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I got an email a few days ago from a person named Mary, claiming that she had tried doing butt exercises, but did not get any results.
She informed that she had gone to various websites and had done most of the recommended exercises for a couple of months and had gotten negligible results.
If you truly want to build a bigger butt, you must follow the tried and true principles of muscle building. One thing I’ve learned is that when people try to get tidbits of information from numerous places and then try to apply that information to their booty building efforts, they more often than not, fail. Basically it is a term commonly used by fashion-conscious young women to describe legs so skinny that the thighs don't touch when your knees are together. It is therefore a standard of beauty to which very few women in North America fulfill - Not even Marilyn Monroe had legs that skinny. It is the kind of legs you would typically see on a teenager or a woman in her 20s who does a lot of jogging, cycling or possibly ballet dancing. Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions?

Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it? If its all muscle than you must be a freaking bodybuilder to have Popeye legs - in which case you won't really be able to do much and in theory would want to avoid exercising your legs if you really want a Thigh Gap. Don’t starve yourself because that will just result in yo-yo dieting - which will lead to loose skin and flabby thighs - Don't over-exercise either.
You can eat a big meal once in awhile because it helps with metabolism plateaus and makes your metabolism speed up! Stop drinking regular sodas, coffee with add ins, or any drink with calories and lots of sugar.
If you lose weight quickly, you can get saggy loose skin on your legs, stomach, under arms and thighs - which will look really awful. Stretching (including yoga and pilates) helps elongates the muscles and gives you taller looking legs. Jogging and running is best, but you can also just walk, cycle, swim or even engage in more fun activities like volleyball, rollerblading or boxing.

Liquid calories are a huge factor in weight gain and if you cut them out, you will see results! To avoid this aim to lose weight slowly - about 2 lbs or less per week, and use a moisturizing lotion (Aveeno works great) and lather it on your problem areas as much as you possibly can to help moisturize and improve the elasticity of your skin so it tightens up faster as you lose weight. Then get yourself a scale and check your weight once per week, on a specific day and time such as Saturday morning after your shower. Toxins from smoking are also bad because fat cells store toxins and your brain won't burn fat cells with a high toxicity, so you need to detoxify your body by drinking lots of water and avoiding toxins. Don't bother checking every day because your weight will fluctuate a lot daily from eating, drinking, urination, etc. She was a 28 year old African American woman, good looking and slim overall, but with somewhat of a pot belly.

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