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Believe it or not, there are no magic gadgets that get your abdominal muscles in shape for you.
A good abdominal workout program requires high intensity muscular overload and an increase in intensity progressively. Stomach exercise can help build the entire abdomen region because the upper and lower abdominals are not separated and are connected.
Stomach exercise must be followed religiously and is all about frequency rather than intensity. Pelvic Tilts and simple abs contractions are an ideal way to start on a postnatal lower abdomen exercise program.
Of course, there are some stomach exercises that can help build and strengthen specifically the lower and upper abdominal muscles.

This can reduce the likelihood of back pains and provide protection against injury by efficient response to stress.
The Rectus abdominals is the muscle that stretches down the stomach from your ribs to the hips. Not only that, the layer of body fat that is covering the abs must be burn off and this could be only done with proper eating plan. The double leg raise involves raising both legs from the floor at the same time and this works as an abdominal muscle exercise. But before they can participate in any postnatal weight loss exercise program, they have to consult their doctor first. The external and internal oblique run down the sides of the waist and their job is to rotate the torso and assist the abdominals during curling and twisting movements.

Try to increase your protein intake and limit your carbohydrates, eating a low carbohydrate diet is said to be one way of tackling flabby abs along with a sensible abs exercise routine, strength training and cardio exercise.
Like any other muscles, the abdominal muscles will react to resistance training like bicep curls and crunches. A simple pelvic tilt performed while sitting in a chair can strengthen your abdominal muscles and help support the back.

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