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On April 27, 1945, Adolf Hitler spoke briefly with one of the SS soldiers standing guard outside the FA?hrerbunker, the last refuge of the inner circle of the National Socialist German Workersa€™ Party.
It seems impossible to believe that Adolf Hitler could not only have escaped Germany but, in fact, survived in relative comfort in Argentina until his death of natural causes in 1962. Or consider the series of declassified FBI telegrams from August 1945 reporting of local police activity investigating the presence of Hitler in Villa Gessel, Argentina a€“ a German colony in a country A whose political power class had become agents of influence of Berlin.
Or, perhaps, claims of former sailors of the Admiral Graf Spee a€“ a German cruiser scuttled off the Argentine coast whose crew had been stranded in that nation a€“ that they had assisted in securing the scene of Hitlera€™s coastal landing from a Kriegsmarine U-Boat and had personally interacted with the FA?hrer.

While some gaps of time and evidence are accounted for by deductive assumption, these are mostly excusable given the uniqueness of the subject matter and the obvious dearth of primary sources from which the authors had to draw.
This entry was postedon Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 at 07:05and is filed under security breach. The edited by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan in hipothesis basic (no relation to the daughters of hitler, a fantasy of the 40’s without foundation) is a very bad copy of Hitler’s escape (see website with copyrigth 1999 !!
Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williamsa€™ new book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, which was released in October, presents a remarkable, linear account of a sequence of shadowy events occurring in the final days of World War II that is neatly timelined and meticulously sourced.

There is the case of Luftwaffe pilot Peter Baumgart who declared, in court testimony, he had personally flown Hitler and his entourage to an intermediate destination in Denmark. Alternatively, they could refuse such an offer, in which event said treasures would be destroyed and the great, unscathed cities of the U.S.

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