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Establishing the habit of an annual career checkup is part of a career management plan that will keep you prepared and satisfied over time. Career CounselingWhether you are considering a career change, assessing your options in the job market, advancing your career, or are preparing for retirement, Career Visions can help you sort it all out and what’s more, take action. Through my work, I’ve encountered many people who struggle with their career direction, and I believe there are even more of them out there.
Vision is that answer that pops into your head without thought when the above question is asked.
You probably wouldn’t choose a partner or spouse based on two weeks of dating, so why would you choose a career that quickly? Career Vision Aviation Academy was established in the year 2006 with the sole aim of empowering its students with the knowledge which is relevant to Airlines Travel Tourism Industry. Care has been taken to keep pace with the changing technologies in the industry and suitable curriculum is designed to give you an egde over other competing students. Globalisation has opened a million doors to different career- opportunities yet many of us are still struggling on the old paths! Since the Schools and Colleges have not added subjects relevant to this industry in their curriculum, there is a dire necessity for trained personnel and hence leading travel companies A are always in touch with institute to provide them with the same. A career checkup allows you to set goals to stay current and prepare for future opportunities — basically, to invest in yourself. Our researched course content, experienced faculty and extensive training techniques make our students most desired.

Due to the Open Economic System, the World Market now embraces all the Educational and Career arenas and Aviation is one of them! But of late, due to the rapid development in the Airlines and Tourism, several job-opportunities have unfolded themselves. Untrained persons meant a lot of unnecessary expenditure of time and money hence the reputed Airline Companies lean heavily on the students who have passed and hold their Diplomas.
Not only will your perception of what is important to you change during that time, the requirements and opportunities in different industries will change as well. Yet the main grievance in the Airlines field is that they do not get trained personnel; the reason being that the people are still ignorant of the new fields that have come up recently!
Several jobs pertaining to Reservations, Customer-Care, Frequent Flier Desk, Corporate Travel Desk, Auditing of tickets etc are available.
But where they falter is that they didn’t take the needed self-reflective time and space in the beginning to evaluate what they really wanted.
All the courses in our institute are designed to suit the students time and budget, following the highest standards. The Employees in National and International Airlines are offered a multitude of benefits viz. Career Management is your responsibility and it gives you more control over how much you enjoy your worklife. It was obvious the jobs were not a fit and that she had no vision for what she wanted instead.

Medical and Life Insurance provided by the Company; Free Air-Passage; Foreign Tours, 5-day working- facility and often the salaries are hiked to double the original! Work is a 25-year plus commitment and your job satisfaction is worth a few hours in strategy development.
The Special Feature is that this Institute has maintained a 100% a€?Placement Recorda€™ whereby the students have been able to secure jobs with the leading travel companies. The course does not restrict undergraduates; students who have passed 12th standard are welcome to join the course. SkillScan can be completed in a session with your consultant.Career ArchitectA new and highly respected card sort that helps you identify both strengths and weaknesses in work competency areas. Since the Institute does not take more than 15 students per batch, individual attention and quality is not compromised. Hence it serves as a golden opportunity for students who wish to pursue their career in Airline Travel Tourism industry!

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