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When you think of creatine, you may think of the big burly rugby playing type at the gym with veins popping out here, there and everywhere.
Creatine’s role in energy production is to increase the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The thought is that creatine will help provide your muscles with more energy in anaerobic activity allowing you to work harder. Creatine supplements provide the body with two to three times the amount of creatine than can be obtained from a high protein diet and is used by those wishing to gain muscle mass.
There have been some speculations surrounding the safety of creatine supplements and some research has suggested liver and kidney damage.
It is important to note that not everyone's body will react the same to creatine supplements and some may find they don't see much improvement. When talking about results, creatine is one of the most basic and best supplements anyone can take. But as with all things, although the results speak for themselves we need to make sure that supplementing with creatine is healthy as well. The researchers looked specifically at the impact of long-term creatine use on kidney function. The researchers pointed out that most previous studies on kidney function with creatine usage were flawed.

For this study, however, the researchers knew that measuring creatinine levels would not be sufficient. Although in this particular study, creatinine levels were not ultimately elevated the researchers took no chances. Having grown up at the foot of a forest covered mountain in rural Vermont, Doug was active from a very young age. If you had to pick between something like a protein supplement and creatine, for most people I’d say go with the creatine. In general, I think supplementing with the basic nutrients like creatine is not going to be harmful, but it never hurts to research these topics at length.
Creatinine is a metabolite of creatine, and so blood levels of the former would be expected to rise with creatine supplemention. They found an alternative method that did not depend on measuring creatinine to determine if creatine supplementation would be harmful to the kidneys. Creatine use is not just effective, it’s also safe - at least insofar as your kidneys are concerned.
It might sound like they were trying to push the limits, but in reality this is what athletes do. This isn’t because of kidney trouble, just the result of creatine supplementation that could cause a flaw in the study design.

What they found in this study - and also noted that they had found in other studies - was no deleterious effects on the kidneys by creatine.
This culture of exercise led to dabbling in martial arts as a teen, and also getting work in a local powerlifting focused gym. In a study done by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, that’s exactly what researchers did. I suspect if we looked further into the other organs of the body and other potential health effects that we would find this same diet and supplementation would be just fine for your health on all fronts.
Doug continued to pursue knowledge and training in exercise, becoming a certified personal trainer while still a teenager. The study lasted for twelve weeks of creatine supplementation, but I think that was a good enough amount of time to see the necessary results. Creatinine, the byproduct, is filtered out of the blood by the kidneys and is very easily measured.
When we have kidney problems and they aren’t filtering the blood like they should, creatinine is a convenient way to put a number to the problem.

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