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Cameron Barrie is the director and technical lead for Bilue, a Sydney based software consultancy specialising in mobile development. Lalitha Biddulph is Telstra's Director of Enterprise Services, providing infrastructure and technology services to Telstra's enterprise customers, her largest customer being Telstra itself. With close to 10 years experience as a senior manager in information management, Em Campbell-Pretty is currently the General Manager for Strategic Delivery within Telstra's Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence.
Em is recognised as having established one of the most successful implementations of the Scaled Agile Framework in Australia.
Anne-Marie Charrett is a software test consultant has training classes organized in the UK, Ireland and Sydney. Pete Cohen is an experienced BA who has helped deliver numerous successful bespoke web and mobile software applications in a diverse range of industries. Ken Collier is the author of "Agile Analytics: A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing" and is a frequent keynote and invited speaker at conferences such as TDWI World Conference 2010 & 2011 and HEDW 2011 & 2012. David Colls loves solving interesting problems, especially when they form at the intersection of customer needs, organisational design, and technology delivery. Ed Cortis is the Head of Solution Delivery at Bankwest, where he is focused on changing the way software is delivered within the Bank. Jo Cranford has worked for over seven years in Agile teams at Expedia, ThoughtWorks and Atlassian. Megan Dell cut her teeth in the field of user experience almost 10 years ago working at Suncorp, designing online quoting applications for Australia's largest personal insurance brands.
Patrick Eltridge joined Telstra as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Executive Director IT in 2010. Gareth Evans has over 16 years experience in the IT industry, including over a decade in London where he first put his degree in economics to use as a software developer.
Stewart Gleadow is a consultant and developer with Thoughtworks Australia, and helps lead the Thoughtworks mobile development practice. Caroline Gordon has built and led successful product development teams for almost 20 years.
Paul Gordon is a senior in-house lawyer at REA Group, with a key role in developing the technical skills and commercial acumen of the REA legal team. Cameron Gough is a seasoned technology executive with a deep delivery background and broad experience in different consulting and senior executive roles across the Telco and Finance industries. Torbjorn Gyllebring is a developer that grew frustrated with solving the wrong problems and the resulting waste of human potential. Beverley Head is a Sydney-based freelance writer who specialises in exploring how and why technology changes everything - society, business, government, education, health. Lindsay Holmwood is a engineering manager, living in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney.
Neil Killick is an independent coach and consultant with over 17 years of experience delivering software in various capacities. With over 19 years in the IT sector as a manager, consultant and coach, Steve Lawrence has seen and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.
James Lewis is a Principal Consultant for ThoughtWorks based in the UK where he has helped introduce evolutionary architecture practices and agile software development techniques to various blue chip companies: Investment Banks, Publishers and media organisations.
Stuart Liston develops software for the web, with an emphasis on communication through expressive code.
Living proof that love will make you do crazy things, Sandy Mamoli moved to NZ in 2007 to follow her heart and has been trapped in the wilds of Wellington ever since. Nick Payne is the Head of Technology at online travel insurance company, World Nomads Group.
Mike Pollard has recently migrated to Australia from the UK and is currently working at Bankwest in Perth. Robert Postill is a development manager with over 15 years in the technology space, right from operations through to architecture via development.
Since joining Atlassian, makers of collaboration and software development tools such as JIRA & Confluence five years ago, Andrew has created the QA team and strategy that supports Atlassian's rapid release, Agile development process.
Simon Reason has been working to Agile principles since 2006 using Scrum and XP as Developer, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Jonny Schneider is an experience designer and product strategist who has nine years experience working on digital products and services.
Lynn Shrewsbury has spent 25 years working in project teams across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Bobby Singh has over 10 years project delivery experience and is a passionate Agile convert having moved from traditional project delivery to the pace and agility offered in a successfully oiled Agile delivery team.
John Ferguson Smart is a specialist in the domain of behaviour driven development, automated testing and software life cycle development optimization. Julian Smith is a Senior Policy Officer, Environment Protection Policy at the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment.
Ted Tencza has over 16 years of experience in Software Development, the last 8 of which have been in leadership roles. Renee Troughton is an Agile Coach with over 16 years of experience in software development, coaching and organisational change.
