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Before I get into these 3 supplements though, I would love to share the risk factors that are uncontrollable and controllable.
In order to address the prevention or treatment of “Heart Disease” we need to need to focus our efforts on the areas we can control.
For years, experts have been extolling the many benefits of the primary Omega-3s found in Fish oil- EPA and DHA. Most consumers follow the dosing based on the amount of fish oil in a capsule, teaspoon, and packet.
CoQ10 is considered one of the more powerful fat-soluble antioxidants and is naturally produced in the body.
As we age, Ubiquinone (CoQ10) levels begin to decrease (beginning around the age of 20).   Additionally, the body’s ability to convert these declining levels of CoQ10 into ubiquinol (the reduced active form) is also diminished with age. Due to its established role in the body’s energy production process, ubiquinol should increase energy, stamina and general wellness in most people, especially in those who cannot efficiently convert CoQ10 into ubiquinol. Hawthorn is widely regarded in Europe as a safe and effective treatment for the early stages of heart disease and is endorsed by Commission E- the branch of the German government that studies and approves herbal treatments. There is also evidence for cardiovascular system improvement, particularly with angina, congestive heart failure and acute myocardial infarct.
The main function of Vitamin K is modifying proteins to give them the ability to bind calcium. Even within the discussion of Vitamin K2, there are two forms: Menaquinone-4 and Menaquinone-7.
Different vitamins and minerals can be particularly good for your skin, helping to rejuvenate it and restore a healthy glow. Vitamin A, which is found in cereal, eggs, liver and milk, is essential in maintaining healthy skin and helping it repair itself. Since it is able to help skin tissue repair itself, vitamin C can help reduce the effects of sun damage.
Vitamin E helps fight the effects of sun damage too, and it also helps keep skin smooth, fighting fine lines and wrinkles. There are a variety of vitamins and supplements available over the counter in the form of pills and tablets. Natural vitamins and nutrients are also effective when combined with the proper diet and lifestyle.
Before adding or supplementing vitamins to our daily diet, we should still consult our doctors or physicians.
Recent CommentsWeird Diet Tricks That Really Work - Anxiety Tips : Anxiety Tips on Learn About The Three Major Nutrients For An Effective Diet Weight Loss PlanWhat are the Different Uses of Advanced Health Products? Health & nutrition is a great topic that lends itself well to the infographic format, as many studies contain vital statistics and revealing results that are easily explained in the infographic format.
Uncontrollable risk factors are those in which you have absolutely no control over such as gender, age, family history, and race. We need to make extreme efforts to minimize those risk factors that are actually in our control. Keep in mind that if you are already under a medical providers help and on medications that you need to clear the use of my suggestions with them too. In my opinion, it is the MOST important Antioxidant you can use for the prevention and elimination of cardiovascular disease.
Without proper levels in the body, the body produces less energy and lacks a strong defense against free radicals (linked to many of our major health challenges). Ubiquinone (CoQ10) will continue to be an important supplement for those who want to maintain good health in there 20s and 30s.
It is used to promote the health of the circulatory system and has been found useful in treating angina, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia.

