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In your pursuit of becoming an elite athlete there are a few things that you have to keep optimized, and right at the top of that list is your testosterone and free-testosterone levels. Testosterone is one of the two most important hormones involved in helping you achieve your athletic goals, the other being Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.
If you are trying to gain muscle, lose fat and weight, get shredded, or just be an animal in the bedroom, you must increase your testosterone levels. In order to force your body to pump out as much test, and specifically as much free testosterone as possible, the scientists have come up with the optimal stack of natural supplements and ingredients. The key then is to make sure that you are using this stack in the most effective ratio, using the best and highest grade ingredients on the market to ensure that you get the best results.
I’ve done the research and checked out tons of the different stacks on the market, and I can tell you that I have found what I believe is the best one. The test boosting supplement you choose needs to contain the correct and essential key nutrients. Using a low quality formula with too little quantity of ingredients or the wrong ones won’t get the testosterone boost you are looking for.
Prime Male has one of the best boosting formulas that’s been scientifically designed to be effective. This 100% all natural Testosterone Booster and Vitality complex has a serving size is 4 capsules (per day).
Prime Male will help you lower body fat and improve your libido. Other benefits include enhanced focus and motivation. Prime Male is formulated with the correct amounts of natural boosters like D’Aspartic acid, Boron and Vitamin D. Issues like excess body fat, flabby muscles, low libido and sexual performance, high cholesterol, lack of motivation, tiredness, poor stamina, irritability, poor concentration and other nasty symptoms that come with having a low testosterone level. Prime Male addresses the 3 biggest challenges when it comes to increasing a man’s testosterone. This is a natural dietary mineral occurring (in small amounts) from foods produced using plants.
Nettle root is a plant native to Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, has a long history of use as both food and medicine. Vitamin K is a not a well known vitamin but helps maintain plasma and testes levels of testosterone. It’s really easy, just take up to four capsules a day with food and try to space them out during the day. Not many manufacturers will have enough balls to stand behind their product and offer a money back guarantee. I believe trying the product is an easy decision.

You’re getting quantities of ingredients that CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your testosterone level.
I have reviewed a number of boosters but I will attest that this is a very high quality 100% all natural testosterone booster. This is definitely not one of those bargain testosterone boosters that are ineffective and a basically waste of time and money.
Prime Male is top quality and beats the closest competition in all departments, quality, ingredients and guaranteed to give you results.
Instead of looking around for hours for good natural supplement information, just tour around my pages and posts.
My aim is to provide you with honest reviews of products and articles about various natural supplements. After finding out he was the same weight as the lightest girl in his class, this guy managed to put on 42 lbs of muscle in 1.5 years!
In this article, I’m going to discuss the basics of testosterone and how you can naturally boost your test levels and more importantly your free testosterone levels so that you can finally be the beast you always wanted to be, both in the gym, on the field or even just in the bedroom. While testosterone or test is present in both men and women, women only produce a small amount of it, while it is considered the primary hormone that makes, well, a man a man. In the past there have only been a couple of ways to do get these increases, and most were either illegal, dangerous or both.  But gone are the days of having to shoot up your ass with steroids, shutting off your natural testosterone production in favor of synthetic hormones. Through all my research and trials, everything points to RevTest made by RevLabs as having the optimal combination of the right ingredients and the highest quality all natural ingredients combined in the perfect ratio for maximum effectiveness.
Prime Male is designed to stimulate your body’s testosterone production and raise testosterone levels back up.
All designed to work together to make testosterone levels, energy, strength, libido, and vitality soar. It has the additional benefits from extensive lineup of premium support ingredients such as Nettle Root, Ginseng, Magnesium and Zinc. The male subjects took supplements that included 3,120 mg of d-aspartic acid + vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. It is used to help achieve the best absorption of the many natural ingredients in the Prime Male formula. In Prime Male it’s used to help reduce sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), a protein that binds to testosterone in the blood.
Vitamin K2 is the best K vitamin as it is more easily utilized giving you the most immediate benefit. All of the Prime Male ingredients are clinically proven and the best ones for testosterone boosting.

For most of my adult life I have been researching and using natural foods including testosterone supplements. It is why we have significantly larger muscles and more muscle mass on average than women, (and why trannies just never look quite right no matter how hard they try, but I digress). With technological and scientific breakthroughs, scientists have finally figured out how how to naturally make your body into a testosterone producing machine.  The breakthrough came through studying hundreds of substances that had some purported and anecdotal basis for increasing levels and coming up with the perfect blend of ingredients that will explode your gainz, and give you the results you are looking for. The best part, for a limited time, they are running a free-trial so that you can see how their t-booster works on you for nothing.  Click here to GET YOUR FREE TRIAL now.
D-Aspartic acid can also have effects in the hypothalamus brain region and signal the pituitary gland to initiate more natural hormone production. These could be things like heat, cold, exertion, trauma, sleep deprivation, toxic exposure, radiation, infection, or psychological stress.
I find that sometimes you will see manufacturers use small quantities of the ineffective parts of a herbal ingredient but not Prime Male.
Problem is I travel full time,mostly in Asia and I wonder if you would ship it to me their? That hair on your chest, your deep voice, hell, even the fact that we males on average carry less body fat than women you can thank all that to the wonders of testosterone. This attention to detail is one that not every supplement company does unless they genuinely want the best outcome with the product. Boron has been clinically prove to help reduce SHBG and therefore increase free testosterone.
In a recent study conducted in men with lower fertility levels found that supplementation with Asian Ginseng can raise testosterone. The 12 natural ingredients are in the right combination and quantity to work most effectively. Whatever you want to do, build the dream physique, make money or finish your degree start working on it today because who knows how much time we got left on this earth?
These beneficial B complex vitamins are necessary for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and the liver.

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