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Have you been looking for a short, simple exercise routine that you can work into your busy schedule? Research shows that exercise can be a powerful and creative tool for changing the way we feel, and that different kinds of exercise can be useful for easing anxiety, lifting depression, and managing stress. For many people, the title of this book sums up how they feel about working out: Exercise Sucks! If you already realize you need to exercise regularly, and you’re looking to find the right workout routine and some strategies to stay disciplined and motivated, then this book is for you! Do you wish you could enjoy the benefits of regular exercise without rearranging your day around a trip to the gym, and without being forced to skip your workouts because you were just too busy to get it done with work, school, family, and who knows what else?

If you feel sluggish, lethargic and unhealthy and you have a sedentary lifestyle, this book is definitely for you. In fact, studies have shown that exercise can sometimes be just as effective for treating depression in the long term as cognitive-behavioural therapy. This text gives readers the tools they need to put together their own therapeutic exercise routine.
Of course you can, and that means you've got all the time you need to incorporate this simple exercise routine into your life. You may not see a dramatic transformation in a month, or even in two or three months, but as time passes and you keep it up you will see a big change.

Easy Exercises will teach you the simple workout program you've been looking for that fits easily into your busy schedule.
Pick up a physical or digital copy, and you could be doing you first workout in a few short days, or even as soon as a few hours from now.

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