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admin | Exercise For Abdomen | 29.09.2015
I'm beyond thrilled to start logging BSN's EvoTest, and I think it's going to do a lot for me. I'll get pictures up today or tomorrow, and I'll be logging how I'm feeling, any side effects, libido, or whatever else I end up feeling from this thing. I'm expecting the shipment tomorrow (Monday!) or the day after, and I'll get right to logging the moment I have it! It's not the best picture, as I'm a bit carb-depleted and you can't see much of my legs, but I'll guarantee my legs are a relative strength of my physique. My goal is powerbuilding, and every time I focus on strength, eat right, and get some decent volume on the accessory lifts my size goes up, too.

Trying to tuck hard for triceps activation, so I can get a little carryover to bench lockout. The big form issue I see, though, is seeing the hips rise without the bar moving up much (hips are moving up faster than my back is). I hate to sound ridiculous, but I get a piss-poor ROM on these and I don't feel it much in my traps, and I honestly think it's 'cause it's hitting my junk.
Taste: Someone else described it as strong cherry soda, and I have to say that's exactly what it tasted like.
EFFECTS NOTED THUS FAR: I have high libido as is, plus this is day 1, so that's hard to tell haha!

However, I will say one thing, I had GOOD focus in the gym today, and I hadn't had any carbs before training outside the scoops of EvoTest.
The final set felt a bit better, I'm trying to keep my arms from breaking as long as I can.

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