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Have you ever finished a workout and realized you were so focused that you didn’t have time to worry about anything else?
We all know that working out is good for us and that the very act of moving and sweating relieves stress. When I’m trying to learn a new series of dance steps, I don’t have time to also worry about that big project that is due tomorrow. This week, I encourage you to give your workouts everything you have so you can get in the zone. Target Your Core from All Angles with Jeffrey Scott: We work the core from all 360 degrees. 10 Exercises for a Strong Core with Amy Dixon: This 30-minute complete core workout utilizes the BOSU for a super effective program. Core Stabilizer with Denise Klatte: Stabilize your core, hips and shoulders while performing exercises on a mat. In this article, wea€™ll show you how to strengthen your core with exercises that target hard-to-reach muscles from a variety of angles. Assume start position by lying on floor and holding head, neck, and top of back off the floor. Keeping both legs straight, lift one up toward the ceiling while keeping one hovered above the floor. Gently pull behind the leg that is pointed up toward the ceiling, then switch back to the other leg. Lay on the ball, making sure that your legs are apart and that your lower back is supported.
Also, Bill always says that you will get twice the workout if you do some cardio (5-15 minutes) before working your muscles. In my experience, lower back exercises are the most neglected and overlooked by bodybuilders. While the lower back muscles constitute a very small area compared to other muscle groups, their importance should not be underestimated. You will rely on the strength of your lower back for other lifts such as squats and calve raises.
The muscles of the lower back are used to uphold the entire torso and have a large affect on your posture.
Now that I have hopefully convinced you of the importance of strengthening your lower back, I will talk about the lower back exercises that work best at building and strengthening the lower back.
As stated above, the lower back is a small muscle group and will not require a multitude of exercises to ensure full development. To perform this lift, you will simply load a barbell with your desired weight, grip the bar where comfortable, and raise the bar from ground level to a standing position using the lower back muscles. Make sure to bend at the waist as you lower the weight, and straighten your upper body as you bring the weight back to an upright position.
Due to the risk of lower back injury, be sure to perform dead lifts carefully and use a slower rep speed than you would use when performing other lifts. If you are performing this lift with an amount of weight that makes it hard to maintain your grip on the barbell, you will want to purchase a pair of wrist wraps with metal hooks to rest the bar on. This exercise will be relatively easy to perform a high number of reps for most individuals.

If you are able to complete more than 15 reps while performing a set of this exercise, I recommend holding a weight plate across your chest that gives enough resistance to keep your number of reps below 15 before reaching muscle failure.
While I have described two lower back exercises above, you will only need to choose one of these lifts to sufficiently build and strengthen the muscles of your lower back.
Of the two lower back exercises described above, I personally use the dead lift exercise because it allows me to use more weight and increases my intensity which leads to faster strength gains. Adding significant amounts of muscle mass will not be possible through weight training alone.
Please note: If you have a promotional code you'll be prompted to enter it prior to confirming your order. If you subscribe to any of our print newsletters and have never activated your online account, please activate your account below for online access. As you've gotten older, have you noticed that you often find yourself marching around the house in a huff, searching for misplaced car keys or eyeglasses, or you just cannot remember the name of that new neighbor you met when walking the dog? The way you live, what you eat and drink, and how you treat your body can affect your memory just as much as your physical health and well-being.
If you're having the occasional twinge of joint pain when you go for a walk or climb stairs, or you're worried about arthritis because a parent had it, one step toward prevention is to check your weight.
The next time you have a check-up, don't be surprised if your doctor hands you a prescription to walk.
If a growth or mole looks like a melanoma, the doctor will take a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. It might seem like retirement is a time to take it easy and devote yourself to gardening, golfing, and napping. What if men approached their health at midlife the same way that financial experts advise them to plan for retirement? Sleep shortfalls can lead to a range of health problems, from being more likely to catch a cold or gain weight to increased risk of developing heart disease or diabetes.
Think of your core muscles as the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body.
No matter where motion starts, it ripples upward and downward to adjoining links of the chain. That throughout your kickboxing or your weight lifting or your dance combo cardio, you didn’t have a moment to worry about work or dinner or that trip you need to pack for or the bills you need to pay before the day is over? Yet, after this past week of workouts and a quick trip to Mammoth for my first time back on the slopes after a tough knee injury last season (more on this and the power of strength training in a future post!), I realized something else about why workouts and physical activity are so helpful in relieving stress: they help us get in the zone…the zone of not thinking about anything else except what we’re doing in the moment. Our core classes will help build the underlying muscles to build a core that is strong, stable and flexible. Curious to know how often you should work your core? Using a ball to increase range of motion and recruit more muscle makes this awesome core workout one that you will remember for a day or two after. Eight amazing FitnessGlo kettlebell workouts that will help strengthen and tone from head to toe. Your bodya€™s core muscles include the abdominal and lower back muscles, which support your spine and allow you to do everyday activities like sitting, walking, and standing.
Always consult a physician or doctor before trying a new workout, especially if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions.
Whether you're hitting a tennis ball or mopping the floor, the necessary motions either originate in your core, or move through it.

Bending to put on shoes or scoop up a package, turning to look behind you, sitting in a chair, or simply standing still — these are just a few of the many mundane actions that rely on your core and that you might not notice until they become difficult or painful. Low back pain — a debilitating, sometimes excruciating problem affecting four out of five Americans at some point in their lives — may be prevented by exercises that promote well-balanced, resilient core muscles. Golfing, tennis or other racquet sports, biking, running, swimming, baseball, volleyball, kayaking, rowing and many other athletic activities are powered by a strong core.
Bending, lifting, twisting, carrying, hammering, reaching overhead — even vacuuming, mopping, and dusting are acts that spring from, or pass through, the core.
Exercise releases many wonderful chemicals into our bodies that naturally make us feel good – so when you need a pick me up, exercise should be part of your go-to plan.
Needless to say, weak core muscles can make these routine activities difficult -- and lead to bad posture, backaches, and even injury. Don't arch your lower back during this move; keep it pressed to the floor to prevent injury. Even basic activities of daily living — bathing or dressing, for example — call on your core. When back pain strikes, a regimen of core exercises is often prescribed to relieve it, coupled with medications, physical therapy, or other treatments if necessary. Less often mentioned are sexual activities, which call for core power and flexibility, too. It was not only a great workout, but it was a relief to just be present instead of worrying. Nevertheless, the stability ball workout with our favorite trainer, Bill Dorton, can literally change your posture, and the way you stand. According to Bill, these crunches are more effective than the normal sit-ups, because the back is supported by the ball. Then use your abs (squeeze) to pull the ball from the ground to a 90 degree angle keeping your legs straight and your knees slightly bent. Phone calls, typing, computer use, and similar work can make back muscles surprisingly stiff and sore, particularly if you're not strong enough to practice good posture and aren't taking sufficient breaks. It’s often only after a great workout or run or ride down a mountain that we realize we were transported from our busy lives – if only for an hour or so – to a place where we could just…be.
Plus, if you are prone to backaches, because your posture is not so great, core exercises are essential.
If your lower back starts to hurt, only bring the ball to gently raise your shoulders off the mat. Core muscles need to be strong, yet flexible, and core fitness should be part of every exercise program.
A time to let the world and all our cares fall away so we can be one with our bodies and appreciate the incredible things they can do.
There is so much you can do to make them harder, like planks and one-legged dips, but let’s keep it simple.

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