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I'm always amazed by people who tell me that strength training and interval training workouts are too easy for them.
Each strength training and interval training workout has left me sweating and feeling tired (but a "good" tired), and I've never finished any strength training and interval training workout and thought it was too easy or ineffective. So if you think it's too easy, or if you've done this Intermediate strength training and interval training workout and said, "no problem", take a look at how I would do it, and then ask yourself if you are training hard enough. Now you might not be able to use the same weights as I do, but maybe you could be using more intensity in your own workouts. 2A) Stability Ball Leg Curl (15 reps) - Granted, I could do this exercise without a problem, so I'd either increase the number of reps per set to 25, or I would do the 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl.
2B) Pushup (15 reps) - I would increase the reps to 35 pushups per set, or I would use a more difficult version such as close-grip pushups, or even decline close-grip pushups.

3A) Stability Ball Jackknife (10 reps) - I'd increase the reps to 20 per set or I'd do 1-Leg Stability Ball Jackknives. 3B) DB Rear-Delt Raise (10 reps) - This would be tough, and I'd use 15 or 20 pound dumbells. After this intense strength training session, I'd rest 1-2 minutes and then get on the treadmill for intervals. Click here to uncover the secrets of short workout you can do to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, all while getting in and out of the gym in under 45 minutes only 3 times per week, so that you can get on to more important things in your life. M&Fers are always looking for a solid routine that will burn big-time fat, and build muscle faster. And someone who is fitter than I am would just increase the intensity up to his or her level so they would boost their metabolism to the max and burn fat fast.

It wasn't until he discovered this "weird" style of ab training known as Afterburn Training.
Pair strength training and interval training workouts with whole-foods nutrition and you'll burn fat fast.

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