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Important Notice: From the 22 April 2013 EzyDVD users will only need their email address and password for login, usernames will no longer be used. The American Musclecar series relives that incredible time when Detroit produced the most outrageous cars ever to hit the street.
Artwork, pricing and product information may be subject to change at any time without prior notice. The first set is the warm-up set in which John describes the correct form to use to get the maximum benefit from the exercise.
From the car that started it all, the 1964 Pontiac GTO, experience the glory days of power and speed through the stories of those who lived and breathed it then. Natural Olympia, presents “REAL MUSCLE”, the Training DVD specifically designed for the Drug-Free Bodybuilder.

Since the proper technique of each exercise is crucial in acquiring the maximum benefit from each movement, this section of the DVD is critical.
The story is the founding of FAME Studios in 1959, the eventual split that resulted in the founding of Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in 1969, and how the two competing studios produced some of the most recognized music in the world. This 2-disc set features twelve half-hour episodes devoted to each extraordinary muscle car from that magical era. You don’t need steroids to develop a massive physique but what you DO need is the knowledge and intensity of a champion. Presented in a unique format, the “REAL MUSCLE” DVD provides both instruction and motivation for the Natural Bodybuilder.
The film highlights the striking nature of the unlikely success of the studios, in that they managed to bring together white and black musicians at the peak of racial hostilities in the region, establishing a unique, creative atmosphere for making music with a global reach.

You will feel the grit and determination as John trains with heavy weights using the basic exercises when you watch the intensity set on the "REAL MUSCLE" DVD. He writes a monthly training and nutrition advice column for IRONMAN Magazine and is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Natural Bodybuilding”.

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