Scott Turner is an enthusiastic and passionate UX Designer with a proven 15 year history in undertaking a lead role in major project work with experience in many facets of website production, online marketing, usability, interface design, project management and visual design.
Jenny Wood has worked in Telecommunications and Finance for the past 20 years, including Telstra, AAPT and Westpac.
Transformations are a huge productivity boost, and reduce the need to manually implement stock classes and elements for a particular implementation domain.
Repeat transformations to ensure consistency between source and target models as they change over time. As an engineer, Cameron is focused on developing and deploying compelling user experiences onto mobile platforms, distilling business requirements, and advising business on how to navigate issues such as continuous deployment and iterative builds within mobile platforms. Lalitha’s primary goals are bringing alignment between internal consumption and Telstra’s ‘go to market’ products, and maturing the services based framework to deploy infrastructure across a hybrid cloud environment. As a digital leader, James wants to shape an environment that attracts top talent and use that talent to build amazing products.
Em leads the team responsible for delivery of business intelligence, analytics and marketing campaign solutions from the Enterprise Data Warehouse. She is a certified Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC) and an active member of the Agile community. Lynne provides clarity to project complexity through workshops, training and visual strategy.
Anne-Marie regularly speaks and trains at conferences both in Australia and Internationally. Pete is passionate about applying technology to benefit humanity, and is heavily involved in Random Hacks of Kindness as a participant and facilitator. Working first with Object Consulting and then with Thoughtworks, Paul has been exposed to the challenges of Agile software delivery within big and small, public and private companies. Ken pioneered the adaptation of agile techniques to complex data analytics system development. David has spent over 10 years solving such problems, from delivering the world's first bulldozer simulator, to machining impossible shapes, to re-imagining the economics of automotive design, to helping over 100 people go Agile all at once. Ed heads a team of 350 colleagues, involving a mix of Business Analysts, Testers and Developers. In the last three years, Jo has become more interested in JavaScript and in particular how to effectively automate tests for JS-heavy web applications, influenced by BDD testing techniques and driven by the desire to write clean, well tested code in any language. After a sojourn into agency-land where she also worked as a visual designer, Megan is back working client-side at MYOB, and this time, she's building an army of people who get a kick out of making interfaces that are super easy to use.
Over the past five years he has founded two of his own start-ups and helped create more than five star-tups for Pollenizer, a Sydney incubator. He has realigned the software organisation into a series of persistent and product aligned teams, each of which is delivering in some flavour of iterative, scrum or Agile methods.
Patrick has responsibility for the end-to-end design and delivery of IT infrastructure and applications as well as Telstra's data centres and managed information services. Gareth gained experience in the banking industry on numerous large IT projects from front office investment banking to wholesale banking compliance as both a developer and team leader.

Stewart helps companies create quality iOS applications and build high performing mobile development teams. Caroline's skills have been utilised by boutique companies through to national and international corporations in fields as varied as manufacturing, health products, smart cards and EFTPOS technologies, digital entertainment and telecommunications. He has over 10 years experience in commercial and IT law gained in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.
Cameron currently leads the creation of Australia Post's Digital Delivery Centre - a new business unit with a significant emphasis on utilising Agile delivery methods. Torbjorn decided to do something about it, thus starting a journey of exploration, discovery and distinctly non techie things.
Beverley started writing about the business of technology in London in 1983 before moving to Australia in 1986. He has wide experience and knowledge from working on several major and many small Agile change programs in Australia. Lindsay runs a distributed infrastructure development team at Bulletproof Networks that builds hassle free tools.
Steve has worked as a leading Agile Coach and practitioner to two of Australasia's largest Agile transformations (Suncorp & Telstra), as well as a large number of different organizations across Australia and New Zealand. Anna's career has a consistent infrastructure theme where she thrives on the stakeholder experience rather than "design and build".
As a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board and as the organisation's European Architecture Consulting Lead, James works with technology and business leaders both within and outside Thoughtworks to in the areas of web integration, evolutionary architecture, emergent design and lean thinking. Kate has over 20 years experience in visual communications, interaction design, branding, information architecture, customer research and user testing.
