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One helpful woman even offered to send me the drugs via FedEx with a label that read "watermelon extract."This is how things work in the underground. As USA Today's Alison Young reported, Cahill spent the past dozen years getting rich with little apparent regard for his customers' health.
One of his biggest hits was a powerful steroid called Superdrol, which he admitted paying a Chinese lab $20,000 to produce.Superdrol took off in 2004, at about the same time Cahill was going to jail for selling a weight-loss supplement that contained a molecular cousin of TNT.
Anti-Doping Agency found traces of an amphetamine in a batch it tested.See a larger version of the Craze test.
Tiger Fitness, a large online supplement retailer, pulled Craze from its shelves after an analog called "eth-amphetamine" turned up in a batch it tested with an expiration date of November 2015. Honestly I was moving at such a fast pace I almost found it hard to talk because my words were smashing together, I literally had to force my self to talk slowly."That jibes with the findings of Mahmoud ElSohly, a research professor at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy who performed the tests at the lab hired by Tiger Fitness.

At larger levels, you could be talking about serious side effects, maybe heart attacks."As insane as that sounds, at least one other company appears to be following Cahill's lead.
Tiger Fitness provided a report showing it also found high levels of "eth" in a product called Detonate by Gaspari Nutrition.
Craze and Detonate threaten to awaken the sleeping giant by causing Congress to take another look at its industry-friendly stance.Cahill insists this is all a big mistake.
And then, watch out."When I called the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigation, the initial response I got wasn't encouraging. A spokesman said she didn't know anything about the USA Today article, even though Daniel Fabricant, head of the FDA's dietary supplement division, was quoted in the paper saying, "We are concerned about the rise of products that [are] a€¦ similar to amphetamine on the market."I worry that while we're tying ourselves up in knots about A-Rod and the relatively small Florida anti-aging clinic where he got his steroids, a far bigger public health problem is brewing.Remember the ephedra scandals of a decade ago? In one of the most publicized cases, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Belcher collapsed during spring training in 2003 with a body temperature of 108, and subsequently died of heatstroke.Like Craze, ephedra was billed as a way to get instant energy and lose weight.

It was also linked to more than a hundred deaths, among them high school and college athletes who collapsed on the field, before it was banned in 2004.So far we've been lucky. But with football training camps just getting into gear, the summer is a long way from over.The word has to get out.

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