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The My Computer window will open and you will see all the local hard drives and any network drives listed.
Using the mouse right click the folder or file you wish to create the shortcut for and a menu will appear. The menu will disappear and the shortcut will be created on the desktop as pictured in our example.
When you want to access the folder or file in the future you don;t have to click my computer, drive, and through endless folders. A desktop shortcut, usually represented by an icon, is a small file that points to a program, folder, document, or Internet location. Click the link in your browser window (usually underlined text) and drag it to the desktop.
Select the wallpaper you want from the ones that appear or click the down-arrow in the picture location field to select another wallpaper category.
Specify the drive and folder where the font you want to install is currently located.
Select Copy Fonts To Fonts Folder (this puts a copy of the font you are installing in the Fonts folder).
Another feature worth mentioning regarding Desktop shortcuts is Desktop Icon Settings, which is an old Windows feature.

And for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember, Microsoft used to allow a massive number of right-click functions.
The trick is to LEFT click on the app and drag it to the desk top unlike previous Windows where you right clicked to drag.
You might want to create a shortcut on your desktop so you don't have to go though the start menu all the time.
Clicking on a shortcut icon takes you directly to the object to which the shortcut points.
For example, if you create a shortcut to the program Microsoft Word, the name Microsoft Word displays below the icon.
If you do not see the Change Icon button or if the change icon button is dimmed, the icon cannot be changed. If the icon you delete does not have an arrow in the lower-left corner, it is not a shortcut and deleting the icon deletes the object.
Note: If you would like to display an image you created, you can click Browse to find the image. Right-click on Internet Explorer icon, select the option Send to and click Desktop (create shorcut). Now you just need to open the Start Menu (click on the Start button in the lower left corner), find the item you want to create a shortcut to and simply drag it and drop on the Desktop.

His specialty are Windows-based mobile PCs, from tablets and ultraportables to full blown gaming laptops.
The number of points assigned to a font is based on the distance from the top to the bottom of its longest character. It works for almost all items displayed on the Start Menu, including programs and features you can find on the main list (left part of the Start Menu) and tiles (right part of the Menu). Click it, and you’ll be presented with a Themes window with a link to Desktop icon settings. Shortcuts are merely pointers; deleting a shortcut does not delete the item to which the shortcut points.
From there you can put and remove This PC, User’s Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel icons. Beats sitting around trying to come up with a method of killing the guy that invented Windows 10.

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