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The Core Weight Loss Programme is an effective solution for your weight loss goals and contains Herbalife's key weight loss products.
The soy, dairy and gluten free version of this programme contains 2 x Allergen-Free Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (made from high quality pea protein). Multivitamin Complex with minerals and herbs is scientifically developed to provide nutritional support for individuals who may not obtain an adequate amount of essential nutrients from the daily diet. Contains all the products in the Advanced Programme plus Herbal Aloe Concentrate - a refreshing drink that assists nutritional absorption and intestinal health and is a weight loss enhancer.
Rich in B vitamins to unlock the energy in foods, Cell Activator gives daily support for cellular energy production and protection from oxidative stress.
Reduce your cellulite: Instead of opting for expensive and painful liposuction surgery, let nature take its course with Cell-U-Loss® to help reduce the appearance of your unattractive cellulite. Reduce your excess fluids: This unique vitamin, mineral and herbal formula is designed to assist in the elimination of your excess fluids.
Fluid mobilizing: A blend of herbs, including buchu, uva ursi and corn silk, have natural aquaretic (fluid mobilizing) properties for you.

Herbalife's Active Fibre Complex is an brilliant source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre for you. Help soothe your digestive system with this refreshing Herbal Aloe beverage, which also helps assist your digestion with the self-cleansing action of your body. It's made from premium-quality aloe vera, along with the soothing herbal benefits of chamomile.
Herbalife products are very exciting for your body & mind - feel the difference for yourself super fast ! Enjoy the Instant Herbal Beverage 2-3 times a day to assist with hunger and as a cleansing antioxidant.
It has a pleasant apple flavour and each serving provides 5g of the recommended 25g (for women) and 30g (for men) of daily intake of fibre. Infused with guarana – an ancient, Amazonian seed with properties similar to caffeine – N-R-G boosts your energy naturally, while helping improve mental alertness. It's made from premium-quality aloe, also with the soothing herbal benefits of chamomile.

Add this amazing product to your Formula one shakes for a thicker smoother tastier smoothie. Now contains Aminogen, a naturally derived ingredient that helps the body break down protein into free-form amino acids. Have healthy snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon to keep hunger pangs at bay and to keep your metabolism steady.
It also provides the essential amino acids your body needs from protein for good health and contains carbohydrates for your increased stamina. Or you can simply add it to water, fruit juice or your weight loss tea Take 1-2 times daily.

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