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A weak study and some misguided reports have tried to paint a pretty scary picture of supplements. In case you missed it, a few mainstream publications covered a recent study that supposedly linked supplement use in men to a higher risk of developing testicular cancer. Getting to the truth often requires a close examination of a study itself, rather than the conclusions the press draws from it, so let's take a sharp look at the research and facts you should know.
The study in question was performed by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut.
The researchers interviewed over 350 men aged 18-55 diagnosed with testicular cancer between 2006 and 2010, along with over 500 control subjects (men without testicular cancer).
They found a higher risk of testicular cancer in men who reported using more than one kind of supplement, in those who started using supplements before the age of 25, and in those who used supplements for three years or more. The subjects were asked how many of the 30 different "muscle-building supplements" they used, how old the subjects were when they started using them, and how long they'd used them for. The researchers reported in a 2015 issue of the British Journal of Cancer that there was in fact an association between using "muscle-building supplements" and the development of testicular cancer. Many media outlets rushed to conclude this study was definitive and that "muscle-building supplements" caused cancer.
Even though the statistics used suggested that "muscle-building supplements" were associated with a higher risk of testicular cancer, there simply is no cause and effect that can be made here. Another potential problem with this study is the fact that they used a questionnaire that relied on subjects' memories of their previous supplement use. One of the biggest shortcomings of the study, though, is that no one really knows what kind of supplements the subjects were using!
Comparing androstenedione with protein powders and creatine, and then lumping them all together, is ridiculous. Jim Stoppani holds a doctorate in exercise physiology from the University of Connecticut and has been the personal nutrition and health consultant to numerous celebrity clients, including LL Cool J and Dr.

Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled and some parts of this website will not work without it. If incorrect, please enter your country into the box below, to view site information related to your location. RelevanceCreatine is an endogenous amino acid that occurs in vertebrate tissues and in urine. That would indeed be really big news except for the fact that, well, the study results and methodology really weren't so cut and dry! The truth isn't as sensational as certain fear-mongering reports have suggested, but I think you're entitled to an analysis that doesn't necessarily require a villaina€”in this case, dietary supplements. Participants were surveyed about their dietary supplement usea€”or as the study stated, "muscle-building supplements," including protein powders, creatine, and androstenedione. More precisely, they found a higher risk of testicular cancer in men who reported using more than one kind of supplement, in those who started using supplements before the age of 25, and in those who used supplements for three years or more. Imagine doing the same study and replacing supplements with the ingestion of any common food or food products. It's well established that most people can't accurately recall what they consumed a week ago, let alone several years ago. Androstendione was included in the list of 30 different kinds of "muscle-building supplements" alongside creatine and protein powders. Plus, there's no telling whether or not the supplements the subjects used were spiked with anabolic steroids or other questionable ingredients not listed on product labels. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group.
Creatine supplementation has been used in the treatment of muscular, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as a sport performance enhancer.
I saw the information that says total creatine can be detected using Creatinine Amidohydrolase enzyme.

In the assay, creatine is enzymatically converted to sarcosine which is catalyzed by creatinase.
The inclusion of androstenedionea€”an illegal anabolic prohormone, or precursor to testosteronea€”should immediately raise some red flags regarding this study.
This type of epidemiological study doesn't allow for anything more than an association to be drawn. Statistically speaking, you can find an association between almost any factor and any disease, especially if you throw statistics at it until you find such an association.
The prohormone androstenedione is not a dietary supplementa€”it's essentially an anabolic drug. We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Creatine functions as part of the cell's energy shuttle: the high energy phosphate group of ATP is transferred to creatinine to form phosphocreatinine in the following reaction: Cr + ATP ?
To determine the limit and range of detection concentration, the log of concentration was plotted (see standard curves above). Muscle-building supplement use and increased risk of testicular germ cell cancer in men from Connecticut and Massachusetts. In the human body, creatine is synthesized mainly in the liver from arginine, glycine and methionine.

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