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This is considered as one of the best exercises for pregnant women as it increases the pregnancy safe exercises and flexibility of several muscles of the body. Yoga is another safe exercise that helps tone your muscles and improves your flexibility.  It also has a lower impact on the joints so it is quite safe for women carrying that extra load… er, baby. There are quite a lot of other safe pregnancy exercises that you can also incorporate into your fitness routine. By definition, diastasis recti, is a  physical condition, that occurs, when the right and the left halves of the abdominals, split apart, for whatever reason. Approximately 1 in 3 pregnant women, will develop, an abdominal separation, which comes to roughly 33%, that is including first time mothers, so it’s a much more common occurrence then most might think. It can be open only above the navel, below, or the whole way down the Linea Alba, so with your fingers be sure and test the entire length from top to bottom, down to your pubic region. Also, without trying other less extreme methods first, like binding, exercises made especially for diastasis recti, and physical therapy if warranted.  Surgery is a last resort option. Women with diastasis can and in fact should do basic abdominal compression exercises to strengthen the deepest abdominal muscle, the Transverse Abdominis, or TvA, as soon as possible after delivery. After the TvA developed adequate strength, then women should start on specialized postpartum abdominal exercises that train the TvA to function as a stabilizer. Well put…Thank you for adding your obvious vast experience, on this topic, and also your help in provide further comfort to those, who feel surgery is the only way! I mean no core work during the first 6 weeks postpartum, and after 12 weeks of pregnancy, in the way of crunches, and hard core strength training, of the abs. I was not large in the belly at all then, so no reason to have developed such a diastasis at that point. I got angry at myself over creating the diastasis, I believe all on my own, that is why I say, better to forgo, so you can avoid the pain and worry I went through, which was terrible. Thank God there are options, aside from that, and I’ll spread the word forever there, and you keep on doing the same my friend! I had never heard of this condition before the midwife saw and told me about it at one of my check-ups ….

Years later after never having touched my nose I went to see two other doctors who didn’t advertise all over and were high in their reputations.
Taking caution with certain activities you once never thought about…getting out of bed, sneezing, coughing, doing Pilates, bending backwards, crunching upwards, all will help you mend and not keep it open nor widen.
If I were 28 and unsure, I’d bind, avoid certain activities that may strain the muscles further, and do some of the exercises. They are performed on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and elbows slightly bent. When you float on the water, your body get a sense of buoyancy and the extra pressure exerted on the body joints, legs and the back are reduced temporarily. It’s important though to first make sure that any exercise you do wish to do should pass your doctor’s approval. I have praised the Squeem belly binder for helping correct it, but I would like to really TALK about the condition itself, of diastasis recti.  What it is, and what it means for you.
Both told me it would be simple and whomever told me I had this horrific and impossibly hard to fix nose was a liar and good thing I didn’t go through with it. It will take some time but with that and binding, you may be able to avoid the surgery altogether. You can have the doctor confirm this, but I do have videos on You Tube that you can see how to check for it so you know, though again it does sound like it, and also I have some exercise videos JUST for DR, which help heal while building up the transverse abdominals which is very important. With that in mind, it is important to maintain strong stomach muscles during pregnancy that can keep the back in better shape.
From this position, you contract your abdominal muscles, tuck your glutes under and round your back as you take a big inhale. Thus you get a lot of relief from the annoying pain in the joints caused due to increase in body weight.
Binding can be useful for relieving discomfort in extreme cases (4 fingers or more) but should be sued for this only & not as a substitute for strengthening your core muscles. A good surgeon who doesn’t need the money or business so much will tell it like it is.

Once you close this gap, which will mean taking it easy with belly binding and targeted abdominal exercises ONLY that are DR friendly, you can go back to your old routine again. I can also see my intestines move on the top of my belly and they also make strange sounds. Abdominal exercises will also help prevent a separation in the muscles called diastasis recti.
While these are quite safe for expectant mothers, doing any of them to the point of exhaustion can put you and your baby at risk.
I once wanted my nose fixed and went to a guy who told me it was the hardest job he’d ever have to perform, and would be very expensive, and did I ever have my nose broken? A little cardio, walking is always good with the spring now here, but I would hold off on the weights, especiqally anything more than 2 or 3 lbs. I am more careful now, even though my DR is closed, because it was nothing I had ever heard of or knew could even happen before.
Remember, the point is to keep fit for your baby and that includes always taking care of yourself even throughout your exercise routine. When that failed I seeked a military physical therapist that gave me ALL the wrong excercises and made a 2cm gap a 7cm.
I am so so depressed over my belly because I never had any fat on my body, I used to have no visible tummy and although ALL the pregnancy weight was gone by week 3, the belly is still the same since week 4.
If you are working it out, lay off, you could do more damage then good with regular crunches.

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