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Walk down the dietary supplements aisle of your local pharmacy, health food store or retail store and you’re likely to be faced with hundreds of different options.
Some supplements can interact with prescription medication or even have negative effects on recovery from surgery.
Certification by an independent third-party organization, such as NSF International, can help bring you peace of mind about the safety of the supplement.
Though many supplements claim to be “all natural,” the phrase “all natural” is not an official term that is regulated by the federal government, so it doesn’t offer any guarantee as to a product’s safety.
Though the FDA does not require supplements to have expiration dates, manufacturers that can support the date claim with data add it to their products as a customer service. Supplements are not a quick fix for an unhealthy lifestyle or a way to solve medical problems. Dietary supplements have become very popular in recent years as consumers have become more interested in leading healthier lives. The 5 Ultimate Tips on How to get Rid of BlackheadsBlackheads are an exceptionally regular skin issue.

PREVIOUS:INFOGRAPHIC: Why Is Facebook’s Social Share Percentage Dropping While Pinterest, Twitter Rise? Increasing your Twitter follower count is not a science, nor does it need to be your top focus for your activity on the network. However, what you may not know is that some of these supplements may not be all that they claim.
So, before you head over to the supplement aisle, make sure to consult with your physician so you can understand which supplements are best suited for you and your health. Also, beware of phrases such as “pharmaceutical strength” because there is no such thing as pharmaceutical strength for over-the-counter supplements.
Remember their value is right there in the name—they supplement your overall health instead of replacing old-fashioned methods of staying healthy. Looking for certified supplements takes the guesswork out of choosing a safe product that contains only what’s on the label. If you clicked on a link on another Web site or in an email message, it's likely that the link was incorrectly created.

Here are some things to consider to make a more educated decision when purchasing a supplement. This helps protect consumers by verifying what is on the supplement label is in the package and that the product does not contain other undeclared ingredients or unsafe levels of contaminants.
If you take multiple supplements, check to see if you are getting the same ingredient from multiple sources to make sure you don't exceed the recommended daily allowance for any individual ingredient. These tips can help you make a more educated choice and find the supplement that’s right for you.

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