day. I have an auto-immune disease and for three years suffered from debilitating and increasing pain and fatigue. According to the PD CAA score, soy protein has a better amino acid profile and digestibility than beef. In their vegetarian digestive tract there are especial structures that host several microorganism capable of sinthesize the amino acids they need. Fat is expensive to put into beef and most ends up as waste trimmed off in the cutting room. Protein is the primary food element of the human body, and is of special importance to active weight trainers.
Of course, a little experiementation may be needed to determine how much protein is needed. For example,if you weight 175 pounds, multiply that by one and you get 175 grams of protein per day for building muscle. Someone who is looking to tone up a bit (occasional weight training) will probably need alot less protein than a professional body builder. The percentage of protein to calories from these types of foods are quite high (highly effective muscle building foods ).
Athletes who are trying to shed bodyfat should get the most of their protein from sources that are 70% or higher in calories from protein. When your trying to increase your bodyweight and overall muscle mass , you need to consume alot of quality calories (especially for you hard gainers out there).
However, you will have to be careful because some of these protein sources contain more calories from fat than protein. Alot of active weight trainers and bodybuilders shy away from these types of protein because they fear that they will add more body fat. In reality, calcium in dairy foods actually trigger hormonal support to facilitate fat loss during a reduced calorie diet. Personally, I don't use vegetables and legumes as my primary protein source, however, that's not to say that vegetables don't contain quality protein. As we know, fibre is that fantastic substance that keeps the nutrients flowing by helping the digestive process. Choose from the list above to help you decide which proteins you would like to include in your diet. At the same time, animal proteins now carry many negative associations, such as BSE and antibiotic residues.
Meat, eggs and dairy products are considered complete high-quality sources of protein that provide the full package of essential amino acids needed to stimulate muscle growth and improve weight management.
Heme iron is particularly beneficial for growing children because research indicates that some toddlers are at higher risk for iron deficiency, and childhood iron-deficiency anemia is associated with behavioral and cognitive delays.
Vegetarians were twice as likely to have allergies, a 50% increase in heart attacks, and a 50% increase in incidences of cancer. Please spread the word to help counter the false information spread by this activist group. It would be pretty hard to get it all from broccoli, but I've never met a vegan who tried to do so.
However, there are thousands of healthy vegans, and veganism is now growing very quickly for many reasons, not only health. I haven't eaten beef for over 25 years, I've lost track of the exact number, but it's about that. As a beef producer even I recognize the fact that beef really is luxory item and not a necessity. With people who consume large amount of animal protein have a high chance of developing heat disease and other complications.
About four months ago, I started eating only meat, veggies and fruits--basically Paleo with some allowances for anti-inflammatory.
As soon as you mix up your diet and include brocolli with rice, lentils, carrots, kale and peppers, etc., all of those incomplete proteins will come together and form complete proteins. If you are eating veggies for any of the other many false reasons mentioned that is called ignorance.
Apparently, people buy more fruits and vegetables than they eat since the average household wastes [throws away] an average of $2000 of those items.
The omega 3's found in some of these foods may help your body store carbs as muscle glycogen - muscle fuel. Process engineering makes it possible to produce protein concentrates economically from sustainable crop sources and thus contributes to meeting the growing demand for high-quality protein ingredients.
Plant proteins such as grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are incomplete proteins in that they do not provide sufficient amounts of essential amino acids.

When you add in a few protein-rich plant foods--a bean burrito, a PB&J sandwich, and a handful of almonds, for example--it's very easy to meet protein needs on a vegan diet. We beef producers need to start putting consumers health over profits and stop picking on vegetarians and using mis-leading information to advertise our product. And gosh, when you bring up the subject of not eating animals (or reducing the quantity of creatures they consume) they get lividly hysterical.
Depending on the crop used, protein levels can be raised to between 40 and 70 percent protein. In fact, research indicates that increasing consumption of high-quality complete proteins may optimize muscle strength and metabolism, and ultimately improve overall health.
Some people have health conditions that require them to eat meat, or in some instances you cant always get enough veggies to have a well balanced meal. I believe that my meat based diet is healing me and my disease is under better control than ever.
