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admin | Exercise For Abdomen | 26.09.2015
It has been recently found in a study that the men who opt for hormone-blocking therapy to treat prostate cancer may end up boosting their risk of developing a state of colon cancer.
It is to be mentioned here that the same was hinted in a study published this week in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. While many experts call it androgen deprivation therapy or ADT, which is expected to suppresses production of the male hormone testosterone that eventually help in driving the growth of prostate cancer may increase risks like diabetes and obesity, which are known risk factors for colon cancer.

Food and Drug Administration ruled that certain hormone treatments for prostate cancer must carry new warnings about an increased risk of diabetes and heart problems last months and the meditations prescribed had names like Lupron, Zoladex, Trelstar, and Eligard.
Vahakn Shahinian, of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor said that it is very much possible that suppressing the hormones might increase the risk of colon cancer.

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