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If you’ve attempted to lose weight, people have probably told you that depriving yourself is mandatory. In between meals, make a nice salad with a low calorie dressing such as lemon juice, a spoon of olive oil, salt and some garlic to curb appetites and help you eat less on your next meal.
An unexpected tip is to enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty on a regular, yet responsible basis.
In reality, it’s simply eating less than you need so your body uses your energy (fat) stores. Below, you’ll learn some of the most effective tips to apply for quick weight loss without feeling a hole in your stomach.

A glass or two of water preceding every meal helps avoid any confusions of thirst with hunger. Be it a weekly cheat meal of your favorite food, a weekly restaurant dinner or an entire cheat day as a reward for more intense dieting. A mainly vegetarian diet works great because all the vegetables keep you feel and there’s so much low-calorie variety to choose from, keeping you full and satisfied. Another way to incorporate more vegetables is to eat some right before or mixed in with your main course.
Regardless of your choice, temporary breaks from dieting are essential to renew your motivation and dedication.

There are countless ways to lose weight, the obstacle is finding which comfortably works for YOU, because while someone else might be fine giving up pastas, pizza or any other foods, you might still want to enjoy those while losing weight.
In example, if you eat mashed potatoes with steak for dinner, have a salad, some steamed vegetables, or even blend your own vegetables and simply drink them (blend for a while with plenty of water to keep thin) to fill your stomach, keep you full longer and provide nutrients.

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