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Performance Management is a regular employee-review process that begins immediately upon hiring and continues throughout employment.
The University’s intent is for all staff to receive clear expectations about goals, periodic feedback, and an annual performance review. During the annual Performance Management cycle, the supervisor and the employee work together to establish clear goals for the employee, review the employee’s progress towards those goals, and assess the employee’s achievement. The Performance Management process begins in July when the employee and manager meet to discuss and establish the employee’s Goals and Development Plan.
The process continues in the Fall when employees revisit their Goals and Development Plan to evaluate their progress. First, the employee logs into eNDeavor to complete a self-assessment and provide examples of how the employee is meeting his or her Goals. Once the employee sends the assessment forward, the manager reviews the employee’s assessment and adds comments or additional examples as needed. The objective of the Mid-Year review is to make sure that the employee’s development is on track and to modify Goals that have changed since the beginning of the performance cycle.
In the Spring, each employee reviews his or her Goals and Development plan, enters additional comments, and rates his or her level of achievement according to four rating levels: Requires Improvement, Developing, Valued, or Top.
At Notre Dame, we believe that how we treat others in our interactions is as important as the results that we achieve. Once the employee completes his or her ratings, the manager reviews the ratings and conducts a discussion with the employee to review and confirm the ratings. If you work in an hourly paid non-exempt position, you will follow the standard performance management process and schedule. As with the automated process, you are encouraged to keep notes of your performance results and examples of behavioral competencies. Many year-end performance reviews include whatever the manager and direct report can remember happening during the last six to twelve weeks of the year.

If you were disappointed by your performance review this year, don’t let it happen again next year.
One of the first companies I worked for did the goal process so well, I learned early in my career how powerful well written goals could be.
It’s great if you work for an organization or manager who works with you to write goals. Try using this language with your manager: “I want to be sure I’m working on the things that are most important to you and the organization. About Shari HarleyShari Harley is the founder and President of Candid Culture, a Denver-based training firm that is bringing candor back to the workplace, making it easier to give feedback at work. The process helps the supervisor and employee reach a shared understanding of expected behavior and results, encourages mutual feedback about progress, and links pay to performance in a way that recognizes the right efforts and rewards good results. In doing so, the University also strives to help all staff do the best job they are capable of doing, enjoy a high level of job (and personal) satisfaction, and live the University’s core values every day.
The timing corresponds to the University’s fiscal year and fits with the academic year activities. This self-assessment is the employee’s opportunity to demonstrate his or her progress by documenting examples of how the Goals are being met and by tracking his or her development activities.
The employee and manager then complete the Mid-Year Review by discussing the employee’s assessment and evaluating the employee’s progress.
While it is anticipated that feedback is ongoing throughout the performance cycle, the Mid-Year Review is a more formal opportunity to discuss how things are going and to avoid surprises at year’s end.
During the Year-End Review, employees are assessed not only by what they accomplish, but how they reflect the University’s values while accomplishing it. At this time, the manager and employee may also discuss the employee’s career interests and development progress. Reviews and discussions must be finalized and signed by May 15th to ensure full consideration for the merit planning process.

For the most part, managers and direct reports sit in front of blank performance appraisals and self-appraisal forms and try to remember everything that happened during the year. If you don’t, write your own goals and present them to your manager for discussion and approval.
You will gain respect from your manager, clarity of your 2014 priorities, and more control of your year-end performance review.
Shari is the author of the business communication book How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships that Really Work. The process also helps all staff understand the University’s core values: it’s not just what we accomplish that’s important, but how we accomplish it. Note: Department deadlines for review completion may be earlier in order to meet the May 15 requirement.
The result: A vague, incomplete performance review that leaves employees feeling disappointed, if not discounted. Experienced employees wrote their own goals and then discussed those goals with their manager.
Managers will be impressed you took the initiative to write goals and will be thankful for the work it takes off of them.
Both employees and managers are encouraged to document specific examples of the employee’s performance and development activities to allow for more constructive feedback during discussion. Each of these two areas comprise equal parts (50% each) of the employee’s combined year-end rating. The goals were so specific and clear that there could be no debate at the end of the year whether or not the goal had been achieved.

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