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Design: A thorough search of the literature (MEDLINE, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Register) was performed. Conclusion: This meta-analysis suggests a beneficial effect of rhGH replacement on BMD in adults with GHD. Testosterone replacement therapy improves the health-related quality of life of men diagnosed with late-onset hypogonadism. Age, Body Mass Index, and Frequency of Sexual Activity are Independent Predictors of Testosterone Deficiency in Men With Erectile Dysfunction. From the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts; and the Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine. Requests for Reprints: Anne Klibanski, MD, Neuroendocrine Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit Street, BUL457B, Boston, MA 02114. Background: Patients with adult-onset growth hormone deficiency have reduced bone density and increased fat mass.
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Before we elaborate on potential HGH benefits, it should be noted that HGH is not approved for anti-aging.
While the number of studies involving HGH therapy use in men without growth hormone deficiency is limited, these studies suggest that HGH therapy does produce favorable changes to body composition. Increased Lean Body Mass – Studies show that both HGH therapy and HGH therapy plus exercise increase lean body mass by an average of approximately 5 lbs. Increased Bone Mineral Density – Although few studies exist evaluating bone mineral density, the few studies that do exist have suggested that HGH therapy may increase bone mineral density.1,3,13,15 However, no evidence exists to show that these increases in bone mineral density decrease fracture risk in humans.
As the effects of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) therapy on BMD and bone mineral content (BMC) have not been systematically investigated, we conducted a meta-analysis of pertinent studies. Effects of Physiologic Growth Hormone Therapy on Bone Density and Body Composition in Patients with Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial.

One month after publication, editors review all posted comments and select some for publication in the Letters section of the print version of Annals. Studies involving growth hormone therapy (GH therapy) in older men have shown significant side effects. Studies show that HGH therapy and HGH therapy plus exercise both decrease fat mass by an average of approximately 5 lbs over a 26-week evaluation period.1-14 As expected, the HGH benefits of HGH therapy plus exercise produces a slightly greater decrease in fat mass than HGH therapy alone. Fat in the abdominal region is the type of fat most commonly associated with multiple significant health problems, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland (a small endocrine gland located at the base of the brain).
On meta-regression, a negative association was observed between change in LS and FN BMD and subjects’ age and a positive association between BMD change and treatment duration. Bernard Kliman for assistance with patient recruitment, Douglas Hayden for contributions to the statistical analysis, Dr. In addition to these side effects, other major concerns exist with GH therapy in men without growth hormone deficiency.
Of note, the changes to lean body mass brought by HGH therapy do not produce meaningful increases in muscle strength or physical function. If you combine the increase in muscle with the decrease if fat, study participants generally weighed the same weight at the end of the study.
Consequently, a reduction in abdominal fat can potentially improve multiple health markers as well as overall health. Carpal tunnel syndrome and gynaecomastia during growth hormone treatment of elderly men with low circulating IGF-I concentrations. Growth hormone and sex steroid administration in healthy aged women and men: a randomized controlled trial. Growth hormone and sex steroid effects on bone metabolism and bone mineral density in healthy aged women and men.

Growth hormone treatment of abdominally obese men reduces abdominal fat mass, improves glucose and lipoprotein metabolism, and reduces diastolic blood pressure.
A nine-month, placebo-controlled study of the effects of growth hormone treatment on lipoproteins and LDL size in abdominally obese men.
Effects of growth hormone treatment on the leptin system and on energy expenditure in abdominally obese men.
GH administration and discontinuation in healthy elderly men: effects on body composition, GH-related serum markers, resting heart rate and resting oxygen uptake.
GH administration changes myosin heavy chain isoforms in skeletal muscle but does not augment muscle strength or hypertrophy, either alone or combined with resistance exercise training in healthy elderly men. Short-term low-dose growth hormone administration in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance and the metabolic syndrome: effects on beta-cell function and post-load glucose tolerance. Growth hormone replacement in healthy older men improves body composition but not functional ability. Effects of short term administration of recombinant human growth hormone to elderly people. Any medical or health advice provided and hosted on this site will only be given by medically trained and qualified professionals unless a clear statement is made that the advice offered is from a non-medically qualified individual or organisation. Leng Jiang for doing echocardiography, Jennifer Lord for study coordination and data entry, Jaime Paz for assistance with exercise testing, and the staff of the General Clinical Research Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital for their dedicated patient care. These concerns include the following: 1) the limited scale of studies, and 2) the unknown long-term link between HGH therapy and cancer or other diseases. Where appropriate, information contained on this site will be supported by clear references to source data and, where possible, have specific HTML links to that data.

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