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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone that is essential to human growth and the development of bodily structures. If testosterone is the primary hormone for building strength, growth hormone is perhaps most important for body composition – burning fat for energy and ensuring that protein is transported to muscle cells for synthesis. During childhood a shortage of HGH leads to the condition of dwarfism, in which individuals grow to only about three feet in height. Growth hormone secretion peaks in adolescence when accelerated growth occurs and then declines with age. Two of the biggest factors that play a role in the release of this hormone are sleep and exercise.
Moderate repetitions (10) and short rest periods (1 minute) produce higher GH concentrations than fewer repetitions and longer rest periods. Studies examining exogenous GH therapy in elderly adults with declining GH levels have yielded mixed results.
Given the mixed results and the high cost of subcutaneous injection of human recombinant GH therapy, a more natural approach to maintaining youthful health and vigor is to employ lifestyle choices that optimize the endogenous production of GH. We are a group of bodybuilding enthusiast and this is our effort to have all the details about bodybuilding at a single website.
Growth hormone is a protein hormone of about 190 amino acids that is synthesized and secreted by cells called somatotrophs in the anterior pituitary. Indirect effects are mediated primarily by a insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), a hormone that is secreted from the liver and other tissues in response to growth hormone. Keeping this distinction in mind, we can discuss two major roles of growth hormone and its minion IGF-I in physiology. Protein metabolism: In general, growth hormone stimulates protein anabolism in many tissues. Fat metabolism: Growth hormone enhances the utilization of fat by stimulating triglyceride breakdown and oxidation in adipocytes. Carbohydrate metabolism: Growth hormone is one of a battery of hormones that serves to maintain blood glucose within a normal range.
Production of growth hormone is modulated by many factors, including stress, exercise, nutrition, sleep and growth hormone itself. Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) is a hypothalamic peptide that stimulates both the synthesis and secretion of growth hormone. Somatostatin (SS) is a peptide produced by several tissues in the body, including the hypothalamus. Growth hormone also feeds back to inhibit GHRH secretion and probably has a direct (autocrine) inhibitory effect on secretion from the somatotroph.

Integration of all the factors that affect growth hormone synthesis and secretion lead to a pulsatile pattern of release.
States of both growth hormone deficiency and excess provide very visible testaments to the role of this hormone in normal physiology. Clinically, deficiency in growth hormone or defects in its binding to receptor are seen as growth retardation or dwarfism. Giantism is the result of excessive growth hormone secretion that begins in young children or adolescents.
Acromegaly results from excessive secretion of growth hormone in adults, usually the result of benign pituitary tumors.
In years past, growth hormone purified from human cadaver pituitaries was used to treat children with severe growth retardation. The role of growth hormone in normal aging remains poorly understood, but some of the cosmetic symptoms of aging appear to be amenable to growth hormone therapy. Growth hormone is currently approved and marketed for enhancing milk production in dairy cattle.
Another application of growth hormone in animal agriculture is treatment of growing pigs with porcine growth hormone. The Human Growth Hormone sold and dispensed to you shall be limited to high quality brand name growth hormone in original manufacturer's sealed vial. Modern biotechnology has given us the ability to totally synthesize this remarkable hormone.
Human growth hormone is one of the most powerful anti-aging tools we now have at our command. The statements made in this document have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. HGH (also termed as Somatotrophin) is secreted from the anterior pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain) in response to exercise, sleep, stress, and low plasma glucose. Conversely, an overabundance of HGH can lead to gigantism and heights of over eight feet are possible. Although the body still synthesizes nearly the same amount of GH, the amount released from the pituitary falls steadily with advancing age. When you pump out sets of 10 reps with short rest periods,  your muscles generate a waste product called lactate that produces  a telltale discomfort.
Targeted nutrients including CDP-choline, arginine, ornithine, glycine, glutamine, and niacin (vitamin B3) can help support endogenous GH secretion, assist muscle growth and recovery from exercise, and promote healthy sleep.
Growth hormone is often said to have anti-insulin activity, because it supresses the abilities of insulin to stimulate uptake of glucose in peripheral tissues and enhance glucose synthesis in the liver.

Such disorders can reflect lesions in either the hypothalamus, the pituitary or in target cells.
The corporation, its suppliers or pharmacies ship growth hormone directly to you via Priority U.S. This may include bio-identical hormones, menopause, andropause, diabetes, cardiovascular lipid management or other problem areas.. Growth hormone is often called the “master hormone”, because it is released by the anterior pituitary gland (often called the “master gland”). In people of all ages, GH boosts protein production, promotes the utilization of fat, interferes with the action of insulin, and raises blood sugar levels. Being that growth hormone declines so rapidly with age, it is even more imperative that we aren’t inhibiting what little growth hormone we’re able to produce. When we cut our sleep short, we blunt the effect of growth hormone, thus also limiting our recovery and muscle growth ability. Lactate may trigger GH release, or your body may produce GH and lactate in response to the same stimuli. Fat cannot be released in the presence of high insulin because insulin is a storage hormone. PHD Pharmaceuticals does not sell inferior drugs, illegal drugs or growth hormone labeled in Spanish or any other language.
The most comprehensive and individualized approach to your health you have ever experienced. Between 40 to 50 years of age growth hormone levels are only 50 to 60% of what they were at age 20. So make sure you are getting enough sleep and you are getting it at similar times everyday.
Growth hormone raises in response to deep sleep, high-intensity exercise, and low insulin levels. Carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index will be digested slowly, and will provide a slow and steady release of glucose in the body. High-glycemic carbohydrates on the other hand cause a rapid digestion of sugars and a sudden influx of glucose into the bloodstream. The body cannot handle such a high amount of glucose in the blood, and so insulin is released to shuttle that glucose into either muscle glycogen, or convert it into fat for energy later if glycogen stores are full.

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