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Get ready for game day with this roundup of healthy appetizers perfect for Superbowl Sunday! Since the food is a huge part of any football gathering, I figured it would be the perfect time for another recipe roundup. Brie is the blogger behind Lean, Clean, & Brie, a healthy living blog that focuses on breaking a sweat daily, fueling your body with real food, and enjoying life's little moments. Thanks so much for including mine ?? I’m a HUGE football fan so I watch for the game. Ahhh I missed reading your blog so much these last few weeks but I am back from me “leave of absence” and I was happy to see this post! From the results of my survey, I know that many of my readers dona€™t have the time to cook, or even hate doing it altogether. Those quick and easy recipe inspirations are part of my new 52 Chef Habits Program – a 52-week clean eating habit challenge.
Expect the simplest preparation of affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes with common ingredients. Dona€™t hide behind excuses (examples: a€?I cana€™t cook,a€? or a€?I dona€™t have timea€?).
Stocking your kitchen with healthy, clean eating foods is the best way to guard against regrettable food compromises. But clean eating is not about achieving perfection; ita€™s not about maintaining a 100% healthful, chemical and pesticide free diet.
If you follow the clean eating guidelines 80% of the time, you can deviate from the approach and still achieve your goals. You will consume healthy fats, and, whenever you can, you will try to mix complex carbohydrates with lean proteins. Of course you will omit ingredients like excessive sugar, unhealthy fats and overly processed foods.

Chopped Frozen Veggies or Fruits: Usually clean, check the labels for no extra preservatives or extra ingredients, etc. Canned Tuna and Salmon : Although these are not BPA-free, they are a tasty and quick way to get your omega-3s . When these convenience foods are used in moderation, they add taste appeal and offer cooking shortcuts. We know that the key to a healthy, delicious and quickly prepared meal in your own kitchen is a properly stocked pantry. To get the most out of your clean eating I highly recommend to learn how to make clean eating habits stick. Whether you are cheering on a team or just watching the commercials, dive into these appetizers!
I’ll be straight up and say that I watch the Superbowl for the commercials, and for Queen B to perform too. I went to a summer institute where we had to critically watch movies and now I am the same way when I watch movies now! I am totally with you – I have no idea who is playing and I never have got the hype around football but I am a lover of the football parties. In this section, I will present to you yummy, clean eating recipes that will make your life easier and simplify your cooking. One-pot meals in a skillet, pasta pot, wok, steamer, casserole or baking pan will play an important role. This will help you avoid impulse shopping trips, which usually end with you purchasing unnecessary items. In other words: the majority of your meals will have lots of natural, whole foods, like fresh produce, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans or Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)) Read the labels and avoid any of these items if they contain added sugar.

Trader Joe’s and Pomi) Tetra Pak does not include BPA, but it is still not totally safe… could leach estrogenic hormones! But there is more: useful storage containers are another success factor in a healthy cuisine. With all of the variety in size mason jars offer a way to store whole grains, noodles, nuts, spices, tea, and other dried goods in an orderly fashion to get the pantry organized, just like youa€™ve always dreamed of. You would think that after going to a Big 10 University for 4 years I would understand football, but I still don’t understand it. I rounded up 20 recipes from across the web of healthy appetizers that I think you all will be a fan of, I certainly drooled while putting this together. I hope you will enjoy these clean eating recipes, and that you cook them over and over again on your path to a healthier lifestyle. Although from time to time I will make an exception – check out my clean eating raspberry muffins.
Even kids can cook a€“ it is not rocket science and, as mentioned before, it does not have to be complicated. If you think meal planning is too complex for you, then I strongly recommend my LeanJumpStart approach of meal planning.
There is a whole ton of different dietary needs met with these recipes so if you are dairy free, gluten free, paleo, etc., there is a recipe out there for you in this healthy Superbowl appetizers roundup. And if you want to even go one step further I highly recommend to check my new clean eating program.

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