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No single profession has all the answers required to treat the ill or injured sportsperson and to provide exercise advice as needed.
This totally revamped edition of Clinical Sports Medicine will reinforce and refine existing knowledge and techniques, and introduce useful new approaches. Thanks to all of you who have had many great things to say about the 4th edition and the work of the 115 awesome contributors. The good news is that 150+ contributors have been working on the 5th edition which is part finished. With this background, our research group (Football Research Group, Linkoping Sweden) and The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Group (Oslo, Norway) initiated a research project.
During two full football seasons (2010 and 2011), we recorded injuries that led to absence from football as well as player’s individual exposure to football on grass and AT. We compared the acute injury rates on AT and NG at the individual player level (to see if this study would replicate the findings from previous studies). Interestingly, the result we found was that professional football clubs with AT installed at their home venue had a higher acute training injury rate and overuse injury rate compared to clubs with NG. Also, AT clubs had a higher match injury rate during the competitive season, while no differences between AT clubs and NG clubs were found during pre-season. Consequently, our study replicated the findings from previous research that there is no difference in the acute injury rate at the two surfaces, yet clubs playing home matches on AT have a higher injury rate. Our hypothesis is that the AT clubs? higher injury rates could be due to a rapid switching between playing surfaces and inadequate adaptation to a new surface. It is possible that such frequent shifts between surfaces could lead to a greater load on musculoskeletal tissues and an increased overuse injury rate.
Dr Karolina Kristenson is a PhD graduate in Football Research Group (FRG), Linkoping University, Sweden. The recent viral videos and ‘outtakes’ of the responses to this pertinent (and yes, hilariously funny) rhetorical question got me thinking… what a great question to trend in the fight against the type 2 diabetes epidemic.
Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable and treatable with the right medicines, a healthy, balanced diet and regular daily exercise.
The Umpierre, 2011 study clearly shows that a structured exercise plan including strength training, is associated with greater health outcomes including a significant HbA(1c) reduction in patients with type 2 diabetes than with exercise plans without strength training.
The second study of interest showed that men who do strength (resistance) training regularly—for example, for 30 minutes per day, five days per week—may be able to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 34 percent. 59 percent reduction of risk of type 2 diabetes is surely something that all health commissioners, doctors, sports and exercise specialists, allied health professionals and patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes should be aiming for with structured exercise plans and lifestyle advice. In fact, wouldn’t it be fantastic if patients actually knew this benefit of a regular exercise plan including strength exercises as part of routine exercise plans in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes?
So actually, as dangerous as asking the question is, ‘Do you even lift, Bro?’ (you have to watch the videos to really appreciate the risks of this scenario….!).