It is the second and largest agile transformation Nick has undertaken having scaled to 8 teams of over 30 people all up.
James has been running software teams and IT organisations using Agile and Lean practices for longer than he knew that was the right name to use. Mike started his Agile journey in 2005 and has worked as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach, for a number of organisations, from Nokia Music and O2 to small start-ups and online retailers. This involved replacing most of the knowledge acquired over 10 years in testing and project management roles at large IT services and telecommunication companies in Australia and the United Kingdom, to creating Bonfire, a session based testing tool that is now sold commercially. Simon is currently working at Bankwest on their Agile transformation and has previously worked with Nokia Networks, TomTom, StatOil, O2 and others in Scrum and Agile.
In the first, Mark conceived a passion for achieving outcomes through building better software. He founded his own Agile company called Bold Mover, and he's been doing Agile and Lean for about 12 years. Her experience with a wide range of methodologies and practices in team coaching have been successfully directed to drive better results in governance, leadership, project management and business analysis. Bobby has worked across a number of large portfolios delivering projects through the successful application of SCRUM and XP practices. Adrian Smith is an engineer who is passionate about technology and helping to increase productivity and quality using Agile and Lean principles. Craig has been an Agile practitioner for over 10 years and is a Certified Scrum Master and a member of both the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance and as an Agile Coach he has worked on a number of high profile technical and business projects. Julian’s role brings together a wealth of experience in policy development, policy analysis, systems thinking, options appraisal, multi-criteria assessment, survey design, teamwork, and networking. Stefan’s love affair with Agile started 7 years ago when, based in London, he worked with teams distributed around the globe.
Created and ran the innovation team at Atlassian, and has organised innovation days like ShipIt (FedEx days). Specialising in large scale adoption, Renee has spent 10 years working with teams and organisations applying a variety of implementation models from undercover evangelists to broad reaching, cross department organisational changes.
More recently, Scott has joined the team at MYOB and been an instrumental part of the UX team delivering change within the company and creating some awesome interfaces along the way. Initially through applying it in his Development Lead and ScrumMaster roles and establishing the NAB Agile Community of Practice in 2010. Jenny has a diverse background, leading operational areas to deliver exceptional customer service, outsourcing initiatives, and significant IT Leadership and Program Management experience. It provides a fully configurable method of converting model elements and model fragments from one domain to another. Cameron's focus is on sustainable and maintainable code bases with simple, navigable and high quality user interfaces.
Lalitha has over a decade of success driving top level technology performance for global blue chip operations including American Express and IBM. Em is a recognised expert in Scaling Agile and Agile Data Warehousing and frequently speaks about her experiences at conferences across Australia and the United States. Lynne trains, facilitates, speaks and coaches on visual facilitation, visual thinking and other engaging tools for project people, to help boost buy-in, collaboration and engagement. Anne-Marie spoke at Agile Tours 2013, and has keynoted at Software Test Professional Conference, New Orleans 2012. Pete has presented at Business Analyst’s World Conference 2012 and participated in numerous webinars and interviews.
A strong focus on finding pragmatic solutions to the most important business problems meant that Lean Startup has become an integral part of Paul’s current role as CTO at Redbubble where he leads the product engineering team. Ed has had over 10 years of IT management and leadership experience in executive management in large and small organisations, including previous roles with Lonely Planet and General Motors. Michael is currently working with PwC to help create an incubator inside a corporate environment.
Prior to joining Veda, Jesse was responsible for a number of senior IT leadership roles for a large financial services organisation, including most recently introducing Agile practices into the application management and production support teams. Prior to Telstra, Patrick had been engaged in banking and IT for over 20 years with experience in financial services, technology start-ups, management consulting and related commercial activities including M&A, strategic sourcing, expense management, strategy and product development. During his time in the UK Gareth Gareth also gained an MSc in computing science including a thesis on evolutionary algorithms.
