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I recently read Convict conditioning book and in the workout routines part the author put a routine for beginners in which trainees workout an exercise only once per week. So, is once per week for bodyweight exercises like pushups and pullups enough for building muscle ? Squat strength of Olympic Weightlifters declined approximately 10% in after 4 weeks of cessation of weight training. One can logically presume that, given the residual effect window, you should be able to progressively overload (and thus build strength and muscle).
Assuming you aren't performing any other muscle building or weightlifting exercises, one day exercise is not enough. I haven't read the book, but it's likely that the author was talking about performing a specific exercise per day. If my assumption is wrong and the author was actually talking about exercising once a week, you can update your question with the reasons he gave for such a recommendation.

Just find a way to include your routines into your daily life and it'll be easier to do them.
Yes, I've read the book and he definitely did not mean 1 day of exercise and 6 of rest. I've read the book and the workout routines was at least twice a week in the routine "New Blood" He also includes more intense routines but he advises not to use them until you reach level 7 of each of the big six movements. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged workout-routines bodyweight-exercises exercise-frequency or ask your own question.
Because based on that chart, performing strength exercises every 10 - 20 days is enough to retain strength.
Granted, most people doing HIT split their workouts, so they train 3 times a week, although different muscles. The 6-day rest period is too large to make any significant progress, especially if you're just starting. But given the amount of rest days between the exercises, it's unlikely that the benefits would have eroded sooner.

3x Week will be more efficient and will allow you to see benefit much further down the road assuming you follow proper progression and eating.
I did hear from people doing one HIT full body workout per week, though, and they were making gains. I find it hard to believe that exercising once a week (with any other smaller in-between exercises) is enough to get stronger over time. An article on a similar topic that I've read recently gives some pointers on how to start.

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