I don't know how you would ever get a child to eat enough broccoli, nuts, grains or beans to equal the benefit of one serving of meat, eggs, cheese, or milk products. We do not spend thousands on fancy marketing campaigns and even more on pointless packaging. This enables foodstuffs and animal feed ingredients to be attuned to market demands, while at the same time minimising anti-nutritive factors, such as phytates in soya grits. I think that this article is trying to tell you to stop eating meat, but that there are other options. I hear so many people tell this same story about this type of diet and I talk to people all the time about how they need to give a meat based diet like Paleo a try.
Maybe it is the gas from all of that broccoli and beans in those diets that makes the people so convinced that they are correct.
I think that you forget that when compare to other omnivores on the plant that we don't have they same types of teeth or digestive tracts that these animals do. But compared to animals that eat a plant based diet like gorillas we and a lot more in common. Aquatechs have a large team aqua culture experts, and they have produced these pellets specifically for the modern fish keeper We guarantee that every product we sell is 100% Genuine, taken from fresh, fast moving stocks.
In both cases, the protein concentrate is produced from the end product of the oil extraction process. The only reason that we started eating meat we because after the agricultural boom and the population doubled and there was no longer enough food for everyone especially in the very cold winter where growing food would have been impossible. But many carbohydraterich plants are also used for the manufacture of protein concentrates.The Hosokawa protein shifting process has been used for the last 30 years to produce specialty flour from a wheat flour base, produced specifically for certain bakery applications.
With the amount of food that we have available it makes more sense to cut back on the amount of animal product that we eat. We are fish keepers ourselves and have fully tested all our products, so we know how important it is to feed the best foods, and will NEVER compromise our guarantee. Many large and small, national and international flour millers employ this process for wheat flour and Hosokawa`s protein concentrate process is built on this practical experience.Two different processes are available.
YOU CAN BUY BIG BRAND NAMES IN THE SHOPS AND PAY FOR ALL THIS POINTLESS STUFF OR BUY FROM US AND GET THE SAME PRODUCTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST all product are supplied in a plain clear bag with no label Can you provide Combined Postage? The lower energy standard process is preferred for manufacturing protein concentrate from starchy crops, where the end products need to meet minimum market requirements. To meet maximum requirements, in terms of both quality and quantity, a highprecision process, which uses more energy, is available. Purchase your items and send us a total request if your purchases do not automatically combine. Pea protein concentrate The mechanical production of protein concentrates involves the disintegration of the core conglomerate into its individual components. Note: some items can only be packaged alone or may exceed the weight for combined postage, in these circumstances we cannot combine the postage. We do however only ever charge the actual postage cost and in fact we lose money as we do not ever charge for packaging materials and time unlike our competitors. Assuming that the shell and thus the fibres have been removed, what remains is protein (23%) and starch (55%).
This material is fed into an Alpine Zirkoplex classifier mill, which grinds it to a clearly defined particle size. After the grinding process, the components thus liberated are separated in a downstream air classifier. Contact us as soon as you can to arrange a refund, return, or to see if we can help you find the correct item. The various constituents are dispersed as a function of their density in the airflow and routed to the classifying wheel.
The classifier yields two end products, the fine fraction with a high proportion of protein, and a coarse fraction with a high proportion of starch and a strongly depleted residual protein content. Yes, our preferred method of payment is PayPal, however to pay by card just choose card payment at checkout, or message us for our bank details to pay by bank transfer. The grits, comprising mainly fibres and proteins, are fed to a grinding step that is usually combined with drying. The two raw materials are again separated in the downstream air classification process, as a function of the different densities, into two fractions, coarse material and fine material.
International deliveries can be subject to time delays, you should be aware that international shipping delays can occur due to customs and may take longer than eBay’s given time scales, however contact us first if you experience any issues with your delivery.
We despatch within our business hours on cleared payments, we keep despatching goods right up until our carriers collect from us, so you get your orders super quick, just see our feedback. The Hosokawa process for manufacturing protein concentrates not only opens up new markets but also enables the processor to tailor products to market requirements. Restrictions and surcharges will apply for orders which are dispatched via Post Office or Courier to certain destinations, delivery surcharges are in addition to the postage and packaging price stated on the item listing.
This economic process is built on 30 years of specialised experience in the flour industry. Northern Ireland, Isle of Man Channel Islands Courier and postal surcharges apply, contact us for a quote prior to purchase.
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