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MEMORIES OF GARY HARDY: "As a boy growing up with the ABA Pacers, I had the pleasure of regularly watching Roger Brown in action. MEMORIES OF MIKE CALDWELL: "The best game I've ever seen -- without a doubt -- was between the Pacers and the Rick Barry-led Nets.
When he passed away recently, I was reminded of his greatness, especially in one-on-one situations with the game on the line. In regulation, the Pacers were down by 3 with 2 seconds left when Freddie Lewis banked a 3 to send the game into overtime. Before the Pacers figured out how to incorporate the three-point basket into their regular offense, he was their three-point play: Just clear the lane for the "Rajah" to go one-on-one, make the lay-up, and draw the foul.

In the overtime, the Pacers were down 1 with 10 seconds to go, and New York had the ball out of bounds.
Very intelligent player with great offensive moves, an excellent shooter and three-point threat . The ABA Pacers showed themselves to be a real fraternity in the weeks leading up to Brown's recent death. Averaged 28.5 ppg in that series in which Pacers won first ABA title (with 53, 39 and 45 in last three games of series) .
Holds ABA record of hitting 14 straight field goals in one game and 21 in row over three games .

He's a deputy coroner, part owner of a grocery store, stock owner in Pacers, and owner of six race horses with Mel Daniels .

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