It didn’t even make it into my book just a few years ago and I only recently started studying it and now taking it personally.
Recent studies show that natural vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 is consistently found to be much more effective compared to Menaquinone-4.
One of the key functions of vitamin K2 is to make sure the calcium in your body ends up in you bones and not in your arteries (hardening of the arteries). Whether or not you are getting the right vitamins and nutrients is probably less of a factor than whether or not a meal is quick enough for you to eat and still get somewhere on time.
Some nutrients also serve as antioxidants, which help to reduce the effect of free radicals on your cells. The right amount of vitamin A can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it can help combat acne and dry skin.
Vitamin C is found in many foods including citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and sweet potatoes, but you can also take vitamin C as a supplement. It is possible to receive what you need through balanced nutrition, but supplements can help make up for any deficits in your diet. Immune system vitamins are supplements that are added to your daily diet to enhance or improve your immune system.
When adding natural immune system supplements, you should minimize the amount of caffeine and alcohols you consume in order to fully maximize the benefits of these supplements. Although most of these supplements are harmless and side effect free, there are still chemicals that may not mix well with our bodies. For those of you who might need a refresher on this superstar vitamin, here are some quick facts, courtesy of the National Institute of Health: As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects our cells from being damaged. Several years ago I wrote my first book “4 Pillars of Health: Heart Disease” and covered even more of the statistics about the disease and its causes. Here is an example: Let’s suppose that I have a condition where the suggested dose was 2000mg (2 grams) of Omega-3s per day.
But, many are not familiar with Ubiquinol?   CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) and has been taken as a supplement by millions of people over the past thirty years.
In the case of Hawthorn, even though I recommend it to help lower someone’s blood pressure, I would also use it to help someone who has low blood pressure.
There are 2 natural occurring forms of vitamin K and each one comes from different sources and has different health benefits.
However… the roles of Vitamin K1 and K2 are quite different and I feel that they should be classified as separate nutrients altogether. This is mainly due to menaquinone-7 being better absorbed and lasting longer (8-10 times longer) in the body.
A recent study gave more light to this showing that people with the highest intake of vitamin K2 had a much lower risk of heart disease.
Due to this grab-and-go, fast-food lifestyle, many people choose to take vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure they're getting the nutrients they need. Free radicals begin an oxidizing process within your body that damages your cells and their functions [source: American Dietetic Association]. Depending on your age and gender, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is anywhere from 40 to 90 milligrams per day [source: WebMD]. While we can sufficiently supply the right amounts of nutrients to our immune system with the food we eat, we can boost our immune system even more with these vitamins. While these are effective and efficient, there are also alternative sources for immune system vitamins.
Fresh or raw fruits and vegetables are especially effective in enhancing our immune system. Other herbal supplements such as Cat’s Paw, Ginseng, Sage and Echinacea are high in nutrients that produce t-cells and antibodies.

These natural supplements are also effective when combined with natural techniques such as aromatherapy and meditation.
And even though natural vitamins are even less harmful, it is still important to get clearance from your doctor before proceeding with immune system vitamins.
Today, I want to enlighten you into 3 key supplements I believe are critical for All of us to consider using on a daily basis to either help prevent or possibly treat this horrible disease. I joke that you would need to eat a boatload of fish to get the Omega-3s you get from a supplement. You need to read the supplement facts information on the back of the bottle because each brand available has a differing amount of Omega-3s per serving (don’t forget to read your serving sizes too). Ubiquinol is the reduced-active antioxidant form of CoQ10, which has only recently been available. Grouped together as K, they not only play a role in the body’s ability to clot (stop the bleeding from a cut or scrape), bone building and strength, fight certain types of cancer, and support a healthy cardiovascular system (veins and arteries). These two reasons and the fact that Menaquinone-7 is the form with the most credible research showing its benefits are why I use and recommend using Menaquinone-7 as part a daily supplement regimen.
Another study using specifically MenaQ7 showed that supplementing with vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) not only inhibited age-related stiffening of artery walls, but also made a significant improvement in the elasticity. For those who don't do this, it can take its toll on the overall health of their bodies -- including their skin. Though there are many helpful supplements out there, the ones listed here are especially helpful for skin health.
In topical form, vitamin C can also help boost collagen production, which can restore some of your skin's strength [source: Bouchez].
These vitamins are needed more these days because of the increased amounts of harmful elements in today’s world. A well-known alternative would be to use natural vitamins and supplements to improve our immune system.
For example, XYZ brand may contain 1000mg of fish oil per capsule and yield 500mg of total Omega-3s. Through these diverse actions, vitamin K holds promise in helping to prevent and manage some of the most crippling conditions associated with advancing age, including osteoporosis, coronary artery disease, and blood clots that can induce heart attack or stroke.
Before you begin taking a supplement, though, keep in mind that the daily recommended amount (combining food and supplement sources) is 700 micrograms for adult females and 900 micrograms for adult males [source: WebMD]. This concentration means that I would only have to take 4 capsules per day to get the 2000mg of Omega-3s   Taking the wrong dosage will keep one from fully realizing the benefits of fish oil products.   Be aware that not all Omega-3s from Fish Oil products are the same. Daily allowances for children are lower - from 300 to 600 micrograms per day depending on age.
You need to read your labels carefully for serving sizes and amounts of Omega-3s in that serving size.
I can only relate that back to the possibility either I wasn’t absorbing my CoQ10 or converting it into the active form. Initially, I would suggest taking 2-300mg Ubiquinol per day for a week, and then drop back to 50-100mg per day.
I take 200mg per day on the days I do cardiovascular exercise and 100mg per day on the alternate day.
If you are currently using a statin medication, you should consider using at least 60mg per day of Ubiquinol or CoQ10 to make up for what might be depleted by taking your medication. Personally, I would consume more due to the fact that you must have other risk factors for cardiovascular disease other than elevated cholesterol levels.

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