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This recipe, I’ve had since my time at Devonshire Cooperative House at Purdue University. Print Italian Tortellini Vegetable Soup Delicious hearty soup that is healthy and 21 Day Fix approved!! So I’ve done all the tests and measurements and know for sure that I have a large frame and am truly big-boned… okay.  But how has this affected my weight loss goals?  According to all the studies, my ideal weight should be between 135-152. This discouragement is based on the flaw of thinking that we must be losing weight in order to change our body composition.
While my initial goals when I began my Beachbody journey was to lose weight (needed to get off the baby weight) I met my goal plus some!!  But I continued my workouts hoping to lose more.  I really focused on my nutrition and pushed harder, but to my dismay, I was gaining weight!!!
Have you been diligently watching what you eat and doing your workouts with regularity – but the numbers on the scale haven’t budged, or like in my case maybe they’ve even gone up? Body composition, or body fat percentage, is the measure of fat tissue versus lean muscle tissue. Losing water weight can lead to the appearance of losing fat, but in reality, body fat % is the most reliable way of telling your fitness – especially since you can do it without a scale!
Both cardio exercise and resistance training can build muscle and reduce fat, so just because the number on the scale stays the same, it doesn’t mean all that exercise is going to waste . While the actual number of pounds might not waver after starting an exercise routine, the ratio of muscle to fat may be increasing, contributing to better health and improved overall fitness .
Make sure never to confuse “weight loss” with “fat loss” if you’re building muscle at the same time. In order to make a lasting impact on the water weight your body is retaining unnecessarily, reduce the amount of salt in your diet. If you and I continue to watch our calorie intake and exercise, the scale will eventually show that you’ve lost weight. Losing inches around your waist, hips, arms and thighs is an indication that you’re losing fat and gaining muscle.
If you aren’t able to consistently monitor things like your body fat percentage, it may be helpful to pay attention to specifically measurable aspects of your workouts. Focus on consistently making progress, whether it’s with your body fat percentage,workout time, or quantity of reps of an exercise, or how your clothes feel! Since I started my journey last April, I personally have lost 52 lbs and over 30 inches (all while exclusively breastfeeding my son for 14 months!!!)… I have toned up and gained muscle and am stronger because I stay committed to these challenge groups and enjoy running them!! I am also excited as the program that helped me succeed and take the guess work out of everything is on sale this month and I wanted to be able to offer it to you so that you may succeed like I did or if you know someone else that can!! The official start of summer is less than 20 days away, and if you want to get EXTREME bikini-body results fast, 21 Day Fix EXTREME is the perfect FIX. This June only, you can save $70 with the 21 Day Fix EXTREME and Shakeology Challenge Pack!
Plus, if you want to truly KICKSTART you results, you can save $95 on the 21 Day Fix EXTREME Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack, which includes the 3-Day Refresh ? a quick weight loss program to help break the cycle of bad eating, and get your health and energy back on track. FOR THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO ORDER A 21 DAY FIX or FIX EXTREME Challenge Pack, I AM refunding you the $10 for the cost of the program…. Last week on our Coach National Wake Up Call Autumn Calabrese (the creator of the 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme) announced that she will be launching an official 21 Day Fix cook book called Fixate!!
And in addition to all the amazing recipes, Autumn has also included a detailed checklist for her absolute must-have kitchen and pantry staples, as well as the basic utensils and tools that every cook needs. So click the button below, create your free account and then shoot me a message over at Facebook so I can get you ready to roll!!

