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Synopsis: Life-saving steam treatments have turned Lucy Strang into a powerhouse who has used her newfound strength to protect the poverty-stricken residents of Edinburgh’s under-city in late 1888. Synopsis: Sandra has fought her way to a final confrontation with Eva, the bandit queen who has captured her village. Results May Vary, our most popular title to date, comes to a close with an extra-long, extra-sexy series finale featuring several of the biggest and strongest women the site has ever produced! Synopsis: The ultimate results variation, Karen “the Catastrophe” Herris, is loose, awake, growing and angry!
The Redd Effect returns with a second instalment that doubles up the sexy female muscle growth action with the introduction of Jade Lee, an already-athletic and vindictive woman who gets exposed to the same serum that transformed Anya, making her even bigger and stronger! Download this comic and all of our other female muscle comics with a single 1-month membership to Muscle Fan Comics. After an extended absence of new super-heroine material within the lineup, we’re dipping back into the ever-popular genre with the first issue of Growing Heroics, the Muscle Fan comic that features a fan of muscles and tells the story of how she got her own! Synopsis: A fawning super hero fan girl slowly gains powers, sapping them from the idol who previously ignored her.
Care to Sample?, the Muscle Fan one-shot that reveals the potentially sexy side-effects of genetically modified foods, is now available for your download pleasure!

Muscle Fan once again welcomes you to the city where the big men get little and the little women get VERY big! Muscles grow and deflate in size aplenty in the second and final issue of The End of Macho City! Synopsis: Sienna, a gifted scientist, works on a new project that could change the way Macho City functions. The action heats up in Stone Cold’s penultimate chapter as Silver seeks revenge against the mob bosses who have wronged her, and not fire, bullets, nor massive vehicles will stand in her way! Synopsis: The life of Silver Stone’s snitch and lover, Alvy, hangs by a thread and Silver’s been framed for the bloodbath at the scene. Muscle Fan presents Challenges of Amazon Island, the first issue in our FMG-centric look at the future of reality TV, from the combined talents of the writer of La Fuerza Del Amor and the artist behind Oopsy! Featuring not one, not two, but FOUR sexy ladies experiencing varying levels of muscle growth and height increase, each competing to be the biggest and best of them all! But the super-strong “Leather Lady” defeating men has drawn the attention of the man who calls himself Leather Apron.
If you enjoyed last issue’s combination of sex, attribute-theft-based transformations, and muscular ladies duking it out, then you’ll be happy to know that this issue includes even more of each!

Who will prevail, and what unfathomable form will their bodies take after this unprecedented streak of victories?
This time around, however, our lovely ladies are going to have to contend with a very greedy cheerleader who plans to transform into a skyscraper-sized, muscle-bound goddess by hoarding all of the muscle mass for herself! When the project falls into the hands of Sienna’s daughter Lauren, she begins to mete out her own brand of justice on men trying to strong-arm women.
Somehow it all comes back to the murder of the ex-wife of one of Coketown’s richest men, a man who has ties to three major criminal organizations. Centering the show around ancient civilizations of Latin America, contests much engage in a series of physical challenges to claim the top prize of the show. Now Silver, without a key ally, must try to solve the case while restraining her side as The Stone.
Will Melissa be able to keep control over her muscle growth or will it all be let loose in one night?

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