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Online Health care store in India and Wellness store in India and Health device and Personal Care and Beauty Store. The Package will be sent as soon as payment cleared, If you have any question,Please feel free to ask, We will try to respond as soon as possible.. The Jacked and Strapped stack was designed for the guy who needs to get ultra shredded, ultra hard and ultra vascular super fast! The Cross Fit Protocol has been designed to be a high powered program for the individual who is interested in completely BLOWING PAST their WOD times and becoming the best in their BOX!
This stack starts with MethlyStim a pre-workout energy and focus formula that is used 20-30 minutes before WOD’s to help ensure the most intense workout ever! We next bring in HypoDex which is used before, during and after WOD’s to help sustain the ability to continue moving through explosive energy patterns. Lastly we bring in our patented Glutamine Delivery System GlutagenX which contains unique ratios of (Sustamine, L Glutamine and Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine) combined these Recovery agents will help ensure muscle tissue is fully recovered by the next workout.
Next we combined in Testojet Reloaded which is a patented Tesoterone Elevating Complex designed to build lean and dense muscle tissue with zero water retention. We then added a CrossFit Staple, HypoDex, which is a uniquely sourced Carbohydrate that is easily assimilated into the blood stream and then used quickly and immediately for elevated and maintained performance.
This stack will not only push your WOD times and your abilities in the BOX through the roof but it will also take your body’s appearance to a new level.
This exclusive program was designed for women who need to shed fat fast and have zero time to wait. If you’re looking to lose a quick 10-20lbs then look no further, this is the stack for you! It’s also able to increase serotonin levels in the brain which helps keep the users appetite in check and increases feelings of wellness. Lastly we added Raspberry Ketones to the Stack for their proven ability to help the body breakdown fat and use it as energy. Let’s face it we are all wired differently (no pun inteneded.) Some of us can drink a cup of coffee before bed and still sleep like a rock!
If you’re sensitive to stimulants or want to take something while you’re not using a stimulant based fat burner then our Stimulant Free Fat Melting System is for you! Although Stimulant Free, this stack does work and will peel off fat even in the toughest of cases. Do not engage in this cycle if your a beginner or if you’re not ready for ridiculously large increases in muscle size, strength and power.
Testojet Reloaded is added as an adjunct to help back up the liquids and make sure that the gains are more than substantial. Let’s just say you wanted to put on the absolute greatest amount of lean, hard dry muscle possible in 12 weeks while simultaneously shredding ridiculously large amounts of body fat in just 12 weeks. Let’s just say you wanted to walk any where and know that you were the baddest MOFO there! This is not a beginner stack, this is for the person who has several anabolic stacks under their belt. This cycle was designed to be used by the person who is wishing to develop a lean, hard and functionally sound physique. This is a hardcore Fat Burning Compound that will get you ripped and hard in just a few short weeks.This product is imported and has been brought stateside for you to enjoy the benefits of old school real ephedra (you know, the stuff that works! This cycle was designed to be used by the guy looking to put on slabs of lean tissue in the shortest amount of time possible. Dianabol Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Natural muscle growth formula MethandienoneMethandienone Buy Dianabol here and check out the Dianabol reviews .
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Click the button below to add the Hi Tech Muscle Growth formula 90 tabs Dianabol to your wish list. We offer wide range products at best prices with options of paying - Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking through secure gateways. CrossFit athletes are a different breed of athlete and require a different and unique supplementation protocol. This window is crucial for timing and using certain nutritional compounds to help accelerate recovery and take future WOD’s to a new and improved level.