Stewart’s particular focus is on sustainable mobile architectures and automated app testing. Caroline has led large programs of work and implemented many project and program management methodologies. Paul is a member of the Regulatory Council of the Interactive Advertising Bureau - a key influencer of digital media law and policy in Australia. Cameron is passionate about building high performing teams and has a keen appreciation for the environment required to achieve this. Having introduced XP and Scrum with varied success he started digging deeper into value & the human side of things, this led him to Lean, System thinking and a constantly growing list of ideas that he's busy collecting & synthesising in an attempt to understand and improve the way work works. She was the technology editor of the Financial Review for almost a decade, and then became the newspaper's features editor before embarking on a freelance career, during which time she has written on a broad array of technology related topics for the Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Age, Boss, BRW, Banking Day, Tech Life and Government Technology Review. Lindsay was responsible for ensuring 100% uptime for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Movember campaigns, and works on scaling both internal and customer facing systems. Sam has written articles of O'Reilly, presented at conferences, and sporadically commits to open source projects.
Nick enjoys seeing agile principles pervade the organisation from IT outwards into other areas. As a generalist, James has a wide range of experience gained from time working in experimental physics labs, startups like Aconex and RedBubble as well as big business like Ericsson. Robert has spoken at numerous conferences including Rubyconf AU, DevOps Down Under 2012, Agile Australia (2012) and Linuxconf. Andrew has spoken on testing and continuous deployment at Agile 2012 in Dallas, as well as the CAST & StarWest testing conferences.
This saw Mark speaking at his first conference at 23, and over the following years he gained broad experience as a technical leader, conference speaker, trainer and mentor.
Lynn loves to help teams to realise their potential of delivering great results to customers while becoming self-organised, empowered, and having fun. He has successfully applied the Agile principles, planning, coaching and estimation practices to provide organisations with full transparency and visibility of project Whole of Life planning and forecasting; whilst increasing team performance and delivery maturity. John is the author of the popular “Java Power Tools” and “Jenkins: The Definitive Guide”, both published by O'Reilly, and is currently working on "BDD in Action" for Manning.

Although he is an entrepreneur at heart, Adrian has worked for organisations like Airbus, BBC, GKN and Suncorp where he has led teams developing products for the aerospace, digital media and construction industries. Craig regularly conducts Agile training and has presented at a number of Australian and international conferences. Deeply passionate about sustainability for more than 20 years, Julian has presented at many international industry and academic conferences and worked with community groups both locally and throughout the EU and Africa. Stefan has presented at various academic conferences in the past and this is his first appearance at an Agile conference. A Certified Scrum Master, Renee applies techniques from Scrum, XP, Kanban and Lean into both software development and knowledge work domains. Over the last few years through driving the adoption of Agile engineering practices (such as Continuous Delivery) and Agile Delivery processes (such as Scrum) across the broader organisation in roles such as Agile Delivery Practice Manager.
Jenny joined Telstra in 2011, and is currently the Director responsible for IT delivery to support Telstra Innovation, Products and Marketing and the people, change and strategy program for IT.
This typically involves converting Platform-Independent Model (PIM) elements to Platform-Specific Model (PSM) elements.
Cameron has extensive experience working with some of the countries biggest media companies to help them deliver a compelling and integrated experiences, keeping them sustainable, maintainable and avoiding the pitfalls of bad releases in the AppStore. Lalitha is a sought after and respected change agent, coach and mentor renowned for capacity to build loyal, skilled and high performance technology teams.
For over ten years, James has been doing, coaching and leading agile development and organisational transformation.
This year Anne-Marie will be speaking at Lets Test, Sweden 2013 and CAST 2013 (Madison, USA) where she will be holding a tutorial on coaching testers Anne-Marie has close ties to many testing communities. Prior to his IT career, Pete was a professional musician, touring internationally for ten years with his band Sodastream.
His previous successes include integrating Agile software development with world-class ITIL compliant IT operations within Lonely Planet.
Patrick's focus has been on embedding and aligning IT delivery more closely with business teams, fast growth, and rapid time to value. Stewart has extensive experience in agile software projects, and how to combine agile and innovative mobile product and delivery teams.
Caroline has a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Sydney and holds PMP Certification. He has a special interest and expertise in software development and services arrangements that incorporate Agile principles.
Cameron is a firm believer that having the right value driven culture is critical to sustainable Agile adoption and that organisations must be willing to let go of traditional governance models to unleash the inherent potential of Agile teams. In Torbjorn's current role as Development Manager at Cint AB he's using Kanban help evolve processes, coaching teams and occasionally even gets to write some code.
