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Washington, June 22 : A new study has found that the stomach hormone ghrelin, which acts in the brain to stimulate hunger and increase food intake, heightens the appeal of high-calorie foods over low-calorie foods. According to Goldstone, the results also suggest that an increased release of ghrelin from the stomach into the blood may explain why a person who skips breakfast also finds high-calorie foods more appealing than low-calorie foods.
In the new study, healthy, nonobese adults-13 men and 5 women-viewed pictures of food on three separate mornings: once after skipping breakfast and twice about 90 minutes after eating breakfast.
However, high-calorie foods, especially sweet foods, were of greater appeal when subjects fasted and when they received ghrelin after eating breakfast.

Goldstone''s group obtained functional magnetic resonance images-MRIs- of brain activity while subjects rated how much the food pictures appealed to them. On one of the visits when subjects ate breakfast, they received an injection of salt water (as a control) 40 minutes before viewing the food pictures, and on the other visit with breakfast, they received an injection of ghrelin. High-calorie foods were of similar appeal to low-calorie foods when subjects ate breakfast and then received a salt-water injection. Changes in which foods we prefer to eat when missing meals may be explained by changes in the levels of ghrelin in our blood to help regulate our overall calorie intake," Goldstone said.

After analyzing these images, the researchers expect to identify the brain "reward" systems through which ghrelin affects food preferences. Neither the volunteers nor the investigators were aware of which injection was given on which visit.

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