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When I first started my fitness journey (back in the days when there was no easy access to the internet), I had no idea what I was doing. Through a lot more reading, research, and a bunch of trial and error, I ended up learning about and debunking a bunch of fitness myths, so I thought that I’d compile some big ones in this post. This one is the most convenient myth that has been busted (at least for me), so I want to spend a little more time explaining this one. Once you consume alcohol (ethanol), it will get immediate priority over all other substrates. Although replacing sugary beverages with water is a smart thing and will help with reducing your caloric intake, recent studies are starting to show that drinking water actually does not help you burn calories or suppress your appetite. Myth 9: After your workout, you have only one hour to replenish your body with fast nutrients. According to this study, you can intake up to 1.27g of protein per pound of body weight per day without any adverse effect on renel functions. Carbs have been getting a bad rap lately, but carbs do have a place in helping you get in shape. If your goal is to cut fat, you should be eating as much carbs as you can while not gaining fat. Personally, I have a hard time cutting fat (my metabolism sucks), so I cut out the carbs completely during my non-workout days. Ephedrine stacked with caffeine is no more dangerous than any other fat burning supplement when used as directed. I have actually gained some more muscles after the after picture, so I will snap one and re-update the about page probably tomorrow (as it is almost 3am now).
I highly recommend Intermittent Fasting if your goal is body recomposition (less fat, more muscles).

It had absolutely nothing to do with any mythical negative health affects when used as a supplement. To gather tips, I asked people who seemed, watched infomercials, and watched what other people did in the gym. Once you run out, your body will start oxidizing the fat cells for energy (ketogenic process – good!). According to this study by Tipton and colleagues, our body still responds to good nutrition even at 24 hours after your workout.
Most athletes on a high protein diet usually consume about 1g of protein per pound of their body weight each day.
There is even a study unlinking the consumption of a usual amount of heterocyclic amines with cancer.
Everybody is different though so experiment, monitor your carbs, and find what works for you.
That said, if you are not reasonably healthy, you shouldn’t be taking any fat burners anyway since they can seriously harm you even at recommended dosages. Please feel free to share in the comments section if you know of any other nutrition myths that you used to believe were true. You are right that for that case, I extrapolated my personal experiences and tried to apply it to others. I just went and found a pair of before & after pictures that showed my weight loss better than the previous pictures and added it to the about page.
If you’re going to take away from something, at least provide something so we can all grow from it. Then armed with my arsenal of broscience, I headed off to make a change to my fitness level.

At which point, if you were to consume carbs or protein, you will pause fat cells oxidization. I didn’t lose any extra weight by splitting up my 3 big meals into 6 small ones throughout the day. Supplementation with creatine (in the form of monohydrate) has not been shown to infer any harm to any healthy population.
I will write spin-off articles addressing as many nutrition myths up there that I can formulate into some useful concrete tips (backed by science). The carbs you consume will go towards a glycogen store and once that store is full, any extra carbs will be turned into fat.
At this state, any dietary fats that get consumed will easily get converted to fat cells and any carbs you consume over your glycogen store will get converted to fat.
Awesome blog, I enjoy and use a lot of the advice from this website for my own adventure to weight loss, 5’7″ was 255 now stuck at 205 and looking for a way to keep losing! Keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to this site, as I will very soon (in a matter of days) be releasing my own eBook on this blog for free consolidating all of Martin’s LeanGain philosophy in an easy to read manner. What this also means is that if your macronutrient for your drinking day is almost purely protein and you keep pounding shots of tequila (not chugging beer or cocktails), then you will not gain that much fat at all.
This study found that the negative effects of fasting starts kicking in at about 60 hours (so you got plenty of buffer room).

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