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For any competitive athlete, busting your ass in the gym, nailing your diet, and being consistent are the key components to achieving success on stage. While new evidence has debunked the post workout anabolic window, consuming regular amounts of protein is important for protein synthesis and making optimal progress. My protein supplements contain a whey protein powder for post workout, or upon waking if im doing cardio in the morning. I find that this blend supplies me with a more tapered release of protein, thanks to the slow digesting nature of casein protein. When training twice a day, i always ensure that i take some kind of fast digesting carb such as maltodextrin, dextrose, or a blend post workout. This allows my recovery to kick start, and my glycogen stores to replenish faster, ready for by second weight session later in the day. It its a low carb day, i’ll limit my reliance on carb supplements, in favour of eating foods, as it makes me feel fuller. Consuming 400-500, or sometimes even more, grams of carbohydrates from whole foods isn’t easy.
In order to gain muscle mass however, a caloric surplus is crucial, and carbohydrates should make up the majority of your calorie intake. As much as I enjoy a big bowl of porridge for breakfast, and eating often through out the day, hitting a big carb requirement from rice, potatoes etc isn’t easy. One of the most simple ways to increase carb intake is through the use of a carbohydrate supplement. During a workout, they’ll keep glycogen stores topped up, meaning that the muscle has gas in the tank to keep exercising.
Dextrose and maltrodextrin are the supplements i personally use, however there are a ton of different carb powders you can try for yourself. To non gym goers, this will be the most uncommon supplement on this list. Even those who have never stepped foot in a gym will have heard of protein shakes and carb powders, or meal replacement shakes.

To summarise, creatine will enhance endurance during exercise, allowing to train longer, and perform more reps. An old school of thought was that it was essential to supplement it pre and post workout, however, with more researching being carried out looking into the effects of creatine, I have came to the conclusion that timing isn’t hugely important. I hope this post has given you a little bit of insight, and will help you hit your fitness goals. There are dozens upon dozens of stores stocked full of supplements for people to take that claim to help improve their performance when working out or competing in a sport. If you continuously take creatine over an extended period of time, it will assist your body in producing more lean muscle mass. Like I said before, it is very important for you to look into the products that you want to take and inform yourself of the risk and time periods that you should take the product. Enter your email address so you can subscribe to get all the great health and fitness tips that are posted! Please consciously abide by Internet-related policies and regulations, is strictly prohibited publication of pornographic, violent, reactionary remarks.
Providing that you are nailing the basics, then supplements can help your performance in the gym, lead to greater gains, and make life more convenient. However today I’d like to share 3 supplements that any competitor can benefit from, any time of the year. However if im looking to use a protein powder as a meal replacement, i’ll opt for a protein blend containing micellar casein and whey protein. Consuming 200+ grams of protein over the course of the day can be quite an effort, on top of having to consume carbs and fats, so a protein shake is an easy solution to hit your necessary protein intake. In my NABBA bodybuilding journal, and in my condition update videos over on my youtube channel, i always get comments about my carb intake. Dextrose, maltodextrin, vitargo, waxymaize starch, and countless others carb powders are all excellent choices to have during or post workout.

Post workout, any of these fast acting carb powders will quickly replenish glycogen stores to aid in recovery.
A whey protein concentrate, providing that it is 80%+ content, is the same across the board.
Even if your nutrition and workouts are nailed down, you still shouldn’t expect magic from supplements. If you disagree with any of the supplements i’ve listed here, please sound off in the comments section below. This is done via the body transporting an energy source called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) into your muscle cells. Stay tuned for more information on other supplements and products that you regularly see at you local supplement store. You can go balls to the wall for an hour in the gym, however if you’re under eating or over eating, not resting enough, or not consuming the right nutrients, then progress will come slowly, if at all. When you’re doing this, you then need to look into what supplements can help you out. Their pre workout will give you the best workout ever, and that their post workout shakes are essential if you want to make gains. The protein is broken down into amino acids and shuttled around the body to be used as needed. Buy Cheap BSN Products 4 Bodybuilding-Nutrition .Get cheap BSN supplements Body, building, builder, bodybuilding, bodybuilder, .

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