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Zero Mite is the only gamefowl shampoo in the market that has multiple uses, Aside from being anti-parasitic, it’s also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial function. The powerful combination of the components of VOLTPLEX KQ provides non-stop power and energy during fights. Respigen 15 contains Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid), Vitamin E and Selenium that helps gamefowl last longer during drag fight (basaan) by increasing oxygen flow in the different vital orgams. PROMOTOR 43 is formulated to provide gamefowls with excellence physical condition for breeding, molting, conditioning and maintenance. True Grit contains soluble and insoluble grits imported from Australia to facilitate grinding of intact seeds for better digestion and enough supply of Calcium.

Bitamax is a combination of B-complex Vitamins, Amino Acids and Liver extract which provide excellent muscle development to produce maximum strength and endurance during trainings and actual fight. Mega Legend is a feed additive fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that could be incorporated to the daily ration of gamefowl chicks to have excellent health foundation and attain desirable spread of breast muscles among stags and conditioning cocks. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialist. It is fortified with Bromhexine, a mucolytic agent that melts sticky mucus and phlegm adhering on the respiratory passages. It is fortified with hematinic factors like iron, cobalt, copper and folic acid that helps regenerate red blood cell.

It contains Vitamins and Amino Acids to support gamefowl during conditioning, breeding molting and maintenance.
The grits are impregnated with vitamins, minerals and toxin binders thus preventing molds which might affect the immune system of the bird. Its components are effective against respiratory, uro-genital and integumentary system of gamefowls.

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