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People who take human growth hormone treatment may be at increased risk of developing bowel and colon cancer, research suggests. Scientists say the finding is far from conclusive, and that more work is needed to confirm their suspicions.
They also stress that no such link has been made with the modern synthetic form of growth hormone that is now used in treatment - although it is possible that it would have the same effect. Their finding centres on the use of growth hormone taken directly from the pituitary glands of cadavers.
This was widely used until the mid-1980s as a treatment for children and young adults whose growth was impaired. The researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research and Institute of Child Health, UK, studied data on 1,848 people in the UK who were treated with human growth hormone between 1959 and 1985. They found that these people were almost three times more likely to die from cancer overall.
Writing in The Lancet medical journal, lead researcher Professor Anthony Swerdlow said: "Our data do not show conclusively whether cancer incidence is increased by growth hormone treatment, but they do suggest the need for increased awareness of the possibility of cancer risks, and for surveillance of growth hormone-treated patients. It is possible that use of human growth hormone increases the risk of cancer by boosting levels of a chemical in the body called IGF-1, which has been shown to stimulate the division of cancer cells.
However, it is also possible that people who are deficient in growth hormone might naturally be more predisposed to colorectal cancer, and that the treatment itself has no effect.
In an accompanying commentary, Dr Edward Giovannucci, of the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, said it was important to stress that growth hormone treatment had health benefits. Growth hormone, as well as helping to promote growth, can be used to build muscle bulk, and improve cardiac performance. The Society for Endocrinology and the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes issued a joint statement welcoming the study.
However, it stressed that artificial growth hormone was of greater purity than the natural version, and that doses were more tightly controlled than they once were. The statement went on: "We believe replacing the missing growth hormone in severely growth hormone deficient patients can dramatically improve the quality of life of affected adult patients, and allow growth hormone deficient children to grow to a normal adult height.
Every year, some children who receive growth hormone treatment (GHT) do so for cosmetic reasons—they are short in a world that admires being tall.
For the current study, the authors collected data on the children with idiopathic isolated GH deficiency or short stature who started GHT between 1985 and 1996. An earlier analysis, published in 2012 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, showed increased cardiac and cerebrovascular mortality among the French cohort of SAGhE.
For the Neurology paper, the research team reviewed medical records, imaging data, and questionnaires that had been sent to patients, specifically looking at cerebrovascular events that were validated by stroke neurologists. Look for the full discussion and experts’ commentary in the August 21 issue of Neurology Today. There are so many essential elements in human body and growth hormone is one of the most important of all those substances.

Deficiency in the GH level has become quite common these days but that doesn’t diminish the intensity of the impacts. Apart from just being used for growth disorder treatment, these injections play a large role in the performance field. But a new study raises concerns that GHT might have dangerous consequences in the long-term, with an associated risk for stroke in adulthood.
They compared the results with data on stroke incidence obtained from population-based registries in Dijon, France, and Oxford, United Kingdom. The bodybuilding and strength and power enhancing feature of this hormone have made it one of the bests in the sports and bodybuilding field.
Try Testosterone and HGH benefits NOW!Growth Hormone Therapy Treatment HOME › HGH Therapy › HGH therapy clinics ?Too much fuss about growth hormone therapy treatment although HGH products have been approved by FDA. Hrt treatment is ideal for kids or adults having growth deficiencies.The ongoing controversy around growth hormone therapy treatment in adults is getting deeper.
But other than providing body height, this hormone has lots of other effectiveness as well which include providing overall body growth, increasing muscle mass, body strength, reducing ageing signs and many more. The key function of these injections is to send signal to the pituitary gland regarding the production of GH. Despite the backlash with some of the people condemning hrt treatment, it still comes under medical therapy. But these physical benefits are only available when the level of growth hormone in the body is appropriate.
The action of these injections helps to bring back the required level of growth hormone production in the body. It is available for everyone since purchasing these injections doesn’t require any sort of recommendations or prescription. This is primarily the reason for the increasing demand of growth hormone supplements, injections and sprays.
If there is any kind of deficiency in the quantity of this hormone, all these functions get interrupted.
Among all these growth hormone therapy treatment options, the injectable formulations prescribed from pharmaceutical companies actually fulfils the goal of HGH supplementation. However, there are reported cases where people opt for HGH products without a suitable growth hormone therapy treatment considering it to enhance athletic ability and offer cosmetic appearance.What are human growth hormone deficiencies?With the decline in HGH levels, some of the disorders might occur in kids or adults. When the pituitary gland located just beneath your brain could not produce enough growth hormone, the growth of an individual gets slow. In case, other hormones secreted from pituitary gland are secreted in inadequate amounts, the patient has hypopituitarism.You can have growth hormone deficiency condition at any stage of your life. However, in adults maintaining hormonal levels is essential for tissue repair and restoring body muscles and bones. Without this vital hormone both men and women will suffer from some drastic emotional symptoms like the loss of motivation, tiredness, lack of sex drive, etc.What is hormone therapy?Hrt replacement or human growth hormone therapy is the form of medical treatment used to cure growth deficiencies in kids and adults.

Usually, growth hormone is administered from some external source to treat that deficiency. Through extensive research in this field, various growth hormone therapy treatment options have been developed. If you are in need of a suitable human growth hormone treatments to not only suppress but cure the low HGH symptomsGrowth hormone therapy treatment injectionsIn this treatment method, the recombinant foreign growth hormone manufactured synthetically is injected into the body. Noticeable changes of hrt therapy will appear within few weeks when low HGH signs are reduced and you feel healthier, more active than before.
In this form of therapy, Secretagogue acts as an inducer stimulating the release of natural growth hormone.Human growth hormone therapy treatment with releasersThis is yet another supplement that does not require a prescription for buying. Since these supplements provide vital components, the body uses those building blocks to convert into HGH.Hormone therapy replacement symptoms in kids and adultsAny form of growth hormone deficiency can trigger various diseases. For the prevention and treatment of any such deficiency disorder, FDA approved hormone replacement therapy treatment. The need for growth hormone to treat various ailments was felt decades ago and it came into practice from 1985. Since then, growth hormone therapy treatment gained momentum.Now the kids or adults having impaired pituitary function can take this therapy.
The deficiency is characterized by short height, sleep disorder, fatigue, loss in muscle and bone strength, rise in visceral fat along with some psychological issues.
Often pediatricians suggest growth hormone therapy treatment for children with Turner’s syndrome, or chronic renal insufficiency. As far as adults are concerned, they have growth deficiency issues like formation of rare pituitary tumors associated with HIV or the muscle wasting disease.The most effective growth hormone therapy treatmentEndocrinologists or medical professionals conduct a thorough evaluation of the patients by studying his medical history, carrying out some tests and then suggesting appropriate growth hormone injections.
The injections for growth hormone therapy treatment are either administered subcutaneously or in muscles. By far, growth hormone injections are medically approved and the most effective means of delivering growth hormone. A regular therapy also has some refreshing attributes like increased energy levels, better immune function, younger and tougher looking skin plus low cholesterol and cardiac disease risk along with better sexual performance.What a growth hormone therapy can doAll those harsh manifestations of aging can now be conquered with growth hormone therapy treatment. Most of the people believe that they can start hormone replacement after they have crossed their middle age. Even with a hormonal deficiency other than HGH, some of the doctors and physicians will recommend growth hormone therapy treatment.

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