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You can't gain enough EXP to level up with main quests, and you need to run some dungeons. At level 11-15 you can finally enter first solo dungeon Hidden Cavern, where you can obtain the best gear for LV 11-15 players. Battleground has lots of EXP but it's more difficult than PvE because you are facing real players who are also trying to kill you for EXP. Top 148 free ipad games 148apps, The top free ipad games categories itunes app store based downloads ipad users united states.. 150 android tablet apps ( spring 2015, Welcome brand spankin’ android tablet apps listing.
First, it is important to note that dragon slayer has 2 types of levels, one being the normal character level and the other being HL level.
Character level offers the obvious benefits such as the level required to enter dungeons (as they each have level requirements), unlocking new class skills, unlocking new quests, job change, and equipping high level gear.
A basic low down on the Dragomon Glyphs is that at level 20, you will unlock the glyphs board and will be able to place Dragomon Glyphs on it, each glyph has a number on it which represents the amount of points it will take up on the glyphs board.
Rare yellow grade gear and weapons also require your HL level to be high, FYI capping HL level is harder than hitting the normal level cap so you still need to put the work in if you want to obtain the BEST weapons in the game (for the level 50 cap the HL level cap, at least in the Thai version was 75 and the HL level you need to be to equip a level 50 yellow weapon is Lv70 HL).
Well the best way to level up fast is through main quests, this game is huge on main quests as they offer a great deal of exp.
Daily Events are one of the best ways to level up your character after you have capped main quests, the picture below shows what Daily Events are and also explains what each task is and how many points you guys can get from doing each task, basically it involves doing different tasks but getting EXP rewards back in return, along with some awesome rewards that can really help your character and boasts some of the BEST Dragocites in the game, this is why even after you cap your level you should really aim to max these mission points every day to get every reward. Another thing you can do under the Hunters’ League Board is bounties Quests, they give a decent amount of EXP not as good as the other methods though and they take way longer to finish too BUT one benefit from the bounties quests is the Silver tickets you get from them. Well as I mentioned earlier, you can get golden tickets from party mode dungeons and silver tickets from bounties quests, and one of the main ways you can make the most of them is with a family or guild, basically if you get yourself a nice party you guys can all share your gold tickets at the end of your runs, all killing the bosses that the tickets summon, which give a great deal of EXP. TIP: If you guys are well funded, you can try to make a private party of well funded players, in which you all join forces in purchasing golden tickets that other players sell in the trading house. Well in addition to leveling you up the bosses drop hoppalong (Pet) books to level your pets (which give you great achievement points), it is also the BEST place to obtain Dragocite Catalyst, which is needed to roll stat onto Dragocite and then to reroll that stat until you get the stat you want. The main use of a family is just to keep a close net relationship with a group of people that you like to dungeon with, be it that you want to create a permanent raid party, leveling party or anything else that needs communication outside of the guild you are in.

As mentioned above, a lot of people use family for parties, they try to get a few members of each class and help each other out when it comes to dungeons, it also expands your ability to do raids or dungeons if there is no one available in the guild at that time. In this instance, applying this ideology, creating a family in CBT should be focused towards leveling and sharing of golden tickets at the start with the people you enjoy doing dungeon with the most. Guilds should plan guild activities at times that are best for them, from personal experience and playing in one of the best guilds in the Thai version, they would do summon guild bosses every other day (the days that don’t have Battlefield), summoning up to around 50-100 bosses a time. Note:The benefits of guilds is huge and I am working on a detailed guide for this that should be up tomorrow for any of you guys who want more information on this. Neverrealm dungeons will unlock through the main quest at Lv18-19 they are one of the very best ways to level up and it is the best way to farm ecological records (which are needed in the Record system which I explained in detail in my Ranch guide). There are 2 types of Neverrealm dungeons, the first involves going into a dungeon, where a lot of monsters will be summoned and each monster gives insane EXP, and if you are lucky a main boss will be summoned which gives even more EXP**.
Note: the second type of Neverrealm(bosses dungeons) is the only type that has quests so be sure to accept them from the board next to the portal before you enter the dungeon. Well that is it for this guide if I remembered any more information I will be editing this post.
When you start leveling this way make sure to stack your EXP there are various types of EXP items, as you can see in this video I have used them all to get MAX EXP to level up faster. Note: Leveling gets harder once you reach level 45 so you might have to use tickets to speed up your leveling. You will need an item this item you can only obtain it from Daily missions after collecting 500 Mission points you receive 5 of those scrolls daily to complete 5 Entrust quests. Most importantly, doing mainstory quests is the most effective way to acquire gear and gold in early game. The trick is if you can maintain a 70% winning rate your EPX gain in PvP will surpass the EPX gain in questing. However, it is also needed for some advanced systems which I should mention to you guys such as the Dragomon Glyphs(which I have gone into a bit of detail in my Ranch guide, and will most likely write up a more detailed one on another time).But for the sake of keeping this guide complete and to give you guys all the info you need in 1 place, I will explain a bit below.
Each level you gain after level 20 gives you 1 more point for the Dragomon Glyphs board, so the higher you level up, the more glyphs you can add.
HL level basically gives you stat points to apply to your character as you level it up (such as HP, Crit, Crit dmg…etc) you can see in the picture below how to distribute your stats, how you do so depends on your class and build that you are aiming for.

However, you guys will find that after a while you will hit a stand still for main quests, e.g. However, note that you can still enter those dungeons even if you capped out your daily limit quests, each dungeon has a limit of 3-4 times.
Using this method I have been in parties that spam over 3000 tickets and can give you a leveling boost that would take days to obtain within just a few hours (if you have a well geared party to kill the bosses at high speed, faster the better). It basically allows you to expand your friendships outside of the guild and create more of a family style group.
These eggs can be obtained from neverrealm dungeons bosses and hunters’ league party dungeons or from the trading house from other players that sell them. Neverrealm can be done in solo or a party but a party can be difficult if you are not geared enough. Basically heroic dungeons drop a token that is used for some of the best gear in the game (purple named PVP based gear), and I highly recommend you guys all to aim for this gear which is what 80% of the Thai players also aim for.
To level up fast in a theme park MMO isn't difficult, as long as you do what is necessary to be done.
Not everyone can get 70% winning rate and Battleground PvP is a double blade if you try to level up fast through PvP.
You can get glyphs from Record (check my Ranch guide for some great tips on awesome glyphs and how to obtain them Pinkiss’s  guide to the ranch ), and through rare boss drops (ranch bosses). Dedicated guild members can send all eggs to the Guild Leader or Vice-Guild Leader of the guild, or can even summon themselves. Basically each egg summons a boss, these bosses are the same bosses that can be found in dungeons and open fields.
The picture below shows the drops of a Heroic dungeon boss (I am doing solo mode here it is not as hard as party mode).

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