Beverley holds a degree in Metallurgy and the Science of Materials from Oxford University and a deep affection for things which are shaken not stirred. When not mentoring on building awesome monitoring infrastructure, Lindsay organises the monthly Sydney DevOps Meetups, and organised the DevOps Down Under conference in 2010 + 2011. Aside from Agile Australia he is also a regular speaker at organisations, meetups and industry events such as Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Agile BA & Scrum groups, Limited WIP Society & LAST (Lean Agile Systems Thinking) Conference.
Kate has worked extensively in financial services, government and not-for-profit organisations. Having endured dark, unproductive years in his homeland of Scotland working on large, process-heavy corporate waterfall projects, Stuart is a strong advocate for Lean Thinking, Continuous Delivery and sensible application of the right agile practices, based on the needs of the job at hand. Ash especially loves participating in hack-a-thons and prototyping software with other passionate hackers. Principally a Java developer, Sam also spends lots of time with Clojure, Python and build systems that hate him. This diverse background makes James deeply interested in the question of WHY things are the way they are. Drawn to Agile in 2000 through its focus on software craftsmanship, Mark’s career pivoted as he came to realise that building better teams was far more effective at delivering outcomes. Jonny is passionate about balancing business outcomes with customer needs and defining pragmatic and sustainable solutions to complex problems. John is also the founder and lead developer of the Thucydides project, a new open source library that helps teams organize and implement more effective automated acceptance tests. Adrian has presented at Agile Australia 2010, 2011, STANZ 2011, Fusion 2012 and at Agile 2011 and Better Software 2013 both in the US. Craig is also an Agile Editor for InfoQ and co-hosts an Agile podcast called The Agile Revolution.
As a part of his role at the Department, Julian is also a professional firefighter responding to wildfires throughout Victoria and supporting the planned burning program.
Stefan’s current quest is to explore how to best generate synergies between Agile principles and design thinking methods. Along the way, Dylan has found adapting Agile to the needs of organisational leaders and threading organisational change management principles through everything to be absolutely invaluable, as well as an area of passion for him. A single element from the PIM could be responsible for creating multiple PSM elements across multiple domains.
James has over 17 years in the software industry as a developer, consultant, coach and leader.
In particular Anne-Marie is the co-organiser of Sydney Testers Meet-up, and until recently was on the committee for Softtest Ireland.
Pete is still an active musician, spending his weekends moonlighting as a double bass player. Outside work, Ed is a keen runner and thoroughly enjoys his collection of beautiful shirts! He taught the inaugural Lean Product Manager course for Pollenizer Academy and has spoken before at tech events and workshops in the Sydney startup community. Gareth returned to New Zealand in 2009 where he has been working for Assurity as the Kanban Practice Lead. Lindsay also won third place at the 1996 Sydney Royal Easter Show LEGO building competition.
The community of over 260 volunteers design and implement initiatives to make Telstra IT "the best place to work". Through continuous design practices and customer research she enables agile delivery teams to build better products.
Ash has organised and presented at a number of Melbourne technical user groups, including Infrastructure Coders and DevOps. He's also fascinated by what drives individuals, what makes a sustainable high performance team and how to build great software along the way.
Mark has since assisted organisations to harness Agile in the Finance, Technology, Defence and Telecommunications sectors.
Julian has been involved with RHoK as a product owner and subject matter expert to help develop a disaster response solution. Jenny’s current focus is embedding cultural change within Telstra IT to focus on delivering value for their customers. Gareth has enjoyed bringing successful economic outcomes to clients using Agile and Lean principles combined with solid technical practices that support continuous delivery. Currently the principal partner at Luna Tractor a boutique consultancy based in Melbourne; James has also been the Director of Engineering at Lonely Planet, CIO at the New Zealand Exchange, Aconex and CLEAR Interactive as well as engineering roles at Melbourne University and Ericsson. This approach has been developed in conjunction with James Bach (Co-author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing) and is the result of coaching hundreds of testers online. A certified Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC), he has considerable practical experience coaching on its application.

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