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Our days are full of responsibilities, and it’s hard to cut out a piece of our day to devote to our health. What I have done is compiled fool-proof steps in keeping your workout plan front and center during your day.
Even if you aren’t a morning person, try working out before doing any other leisure activities. If you aren’t the type to go to the gym, walk around the pond or do a workout video by yourself, invite a friend! As a runner, I feel like I am cheating on running if I make time for a different type of workout.
This is my opinion is the most important part of making and maintaing your goals - bring yourself up with positive self-talk and by having a positive mindset everyday.
With the holiday’s approaching these would make a great gift for your fitness friends or family! We need to exercise to help our body function optimally; exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which improves cognitive and motor skills throughout the day. For example: If you like going to Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up, only allow yourself that treat if and only if you’ve already gone to workout for the day.

Not only will it give you time to see someone you otherwise may not be able to see that day, but you are burning calories doing it.
What I have found is when I take a couple days of my week and do CrossFit, Bar Sculpt or yoga, I am more inclined to fully enjoy my running days. It is so important to work out, but it’s tough to start a new workout regimen and stick with it. Post your favorite quotes, success stories of others, healthy recipes, funny gym problems - anything and everything!
Or if you have a guilty pleasure of watching a Netflix series after work, make your workout come before that. Plus, if you and your friend make a plan to meet up 3 times a week, you will already have someone holding you accountable to stick with that plan.
Say to yourself: “I am feeling good today, I am excited to go to the gym, I am going to stay on the row machine for a couple minutes longer than last time.” Change begins in your mind!
You will gain support from your friends and followers and it will be a constant reminder for you about your plan. Running is almost like a crush I haven’t seen in a few days, so when I am able to spend time running it is exciting and I long for it.

Short term goals could be as basic as making it to the gym 3 times a week or drinking 8 glasses of water a day. If friends are pressuring you to do something with them, invite them for your workout before going.
Spicing up your workout life is the same as going shopping for new summer clothes - it gets you excited for the upcoming summer months! You will have more energy to get other things done during the day after working out, which is also a perk! Vacations, weekend trips to visit friends, work events in different cities also provide opportunities for changing up your usual regimen. I used them when I went to Movara Fitness.  They are super easy and sew up in about 15 minutes.
Going for a walk in a new city or dropping into a new gym (usually gyms give free day passes or weekly passes if you’ve never been before).

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