Before I discovered Beachbody,  I mostly tried to do other workout programs on my own and never lasted longer than a week or so. As soon as I became engaged with the challenge group in April, I saw what coaching was all about and the wheels started turning. A pushdown is a strength training exercise used for strengthening the triceps muscles in the back of the arm.
I would LOVE to be back to 150 lbs but that isn’t happening anytime soon!!  Why?  I’m not losing weight!!! When people attempt to change their physique and don’t see pounds coming off of the scale, they tend to get a little discouraged, even if they see progress during workouts or in the mirror.
We often forget about the fact that muscle, fat, bone, and water all play an important part in what number they see on the scale each time we step on. You notice your clothes fitting more loosely, and your mirror image looks leaner but are getting discouraged by that little number that lights up on the scale?? When you’re trying to lose weight, this may be a better measure of progress than the scale.
So, as you gain muscle and lose fat, your scale numbers may not change, but your body sure does. Muscle has a much greater density than fat, meaning it takes up less volume than an equal mass of fat. But because a pound of fat takes up about four times the space of muscle tissue, it’s possible to look and feel trimmer even if body weight remains the same. So after spending quality time bonding with Shaun T or Autumn Calabrese or other personal trainer, don’t break off the relationship just because the scale isn’t moving in the “right” direction.
This is “recomposition,” and requires slightly more complicated measurements to accurately assess your fitness (like body fat %). If you carry a lot of weight on your frame, odds are that your bones are bigger and stronger (due to they have a higher density) than someone with less weight and a smaller frame. They help prevent osteoporosis and enable you to move through your daily activities without difficulties.
Other indications include changes in a body caliper body fat percentage tape or a pair of pants that fit too tightly last month, but slide on easily this month.
Record the amount of time it takes you to run a certain distance or do a certain amount of repetitions of an exercise or max out on form. Autumn’s high-intensity 30-minute workouts feature a variety of moves that keep your body guessing, so you see maximum results! Literally just filling my containers with proteins, veggies and carbs and dumping them out on my plate. I was literally jumping up and down as I heard her speak and today I want to share with you some of the details!! So this cook book isn’t coming out until July, BUT I get my pretty little hands on it while I’m in Nashville at the Beachbody Summit Convention and I will be bringing home a copy for EVERY person who joins my June 21st challenge group and orders a 21 Day Fix or Fix Extreme challenge pack through me as their Beachbody coach This month!!
Oh…And I MIGHT just be previewing some of the actual recipes from the book on my Facebook page so make sure we are friends!! I had been a Manager and leading people and motivating them to different kind of goals for almost 5 years. We had a pork loin left over from when we had one of our hogs butchered last year so, we cut it up into boneless pork chops. I’m actually gaining it and I AM PERFECTLY FINE WITH IT!!!  And you are thinking WHAT?!?!?!?  Are you crazy??  NOPE!

This explains why it’s possible to get visibly slimmer without a significant drop in weight . Ultimately, if you feel healthier, look leaner and have grown stronger – it doesn’t matter what the scale says. Photos of yourself prior to beginning your exercise and diet journey may also show you any differences in your body’s shape.
Read to the bottom and find out how you can get some sneak peeks at the recipes in the book!!
Didn’t becoming a Coach seem like another opportunity to do just that, but with more flexibility and better hours? This exercise is an example of the primary function of the triceps, extension of the elbow joint. Although fat weighs the same, it takes up more space and gives your body a lumpy appearance. If you can do this, you have concrete evidence of fitness progress regardless of the number on the scale.
In addition to 21 Day Fix EXTREME, you get Shakeology, and a 30-day membership to the Team Beachbody Club with Beachbody On Demand ? where you can stream hundreds of other Beachbody workouts. But that didn’t take long and I started making some REALLY great, family and kid approved recipes.
I sneaked a bite right after I got them off the grill and had to control myself not to eat a pork chop right then and there!! You’re changing your body composition, meaning you’re increasing the amount of muscle on your body and decreasing the amount of fat. The scale can only tell you if you’ve lost pounds, but not if you’ve lost fat pounds and replaced them with muscle.
If you eat too much salt one day, your body weight the next day could be off; if you gain muscle and lose fat over the course of a month, you may see your body weight rise, even though you look better in the mirror.
You might notice that, although your body fat percentage has stayed the same, your weight has gone up. I tell you these challenge groups are the super secret sauce that helps us to succeed (me included)!!
If you aren’t bloated with water weight, this is a good general indicator that you are building muscle. Then I grilled them covered over medium heat, turning occasionally to finish cooking and continued applying the leftover marinade! Add tortellini and boil 5-7 minutes longer (or 2 minutes less than directions listed on package. If a more brothy soup is desired, then boil pasta separately from soup then add at the end). I wanted to help others the way she had helped me and pay it forward but had absolutely NO CLUE!!!

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