MethlyStim will drive your body further than every before and it’s smooth long lasting energy without a nasty crash or jittery after effects.
The extreme digestibility of Cluster Detxtrin aka HypoDex ensures muscle tissue is fed within minutes. The addition of BCAA GX is also crucial as these help promote the growth and recovery of broken down muscle. Essentially this cycle is designed to not only take a CrossFit Athlete to the next level but also shape and mold his body to a point where it’s unrecognizable in 4-8 weeks. First we focused on muscular conditioning and density, second we focused on muscle repair and recovery and lastly we focused on overall performance increases. This compound will help create a unique and visible difference in your body while at the same time burning any additional fat you may be carrying. We also added CLA which has the highly recognized ability to increase the amount of fat that will be burned during exercise..
By approaching fat loss from several different angles we have literally created the most powerful program for burning fat currently available! Although all different in profiles they work together synergistically to help promote the amount of fat that is used during an exercise or workout session.
This is an extremely safe and stimulant free system that can be used safely by anyone looking to shed 8-10lbs of fat fast and especially by those who can’t deal with some of the ingredients in other fat burners. We’ve also added CLA because of it’s natural ability to ensure that even more fat is being burned! However, the key to this system is making sure that you follow the protocol exactly like it’s outlined. Hexadrone is the base of the cycle and will add a substantial amount of lean muscle tissue rather quickly.
Stenabol is stacked on top as a single stacking agent to help increase overall density and muscle maturity through the 12 week cycle. If your goal is un-adulterated lean, thick and dense tissue then you will not a find a more potent cycle anywhere ever! It will definitively change your body forever, giving you the lean hard dry and dense look that will be the envy of all. Although the user will put on significant size and strength when using this cycle, he will simultaneously lose and shed body-fat, water and minimize estrogen which will result in a very hard and crisp appearance.
These are extreme physique augmentation products and the look that can be created when combining these two compounds for 8 weeks is nothing short of remarkable. Dianabol Cycle Anti-Proteolytic (Anti-Catabolic) Agent Lean Mass and Strength Catalyst Muscle Preservation Formula The King of bodybuilding supplementation has returned.
Our exclusive range of products includes Healthcare supplements, Dietary supplements, Weight Loss Suppements, Wellness products, Health Devices, Sports Fitness, Personal Skin Care and Beauty products. The combination of Testojet Reloaded and Hexadrone will help visibly burn abdominal fat and build solid vascular muscle tissue in just weeks.
When used in a combination users report increased WOD performance, speed and reduced muscle soreness.
This program starts with our Pre Workout Formula, Crank which combines 3 unique Creatine sources to fuel ATP through workouts and of course a nice dose of stimulation via a few unique focus compound.
You will truly be impressed with this program which truly can be referred to as complete CrossFit Anarchy! We utilized both our daytime and nighttime fat loss products (XP2G After Shock and XP2G PM to help keep the metabolic furnace working 24 hours and then added Garcinia Cambogia for it’s proven ability to decrease the amount of fat stored by decreasing the rate at which carbohydrates can be stored as fat. So if you’re using CLA daily and working out, more of your workouts will be fueld by stored body-fat causing great long term fat loss! Pure Boost helps keep the metabolism on track during those times when it wants to shut down. We start with a combination of Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia, each of these has sound science based studies showing their ability to promote the use of stored fat as fuel during exercise and also helping to keep appetite suppressed. Lastly, we finished up our system with XP2G PM, this is our nighttime fat loss product which helps to keep the fat loss fire burning around the clock! Definition will be more obvious from Day 4 on and he will notice fat loss in those areas including his abdominals, lower back and arms. As with any prohormone, lengthy time (over 12 weeks) on cycle can cause light liver stress and because of this we have added liver shield to our arsenal for the entire 8 week period.

Fat loss is literally accelerated by 50% when using our Thermacore compound and the difference in energy, body heat and overall fat loss is remarkable.
It acts primarily as an ati-proteolytic agent, which helps maintain an anabolic state during times when normal protein breakdown occurs. Most athletes find that injuries and muscle aches heal 2-3x as fast when using this protocol with each WOD session!
Beta Alanine increases muscular endurance and workload and allows you to push your body longer and faster without giving into fatigue, pain or the dreaded wall that can keep you from pushing past your physical best! For more than 5 years Thermacore has been responsible for burning hundreds of pounds of fat with its’ hardcore thermogenic and stimulant based properties.
Its ability to improve the health of the Thyroid Gland make it a very powerful compound for burning fat.
Taken nightly XP2G PM will help support continued metabolic health and ensure that the fat is being pulled off even while you sleep! Using this stack for 4-8 weeks will help eliminate fat and get you back to where you need to be! Liver shield ensures we can utilize our pro-hormone compounds for 8 weeks in a safe and effective manner. Lastly we finish with our core Tri-Fecta Post Cycle Formula which should be used for approximately 30 days after your last day on pro-hormones. It inhibits or blocks the breakdown signals that normally occur as the body continually shifts amino acids in and out of the muscle tissue, which means that it keeps hard earned muscle intact. These pumps continue long after the workout has ceased and users seem to walk around pumped throughout the day. We’ve also added Decabolan to help ensure that the muscle built is solid and retainable. Don’t take our word for it though, experience the effectiveness of the CrossFit Protocol yourself! This combination of Supplements will take you and your body to places you never thought possible. The thyroid gland can be very sensitive to diets and weight loss and can cause the body to hold back and not burn fat! This system is very very powerful and should only be used for 8 weeks with at least 4 weeks off between cycles. This will ensure optimal restoration of the hormonal axis and make sure you maintain 80-90% of your gains.
The two, main active ingredients in it are Belizean man vine, whose actives, called phenylethanoid glycosides, cause notable increases in muscle size when used in conjunction with a weight training program, and 6-Keto Diosgenin, a powerful anabolic potentiator. Testojet Reloaded is the base of the cycle and will add a substantial amount of lean muscle tissue rather quickly. Pure Boost keeps it going with a blend of ingredients that improve the rate at which the gland supports calorie burning.
It will burn at least 10-20lbs if used correctly and combined with a good diet plan and workout routine. This is a very precise cycle and if executed with a sound nutrition and workout plan (included) you will have drastically changed your physique in 8 weeks. You will see increases in arm size, chest size and leg size very rapidly.The Hexadrone is added as an adjunct to help back up the liquids and make sure that the gains are more than substantial. The gains that you achieve during this cycle will more than likely be kept long after the cycle has been completed. This cycle works and it will build slabs of lean muscle while creating that dense, lean and crisp look that results in highly shredded abs and a lean tight waistline.
Please see our meal menu’s and videos on the front page of our site for more guidance on how to eat while using this system!
This stack is for the serious athlete and physique enthusiast who wants to fill out shirts fast and walk into bars and get noticed! Be prepared to grow out of your clothes and pack meat on arms, chest and back with this radical muscle morphing stack!

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