And the outtakes may well result in better national, local and individual health in the management of type 2 diabetes! Disclosures: Many thanks to my ‘physiotherapy student’ son for enlightening his mum on what’s funny and cool in the world! Artificial turf in elite soccer, new finding give rise to new questions ~ Karolina Kristenson, MD PhD Does artificial turf (AT) affect injury rates in football (soccer)? CreaPower: Our proprietary power matrix of creatine monohydrate and D-Aspartic Acid creating a multi-path mode of action to increase lean muscle, endurance and power. Agmatine Sulfate: A powerful vasodiolator and critical in activating key neurotransmitter receptors.
KinesioA® Taping is a therapeutic and rehabilitative taping technique that enhances the bodya€™s natural healing processes whilst providing stability and support to the affected joint or joints, easing pain and relieving chronic swelling and inflammation with its lymphatic drainage capabilities.
Clinical Sports Nutrition is a comprehensive reference that provides state-of-the art sports nutrition information, coupled with advice on how to apply sports nutrition guidelines in a clinical and practical framework. A lo largo de este seminario virtual se expondran los avances mas recientes en el campo de la suplementacion deportiva, enfocandonos principalmente en la L-Glutamina, los acidos Omega 3 y la Creatina.
No esta permitida la reproduccion total ni parcial de este sitio web, su tratamiento informatico, la transmision de ninguna forma o por cualquier medio, ya sea electronico, mecanico, u otros metodos, sin el permiso previo y escrito de los titulares de los derechos de autor. This new edition has over 200 new images and now includes video teaching (see Masterclasses tab). This new edition has over 200 new images and now includes CSM Masterclasses video teaching.
This is the major sports medicine text to provide customized video Masterclasses to supplement the authoritative text, photos and Vicky Earle’s artwork. We thought that a study setting in the Swedish and Norwegian first male leagues was appropriate since a) artificial turf is common in the Nordic countries, and b) the leagues are similar in climate and standards. Also, in this study setting we were able to compare acute and overuse injury rates between clubs that have artificial turf at their home venue (AT clubs) and clubs that have natural grass (NG clubs).
Still, at the individual level, no differences in acute injury rates were found when playing on AT compared to NG in the total cohort analysis. Since there were fewer AT clubs than NG clubs in this cohort, players from AT clubs had to alternate between surfaces more often when playing away matches. This could explain why a higher match injury rate for AT clubs was only evident during the competitive season when switching between surfaces at away matches occurred frequently, while match injury rates were similar during the pre-season, when most friendly matches were played on AT.
Sweden and Norway are located in the northern part of Europe and cross several climate zones. FRG has conducted injury studies since 2001 in cooperation with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Recent studies show that adding in resistance or ‘strength’ training confers significant results in the overall management and health outcomes of Type 2 diabetes.

Structured exercise training such as aerobic exercise, resistance training, or both combined of more than 150 minutes per week is associated with greater HbA(1c) declines and is also  a cost effective management approach in type 2 diabetes.However, the physical activity advice is associated with lower HbA(1c) only when combined with dietary advice. In this new 2012 study, by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and University of Southern Denmark researchers also combined strength training and aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking or running, and showed that men may be able to reduce their type 2 diabetes risk even further—up to 59 percent! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to use social media in this way, to get the message over to health professionals and their patients that yes … medically and scientifically……..strength training works!
Powered by the ATP Amplifier and Focus Intensifier Matrix you will have focus, energy, quicker recovery times and an attitude that will have you powering through the toughest of workouts, most grinding of cardio sessions and blowing away any previous PR’s. Se dispondra de informacion validada cientificamente que permitira disenar protocolos de suplementacion, evaluar interacciones no deseadas y prevenir cualquier tipo de efecto adverso con el proposito de potenciar atletas de diferentes disciplinas deportivas.
Robust data states that artificial turf does not affect the general injury rate for acute injuries. In this way, we could collect a larger data set, which is a prerequisite to be able to analyze injury pattern, such as the injury rate for different specific muscle groups.
This resulted in 1063 match injuries and 1178 training injuries registered during 48,922 match and 318,568 training hours. It is possible that clubs with AT installed at their home venue could have chosen this surface because of the rough climate conditions, i.e. The Nordic Football Injury Audit: higher injury rates for professional football clubs with third-generation artificial turf at their home venue.
These cohorts include clubs playing in the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League and the Nordic top leagues.
Some of these can be purchased on the open market and self applied, however, many hours of certified training is undertaken to ensure correct application and effective as incorrectly used and applied kinesio tape can have adverse effects. Este Webinar brindara una valiosa oportunidad de aprender los mas recientes avances en Bioquimica y Fisiologia del Ejercicio en lo que respecta a estos tres poderosos metabolitos.
Few studies, however, have included overuse injuries when comparing injury rates with AT and natural grass (NT).  Also, the aspect of rapid change between surfaces is often discussed among football players, trainers and clinicians, but no previous studies have evaluated whether this actually affect injury rates. Bro?’ The study clearly demonstrates that a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training improves the overall management and cost effectiveness of type 2 diabetes care.
It is also possible that clubs chose AT turf at their home venue because of the saving in costs. Therefore, the role of climate and clubs economy as a potential risk factor needs to be addressed in future studies.

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